Have You Manipulated The Price Of Solar 3 ?

Several media has appeared the news that the sharp drop Solar has been in recent weeks has been caused by false rumors spread by three hedge fund. According to this version of these three funds were short in Solaria. That is, had sold shares on credit hoping that the price fall and to buy back those shares at lower prices, thereby making a profit (legal and legitimate). The problem is that the day Solaria presented its results for the year 2007, these proved to be spectacularly good, making it very likely that the price go up significantly rather than down as expected these three hedge fund. If the quote had been a sharp rise in the three hedge fund would have had a heavy loss, having to buy back the shares that had previously sold (no triples in his possession) at prices much higher. According to the media that have published this news than did the hedge fund, rather than accept the loss, he was spreading false rumors relating to newly published accounts were false and the company had serious financial problems. Since the media has requested that the CNMV to open an investigation to determine whether these facts are true or not and impose penalties where appropriate. In my opinion, the CNMV is for other things. This case should investigate the ordinary courts and the police or Civil Guard. Should be responsible for spreading a false rumor that not only would have to refund the money to the shareholders who have been affected to sell their shares, but pay very substantial damages and, above all, go to jail. Because we are not talking about committing an irregularity, but to commit a crime.

What To Buy ETFs ?

of the more revolutionary financial innovations of the decade took place in the latter part of the 20th century is the development of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). The ETFs have completely changed the investment world. The ETFSs give you all the advantages of investing in stocks and mutual funds without any of its disadvantages. Read on to see how the ETFs may change their income and ways to invest. Now you must be wondering why ETFs are so beneficial for the shares or mutual funds. The problem is that when we invest in a couple of our portfolio actions uninsured risks (hedge).

This is one reason why many investors invest in mutual funds, allowing them to diversify. But shares of mutual funds can only be bought or sold at the end of the day, when the mutual fund NAV (Net Asset Value) is calculated. The next day when the market begins to operate, the new operations that are starting to settle may cause the Net Asset Value is the past. But the issue is that we can not undo the actions mutual fund. Mutual funds also come with fees that are required to pay. So have to start investing more in ETFs. ETFs are like stocks, since we can sell or buy at any time of day. Shorter shares of ETFs can at any time of day.

While ETFs offer us the advantages of mutual funds. Fees are 0.7%, while mutual funds hover at 2.4%. ETFs are a set of shares or assets such as gold, commodities, currencies that copy the behavior of some market indexes. The market index is any index of shares as the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), NASDAQ, S & P 500 Composite S & P, DAX, FTSE, or any other stock index. They can also be indexes of sectors including the energy sector, the semiconductor, commodities, etc. You can also find ETFs that follow the behavior of different countries or markets. If you want to invest in foreign stocks, ETFs in countries or regions are the best way to generate income from foreign markets. Now we will try to keep things clear from a simple example. Suppose you invested $ 10,000 in Dow Diamonds Trust ETFs in 2009, the returns that were collected had been of 16.86%. If you had invested in iShares MSCI Brazil Index ETF, the profitability would come to 96.84%. Some experts are saying that brazil will be one of the best investments for 2010, but I will later write an article to show that brazil is not such that what is said. If we must recognize that it is the ninth largest economy in the world and has some advantages over India and China. What you need to know is that ETFs have many advantages over stocks and mutual funds. With the amount of variations that have appeared on the ETFs in the last decade, are many investment opportunities that exist. They can invest in inverse ETFs, that is copied to an index so backwards as it performs. If the index goes up 2%, then the ETF goes down by 2%. In this way you can take advantage of a down market without Shorter. You can also find Leveraged Inverse ETFs. If the index rises 2%, then the ETF will drop from a multiple of 5 and 10%.

Europe's Problems Are Opportunities For Latin America

Far from decreasing, the problems in the European economy seems to be expanding. The crisis in Greece now is also a social crisis, while fears of contagion (in the economic and social) on other European countries in trouble (especially the rest of the PIIGs) are causing serious analyze Jean Claude Trichet monetize the debt of this group of countries which would imply a negative impact on the euro. This situation, beyond the fears that can cause logic in Latin American economies for the negative effects that could get through the financial channel and the real, can be used to attract investment. The region has an interesting growth potential supported, among other factors, changes in the global economy have boosted demand for commodities exported by the region. Is that the crisis in Europe shows that these economies are no longer what they used to be solid and attractive for investors has declined as they arose in the world other attractive regions such as the Asian continent (with China at the head), and a Latin America that this time he promises to take his chance. a Quizas the impact of the European situation is an incentive to go outside. Portucel recently expressed its intention to maintain interest in the investment project in Uruguay that would be the largest in our entire historiae , recognized the vice president of Uruguay, Danilo Astori. The Portuguese are evaluating the possibility of building a pulp plant and port in southeastern Uruguay.

With this investment, the Portuguese company would install a trash can would be more to the troubled Botnia, more than a headache it has brought to Uruguay by the reaction of Argentine citizens to be fitted on the River Uruguay. Although, according to ECLAC accounts, the 2009 has been a bad year for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Latin America (in reality it was a bad year for FDI in worldwide), when it registered a fall from 42% to reach U.S. $ 76,681, this international organization is expected anticipated that increased foreign investment in the region of between 40% and 50%. In this regard, ECLAC Executive Secretary Alicia Barcelona, highlighted the region as attractive for FDI: a America America remains a very important destination because it has first primary materials. Latin American countries increase FDI flows, but not only by the fact that in other regions the economic situation is bad. It must be recognized in the management of several of the countries of the region, which is working seriously to take this new opportunity presented in recent years pulsed external demand, especially for good price dynamics commodity. Economies like the Brazilian, Uruguayan and Peruvian economy has shown an interesting ability for growth and development, supported predictable and transparent economic policies, with respect for the rules. These predictable and transparent policies that carry out several of the economies of the region have resulted in a strengthening of key macroeconomic variables, with good prospects for growth in a context of price stability.

All of the above, make you produce a more predictable scenario that allows investors to have a more precise estimate of the potential profitability of investment alternatives. Colombia is another Latin American countries that have guided its economic policy to the outside through the holding of a large number of Free Trade Agreements (FTA). But there on Wall Street that will grow your wealth in this year. Stocks with strong upside potential for 2010 are