Chile Pension Funds

Reuters – Santiago (Reuters) – The Central Bank of Chile said on Monday that will raise the ceiling for investments in foreign securities from pension funds local up to 50 percent, from 45 per cent previously authorized, in order to diversify the risks of these signatures.
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Advertising Agreement Ends

? When we announced our advertising contract with Yahoo in June we agreed to delay its implementation until October to allow time for what regulators to review the details? Google said on Friday. ? Because we’re still in discussions with the Justice Department, we have accepted a slight delay in the implementation of the agreement while those discussions continue. The agreement, announced at almost the same time that failure of the attempted purchase of Yahoo on the part of Microsoft, Yahoo would allow Google to display ads on search results from Yahoo and some Yahoo sites in the United States and Canada.

Critics have said that the deal would harm competition and lead to higher prices due to Google and Yahoo are the two leading positions in the market for search.

Google argues that prices will remain unchanged, because advertisers pay according to a system of auctions. ? The prices of the ads are not determined by Google or Yahoo? wrote Tim Armstrong, president of advertising and marketing of Google in the United States, in a recent entry on his blog. ? The prices of the ads are determined in an auction where the advertiser pays only what it believes are worth the ads for him.

Google recently released a website arguing why they think that the deal will be good for advertisers.

The Justice Department confirmed that it is conducting an investigation into monopolistic practices.

Investing In Property In Bulgaria

Bulgaria – a country located on the Black Sea and we have known, perhaps, to everyone. Many spent summer vacations here during his school years and now, get their children tend to take them to the warm sea, immerse their children in a friendly atmosphere sunny country. In this respect Bulgaria is a great opportunity: the coast is large enough, that would select the appropriate region for you and at the same time, the country relatively small, which allows her to stay home and friendly to their guests. After relaxing in the hotels, many are thinking about buying your own property in Bulgaria, while considered important, and the fact successful investments. In this case we can speak of small, private investments and real estate acquisition, as the most common way in the world of private investment, and investment of a larger scale. Private investment – is, in fact, buying one or more properties with a view to their subsequent resale.

From this perspective, Bulgaria could not be more suitable way: initially low costs, stable prices, wide selection. At the same time invest in property in Bulgaria more under construction – as well as in Russia, in that case itself makes the completion of the automatic price increase finished object. In this kind of investment we should not forget about the liquidity and the factors affecting it: the distance to the sea, infrastructure development, and the level of the house in which you plan to buy square footage. So do not forget that among the resort real estate in great demand smaller apartment square footage. Therefore, if there is a financial opportunity rather than to purchase an apartment of 80 square meters. meters, the better buy two apartments at 35 sqm. meters – and easier to sell them, and they rise in price more quickly.

If we talk about investing in Bulgarian real estate in a larger size, then one of the most common methods – acquisition of building plots in prime location with its subsequent resale. Or, conduct a "full" cycle: from the search area of agricultural land and output it to the land plot, followed by construction of a residential apartment complex. The last option in Bulgaria – as he is financially profitable and most time-consuming resources. In both cases, the best investment to Identify your potential customers: who will it be? German, Russian, English? Every nation has its own preferences, not only in regions and cities of Bulgaria, but also on certain residential complexes. Of course, before how to make a decision about investing in Bulgaria, it is best to consult with experts who can offer you more in Russia a few options to choose from, which significantly save you time in the country and will make your trip to Bulgaria friendly not only useful, but enjoyable.

Running a Company

Whether in times of crisis or boom, every company should have a clear policy for the management and control of expenditure. Today the word crisis has become fashionable, it also appears the term “Cost Reduction,” which is no longer a requirement, but a requirement for responsible enterprises. As a cost-cutting approach, first, do not make the mistake of setting a percentage. “Reduction of 15 percent by department or area.” “Reduction of $ 150,000 for the entire company.” Following the expenditure is an activity that must be performed regularly, preferably every month and compared not only with the budget but with its trends and previous periods. This is one of the main responsibilities of Chief Financial Officer or Controller as the company has with these executives on its payroll.

The following technique will allow to pass the costs for filters to determine whether they can be subject to reduction: Needed: You must challenge each expense line and justify that this is necessary. Ask each leader and manager to justify the need to keep each item of expenditure. Strategy: Define if the expenditure is part of the strategy of the company or if the expenditure itself is a strategic tool to reach new customers, positioning the company or retain business. Paying attention to that can not be many strategic cost. Replaceable: You can replace this spending by another minor? can be replaced or consolidated with another area or another area? There may be substitutes or other options to this expense.

Postponed: your company can postpone this expenditure? So when and what effect will it have? Impact the quality of the product or service? also define how we affect in the short term. Summarized in NERP as needed initial, strategic, and postpones replaceable. If spending goes to evaluate these filters, leave current, otherwise we must proceed as quickly as possible to reduce or eliminate it. If you plan on spending cut will affect the business, then no need to reduce or eliminate it. A reduction that damages bases the business or its relationship with its customers or suppliers must be evaluated several times and documented well before making the decision. If a reduction of expenditure affects the medium-term strategy and the operation of the company, then it should not be subject to reduction but monitoring and achieving a “tie” for favorable results in sales, quality, service.

