The Fact

"So knocked out girl, she could barely walk, and even give birth to artificially " – often women whispering behind her back. Almost the same thing she heard in the antenatal clinic. But was surprised Svetlana is not it. Most striking is that a woman with a physical ailment, came to the antenatal clinic or hospital, looked like a very strange weird person. You and the baby? In addition to these medical institutions absolutely nothing is adapted for disabled women, and doctors themselves often do not know which side to approach them. Svetlana gave birth to a daughter herself, without a cesarean section. It seems to be okay. Grandma and Grandpa took her granddaughter, all of took care of her completely over. But from the first minutes of her life, doctors are reinsured: ongoing consultations child neurologist, orthopedist. While the girl did not go – Svetlana lived in fear: God forbid, daughter repeat her fate. Any scientific, medical literature about parenting a disabled child in a family she could not be found. Doctors, too, nothing really could not advise. Only in dealing with disabled women who already had children, she received the necessary information. Many lamented the fact that in Russia we do not have special psychologists, there are no support services, which would be both morally and physically supported by an inexperienced mother with a disability. Maybe the State not profitable contain similar services. But even these women give birth to healthy children to him! Up to a year raise, raise a child women with physical disabilities hard.

Solid Company Profile

GLOBAL CERAMIC NETWORK, SL is a company in constant growth that comes the result of a market need and a multidisciplinary team consisting of young professionals who make up a solid structure, human and prepared to launch a major project that will arouse much interest. What is presented is a Worldwide Web site where we will gather all the manufacturers of tiles, sanitary ceramics machinery and raw material suppliers around the world with its own catalog of products. For this we have the support of our partners from different countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico and the United States among others. Today Internet has become the engine of business in a borderless market and yet many companies that have their own Web pages can not be found in the. – Will be a portal such as YAHOO, and everything related to the world of ceramics will be inside so that everyone will find what they’re looking for. – Each customer of ours GLOBAL CERAMIC will another Web page with details of your company, history of it, a catalog EXPOSE ALL THEIR PRODUCTS, a contact form and a link to your website, so all those interested can contact directly with our customers.

– With GLOBAL CERAMIC eliminates the need to scroll to find the product to your company, because with a single click will know every detail of all their products. – People around the world will see its product because CERAMICA GLOBAL going to be on most Internet search engines (GOOGLE, YAHOO, ALTAVISTA, etc..) And portals and Web sites related to the world of ceramics . Also our site will have advertising in newspapers and national and international journals. – GLOBAL CERAMIC will also have news and developments in the ceramics sector provided by official agencies (ASCER, ECERS, IFC, ITC, ASEBEC, etc.) And the clients themselves.

Wedding Dresses

Every woman's dream – to be the most beautiful in your wedding day. We must carefully choose her wedding dress. Each of us has the right to be a princess in our most important day! So, there comes the problem of choosing a wedding dress that will become a real princess. How to choose the one thing that will make you irresistible, highlight or hide figure flaws? Let's assume that you have the time to select wedding dress, of course, must be a month or two. Let us return to the past, about a month ago, what dress you came to mind first, then? Most of us have an idea of how it looks in some beautiful dress. Imagine what type of dress you want the most. When choosing a gown note: The dress of which you dream, to be perfectly emphasizes your figure, stylish look.

Do not forget to dress to agree with suit your fiance. If you want to dress in a simple, prefer clean lines, perhaps a dress with a simple design would be the best solution for you. Not too many ornaments, and do not tow too long veil on the ground. If you dream to be a princess on this auspicious day, you can sew a dress made to order. Select or design a dress (lace, beads, sequins or something like that, there's a fantasy played out). On Many weddings have been observed that some women refuse some beautiful dresses of famous brands, and prefer the old dress, which left them to their mother.