Liberating Santander

It involves, still, the research, the study, the refining and the application of all the ideas and initiatives that can lead to the coordination, to improvement and to the development of the sales. RESULTS OF the RESEARCH For the study a exploratria and qualitative research with questions opened for 10 people was become fullfilled on the esportivo marketing. One of the boarded questions was on the remembered mark more in the esportivas activities. According to respondent, Banco Santander was the chosen one, in virtue of the Liberating Stander pantry and the sponsorship of the Ferrari team in Formula 1. The setting of the mark was considered good with a positioning remembered for the center of the lawn and behind the goal of the soccer stadium, beyond the cars of the Ferrari in the race of Formula 1.

After the extreme propaganda, noticed for searched an increase in the search for products and services of the bank. The benefit of on esportivo marketing the banking mark is positive for the interviewed ones, a time that brings a good-tempered image and demonstrates to a support the practical esportiva and cares with the health. The television was to the pointed media more as used for the mark. FINAL CONSIDERAES For the carried through study, notice that the mark remembered for respondents when announcing its mark in the esportiva area gained a public younger, tying the company with the question of the health, quality of life and well-being. The objective with practical of the esportivo marketing the age to tie the mark and to conquer new customers. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES BERTOLDO, Camila Pierobom. Esportivo marketing: the sport in the enterprise strategies.

Nutritional Research Sugar

A recent study published in the journal "Endocrinology" allows you to draw conclusions that a diet high in sugar can cause serious damage to the reproductive system of the future daughters. Researchers at the University of New Zealand in Auckland revealed regularity at which the greatest threat to the excess sugar in the diet of pregnant women is to form a girls' – for the sons of this risk appears not so vividly. At the same time in utero formation of the mechanisms of assimilation violated a number of nutrients. Of course, these conclusions apply only to those cases where the pregnant woman is present sweet tooth, exceeding the natural rate of sugar consumption. Mark Vickers, PhD, University of Auckland in New Zealand, as well as his fellow dietitians conducted an experiment in which the pregnant female laboratory rats get rich sugar diet, including consumption of honey, fruits and vegetables. Sugar diet led to the fact that structural changes took place in the placenta, ay females evolved obesity. The problem of nutrition during pregnancy complicated by the fact that there hormonal taste perversion, which often deceive women by encouraging a more sweet, sour, or beef.

In any case, the diet must be maintained in such a way to health, such as pregnant and her unborn child did not suffer. Dr Mark Vickers argues that the study highlighted not only the importance of healthy eating for pregnant women, but also enabled us to establish dependence of growth of infant morbidity and an increase in sugar consumption. "In recent years we have seen marked growth in consumption of natural sugar, all kinds of sweeteners in the food and beverage. Is especially true among women of reproductive age – their diet and eating habits affect the health of future children. It is a pity that not many feel a degree of responsibility that really exists. " Study co-author added, that not only such changes projected daughters accompany the sweet tooth: a long-term effects are manifested in the fact that girls as they get older there are abnormalities in the formation and development of the reproductive system. Nutritionist and researcher Deborah Sloboda, co-author of the study, recommends that women be attentive to their diet before and during pregnancy, as well as in breast-feeding – that's when a woman has an impact on what will be her grandsons or not.

Environmental Marketing Research

The REACH OF the ENVIRONMENTAL MARKETING RESEARCH Carlos Vanegas Blackberry the Planet Earth day to day suffers of hecatombs that originate their environment against, all this product of the interests of many companies, especially transnational that attempt against their environment to a social cost, often irreparable, more when the waters are contaminated, the atmosphere, is affected the climate, devastates lands, eliminates animal species. In all this there is a determining roll of the green trade or environmental trade, that cannot be neglected by anybody, more by the same governments, who must be the guarantors of the noncontamination of the country that is called on to them to govern. The World-wide Commission on Atmosphere and Viable Development (Brundtland Commission, 1897) has defined the viable consumption like " the use of goods and services that respond to basic needs of the present and provide one better quality of life, at the same time, diminishes the use of natural resources, material toxics and emissions of wastes and polluting agents throughout the service life, in such a way that they are not put in risk the future needs of generaciones". Badillo side, on the relevance, importance of this subject contributes to us, that the Green Marketing research is only one of the tools that can contribute to the sustainable development which still we are in time to obtain. It depends on us like consumers, and the companies like producers, to obtain that these initiatives are integrated successful to our daily life. By all means this is possible if we received information that educates to us about the benefits that we will obtain as society when having a sustainable progress and the consequences of not taking brings back to consciousness and to continue ignoring the urgency of solutions before this problem. The fact, that is added the society constantly evolves. The changes must, among others factors, to the fast growth of their population, the inevitable consequences of the globalisation, to the adoption of the technology like part of the daily life and to the appearance of new tendencies.

The Idea – The Organization Of The Restaurant On The Roof. Summer Cafe

Recently, more and more in Russia created a rooftop restaurant. Currently, the most actively developing similar business in Moscow and St. Petersburg. This building is a restaurant, and quite comfortable and convenient, the main thing unusual for a Russian man. Visitors of these establishments is a strong positive impression. Place for a restaurant or cafe and documentation Operation roof – it is a complicated engineering task. Must take into account the carrying capacity of reinforced slabs, vlagoizolyatsionnost with an effective drainage system. The project must not violate any applicable rules of operation and regulation of altitude. All this is more agree in detail with the owners of the building permit for the reconstruction of the facade. To collect all necessary documents, permits and licenses, will take some time. Start this work as soon as find suitable premises. Price niche All depends on where the restaurant and the size of the area. Necessary to conduct demographic analysis of district location facility: age, occupation, people, the average income, location, transportation and parking. Need to determine what type of restaurant will be of interest to the public in the area. The chef designs the menu, and thus determines the needs of your customers the restaurant and its style. Pay attention to the chef, he is you should already be in development. Brand name of the restaurant should be bright and sonorous. Due to the unusual arrangement. Attracts visitors and with perfect interior institution. After opening the best place to start to work about a month without advertising, to debug the "work" on the roof of the institution, after already starting a full-scale advertising campaign. Financial Plan Despite the uniqueness of the project, No need to worry primarily about how much money do I need to open a restaurant on the roof. Institution must first be profitable, that is repaid in 2-3 years. The staff team makes a restaurant successful, and starts work for a long time to open a restaurant. Now the roof of residential and commercial buildings is almost not exploited, so the market is very attractive. An additional plus to this project, of course, the benefits for owners who receive additional income from the "roof".


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