The reductions are painful, but should be performed. The most difficult issue is when we evaluate and we need to reduce payroll. Assess first if it can redeploy staff if you can reduce hours if you can put them in other companies, or may advance vacation. The human resource is where you have invested and can not forget the costs you have when you have to rehire. Because crises come and go, only the best companies survived- primarily those that take action at the right time.

New Business Investment

The issue of drug trafficking has become a much discussed topic today, which is discussed in many forums of discussion from the standpoint of social, economic, political and even in the area of new business, understanding that: is for sale illegal narcotics, drugs and any derivative of these, in the black market, which affects the health of consumers, and even more has become a real social problem, economic and cultural. Today they are well-organized professional organizations that make up a poster (one or several), which is more than the territorial domain of narco-related operations. Everyone knows it’s a problem that affects us and this can be directly or indirectly, but, what is your involvement in investment and new business?, Speaking in the business sense, economic and drug trafficking inhibits investment indirectly by showing a scene of violence in a locality, a state and even national level may compromise the development of new investments in chain generate unemployment, fear of start-ups, new businesses and thus economic development will be limited by the atmosphere of violence, corruption, fear and economic and financial uncertainty. It is usually in third world countries where the primary operations are performed sowing, harvesting and the task of storing the product in its early stages, then process the drug either in the place of origin of this, or the countries where it is carried or transported through smuggling. Additional information at Dr. Kevin Cahill supports this article. The current picture presented by this social phenomenon in any country goes from violence, cultural decay, problems with gangs, corruption, that the economy always moved to be affected as we discussed the lack of investor confidence in the negative schema is projected. Although much has been said in the media of laundering money (for drugs) as a way in which several companies finance their projects, the medium term, will also damage materialized in the scheme of negativity that this triggered, so that we can not speak of this evil without the consequence of other evils to society, that is why all countries try to implement more stringent and rigorous laws to counter this cancer against which social control becomes increasingly difficult. Being a multifactorial problem (ie, a problem generated by several variables), some experts (economists, psychologists, anthropologists, administrators) agree that drug trafficking should be fought from the beginning, through a good family and social culture, quality educational models, generating more jobs in different countries and above all a social environment suitable for people, but is it possible to attack this evil at the root, when the excesses generated by this are already visible?; think like a disease that is advanced, it must first check the patient’s current symptoms immediately, but even finding a cure then (metaphorically speaking) to seek a solution to a problem that is evident in the world and that any decisions we make in the business we will review the ratings of violence generated by drug trafficking, negative economic factors that triggers; we must raise awareness and know that is the present and the future that lies ahead and that we are all that we participate and engage in a subject which is not foreign. In conclusion, the drug affects different sectors of society, economic and strategic areas of a country will always be damaged by this, investments will be limited in its effect and economic uncertainty will be marked by this disease increasingly complex..

The Path to Success

We are often approached business owners asking how to build a system of selling the company or enterprise system as a whole. Since the communication process becomes clear that the representation of the system at the plant and system sales department at all different, we decided to briefly illuminate the subject. In this case we consider distribyutsionoe enterprise (hereinafter AP) as the most complex form in the active development of sales. System sales – is just one, but the most valuable from a flower petal referred distribyutsionym now. In turn, the enterprise system is a set of people united in the divisions and units located in relations and in relations with each other in a certain order forming the integrity and unity.

So, you need to create a system of the enterprise. 1. Desire – to go to success until the end. 2. Knowledge – to learn by yourself or use knowledge of others.

3. Resources – must comply with its scope and ambition. 4. Time – must comply with scrupulous calculation. 5. All employees and departments dp must effectively communicate with each other with only one common purpose, increase profits. To do this, what would they have been trained, motivated and controlled. 6. It is also necessary to understand that the dp can be ideal, as the official instructions, and developed sequence of their execution, but the system it will be when all this will run continuously throughout the working process, which requires strict discipline. However, the known scheme of 'carrot and stick' is not get carried away 'whip'.


When mounting your blog or page Web the service of Hosting always provides keys to you to accede to the Control Panel and thus to be able to enter the information that aparacera in your blog, llamense articles, products etc. It is of extreme importance that these keys only are of your knowledge, is you have recommendable them written down in a safe place. But for no reason you must even provide them to other people nor for reasons of work unless one is the asisitencia personnel of the Hosting with which you work. I consider necessary to speak of this subject since personally I committed the serious error of not only keeping this information for me, the lack of experience and knowledge as well as work reasons, took to give this information to me to third people. What ocurrio? Talvez these people as well provided to others or simply somebody had access to them by other means. Weeks later d me with the surprise that was lost all the information that was in of my blogs. Thanks to God, the technical support of the company of hosting with which work, could recover it.

