On January 19, 2009, the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, issues the decree 21/2009 , through which the National Commission of Inquiry, which will operate in orbit and based in the Ministry of Health, and has the following objectives: 1 – To investigate the allegations and similar situations, their causes and effects. 2 – Make recommendations, proposed actions, plans, programs, etc. 3 – Draw up guidelines to help the rational use of chemicals and agrochemicals. 4 – To propose appropriate information tools for use in the media. 5 – Identify the general problems in health care for the affected population. 6 – Develop care strategies to promote rational use of products or disposal. 7 – To collect statistical information and indicators of impact. 8 – Promote the relevant legislation and propose direct action to implement.9 – Proposing awareness and education campaigns on the use and handling of chemicals and agrochemicals. 10 – Implement, execute and / or coordinate actions, plans, projects and programs. 11 – Perform all actions delegated by the Chair of the Commission. Decree 21/09, in its preamble makes special mention of the Barrio Ituzaing Annex, an emblematic case of contamination by spraying with glyphosate in urban and suburban areas. Following this, the April 15, 2009, the Bar Association Environmentalists Argentina initiated an action for amparo before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation , where he applied a series of measures in environmental protection and national population health at the very serious and widespread consequences for ecosystems and people for the use of this agrochemicals, invoking the precautionary principle of environmental law. The defendants were the National Government and the provinces of Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Santa FeA Monsanto Company, the principal marketer of glyphosate-based herbicide, being referred to as “third party”. In April 2009, Argentina media outlets announced that work of Andres Carrasco, Under Secretary for Science and Technology of the Ministry of Defence, indicates that glyphosate can cause neural defects, intestinal and heart in human embryos . In addition to its role in the Ministry of Defence, Andres Carrasco is a researcher at CONICET (National Council for Scientific and Technical Research of Argentina.) However, such work has not been published in an academic journal endorsed by peer review, so that its contents have not been subjected to scrutiny by the scientific community. Clearly, the confrontation with the Minister of Science and Technology, Lino Bara ao, who publicly came out to discr the research of Dr.Carrasco After this, the National Federation of University Teachers (CONADU), expressed solidarity and accompanied the researcher “who in recent days has been the victim of a smear campaign and threats after they had issued the results of an investigation . For the National Health Service and Food Quality (SENASA), the herbicide complies with all regulations, and although the report has been requested for evaluation Andr s Carrasco has not yet received a reply. chambers of agriculture attribute the situation to a smear campaign led by the Executive, following his confrontation with the agro of the retentions on soy exports. The Ministry of Defence of Argentina banned the planting of soybeans in some areas of your property.

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The ABC newspaper recently published an investigation of the r & d unit of the University of Alcala (UAH), which demonstrate how the stem cells present in the blood of the umbilical cord can be used two different routes of differentiation to generate the cells producing antibodies, lymphocytes B. This research, published in the journal of the Academy of Sciences of the United States, allows to find the lineage of lymphocytes B-1 human, other than the B-2 cells that are the majority in adults and the only known so far in man. The authors have discovered the B cell normal diana of tumoral transformation in patients of lymphoblastic leukemia (b) child, and possibly involved in other pathophysiological mechanisms that affect a large part of the population. The results of the study represent an improvement in the fundamental knowledge of the genesis of the immune system and have implications in diseases of great social impact. The researcher Eva Sanz and his collaborators have traced the fate of each cell descendant of the population mother during the first 10 generations of cellular division of their progeny to prove it. The findings of our study are the first to demonstrate that human B lymphocytes can be created by two routes of different parents that share properties similar to lineages of B-1 and B-2 in mouse cells, explains Sanz. B-1 cells are involved in mechanisms of disease such as cancer, in responsible natural antibodies in anti-infective defence production, and the withdrawal of products involved in degeneration in common diseases in older people, as the removal of oxidized cholesterol to prevent atherosclerosis. Source: ABC on IVIDA IVIDA is the cord Bank umbilical of lVI, leading European in reproductive medicine with 22 clinics and presence in 8 countries. IVIDA offers an integral service of preservation of umbilical cord, giving the possibility to the families preserve the sample of the newborn in the public bank located in the Madrid headquarters or the private bank located at the headquarters of Lisbon. IVI, with more than 20 years in the service of reproduction, IVIDA patients guarantees absolute control of the whole process, from the collection of the sample to the freezing of the same.

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In three months I have already half a hundred of clients and until I’ve done a promotion in Carrefour Parla to publicize the brand to the thousands and thousands people that were passed during the weekend. Finally, Francisco Acero deals now from the diffusion of products Huss in the Madrid population of Leganes, after two decades of professional life amongst the company of your family and personal projects. The first thing which I call attention is the scarce competition that exists in this sector, when the truth is that there are many people who want the best for your pet, so you hear when you represent a brand that cares for your product, as it is Huss. This entrepreneur ensures that the unique system of personalized attention and free delivery in the client’s own home are weapons that have it be rewarded with the trust of pet owners in the long run. And the Central I would stress above all the training received on the qualities of the products, and in particular marketing tools for confronting the commercial work. So reaching these areas all variety of Huss pet products: Premium and Super dry feed Premium wet food, nutritional supplements, snacks or accessories for hygiene.

Brand ensures the highest quality of them with continuous checks of raw materials, according to European regulations and laws of feed and food, as well as collaboration with suppliers registered and/or certified by official authorities. Huss products stand out for their nutraceutical properties, i.e. they play its nutritive function and to meet different pet-specific properties, such as the care of teeth or help to thinning. For example, cat food contains taurine, an essential amino acid for these animals that helps prevent blindness. Huss offers individual free of food delivery service and quality products for dogs, cats and horses. Account with three important parameters to mention: it is the only company in Spain that performs free home delivery, high quality for animal products do not carry preservatives or dyes artificial and its elaboration contemplates a maximum respect for the environment, using eco-friendly material in the container. The investment to become franchisee is 5,000 euros as entry fee. Subsequently exists a 200 euro monthly royalty, from receiving the first order, and about 1,500 euros recommended for this.