Lamentably some months later volvio to happen the same again but, unfortunately for reasons of personal nature does not contact to me with hosting but until after some weeks of produced the incident and, in spite of the efforts of the technical support NOTHING could be recovered what I mean not only the lost total of all the infomacin, as well as months of arduous work but also the fact to have to return to begin having to rejoin and to install all the again blog. I must recognize that there were other two errors of my part: first not to have changed to the keys of access to the Control Panel of hosting the first time that me ocurrio this and the second it was not to have done back-up of my blog, something that is due to do every month, whereas the one of the list of subscribers of your autorespondedor must hacerce in weekly form. Desire that my experience is to you of aid and at the same time only allows you like of the importance of learning of our errors, on of everything of which we often commit for want of experience, knowledge or simply due to being very trusting. Miguel Mesa Borgoo. Quebec – Canada Like Initiating Your Business By Internet. Visitanos in: Original author and source of the article

Optimizing Work

So you have sown the car keys and you from this is not a child All you can you've climbed, and all of you who caught my eye is delighted – the whole house on the ears – but the key is still nowhere to be found at first glance – what has all this to concepts such as "Ensure vessels Ship Spare parts" or something navrode. Turns out to be very direct, because both success and failure always begins with planning – or punctures in it:) sign me in childhood with a plowman – a master of his craft, that the bike repaired, that the marquetry picture – one of horseradish, was – plane down quickly, accurately and permanently. The most secret of his success was wonderful fellowship with the tools – they always were with him not to fully order, and in order exclusive – nail to nail, bolt to bolt As a result, most of the time he spent on something that does not slowly decompose all prichindaly in the same order, before you start and just slowly build their its end. The event will be triggered after a couple of minutes:) Most of us have lost a great skill – to bring their life back in order – and in the end we are held hostage to complex manuals on time management and self-discipline, which to be honest – and in figs not needed for the procedure – it's just a lack of predictability and chaos.

Internet Templates

Having your own website for your business is a component of prestige. Everyone will say that the site for conducting business must meet certain conditions. This is a great design, engaging content, high attendance and timely updates. The initial stage of developing the site, of course, is its design. The cost of developing a site design is quite high. This often becomes a reason not to create an Internet page. The work of experienced developers for web pages, of course, can not be cheap. Will have to pay more than one hundred dollars in order to gain a professional website design.

In this case the site owner does not receive any guarantee that the site will meet the costs of its creation. Ready-made site templates is the output of the situation. After all, they require a minimum expenditure for their purchase. And in some cases, payment for templates is not required. Currently, almost every businessman has its own website. Templates are created at the same high level qualifier. Designed by selling itself ready site template is visible in the directory at once, before buying, so the deficient work for sale templates simply can not be considered. Usually, on such templates have multiple specialists.

Firstly, it is the designers who create the layout of the site come up with colors, the image pattern, the location and ease of navigation. Secondly, it is the programmers who design project according to the write code for a template. Patterns also has the advantage that is available for use to anyone, even a beginner webmaster. If you know the basic tags, you can easily understand how to use the templates for the site. Templates are also compatible with the basic html-editor which can work even casual users. And as regular users know about the constituent elements of web design and structure of the site even less beginner webmasters. Of course, the more experienced specialists will work with the ready-made templates more freely and modify it to the needs and interests of the company with the greatest efficiency Supported by the permutations and strumming, nested syntax.

Chief Accountant

Depending on the relationship of the chief accountant with supervisory authorities. Safety of your business in many ways may depend on your relationship with the Chief Accountant. Even worse is the case with the so-called incoming accountant – he did not take any responsibility for its work and, moreover, is not available at the crucial moment. Bookkeeping on their own makes it difficult to work on the main activity and, consequently, reduces profits. Such a situation makes the company less mobile and less competitive in the market.

As well at a minimal cost to have the procedure in the accounting and maintain an advantage on market? Practice shows that all the great demand for companies providing services in accounting record keeping. Signing the contract for accounting services with the accounting company, you decide all problems. Payment for services accounting firm included in the cost and the full-deductible for income tax and vat. Liability for accrued taxes and the correctness of accounting is not the main accountant, a legal person, whose liability is insured. In the case of a tax audit, inspection may take place in the accounting firm, which largely eliminates the unfounded claims and does not would paralyze the company. Keeping records of financial companies are bringing your accounts to a new level and allows you to safely engage in core activities and safely grow your business. Then that appeal to a specialized company found preferable. Now to the head of the following question arises: which company to choose.

On the market now offers a wide range of Companies of this type of service. It is generally accepted that companies with great staff and long on the market are most preferred. However, the experience of our clients have come from such companies, says about otherwise. In large companies are not interested in each client. They are interested in big clients, the monthly fee that corresponds to their document management or sales, which then will turn to them for the audit report. In addition, large companies large staff turnover. And it eliminates the control of the record-keeping in each period. Small and companies with a small monthly fee "weather" do not do: one left – another will come. They can afford allow "dumping" with prices just to lure customers. Then the client knows that for every "sneeze" is necessary to pay extra. The client is far from accounting often does not know that the annual balance of all the accounts that are not included in the financial statements, and consultations are paid under a separate "Price." And more so no one will track which documents are not enough. They are not responsible for the condition of your account ("I am blinded him from what was – what documents are provided, such a report and get).