Great Plains

Arnau de Torroja’s childhood was spent peacefully between the fortified Palace of the plain and the castle that his father was finishing of spoiling atop a large hill called Mont-Vell, which dominates the part of westeros the the city of Solsona. In the 12th century the population was farther away that in the fourteenth century of the privileged natural vantage point over the Pyrenees, because since up Castell-Vell unfolds a large panoramic many months covered in snow, starting with the Port del Compte (currently with a ski). From which today is known as Castellvell de Solsona, Arnau de Torroja children delight to observing the Great Plains that was extended to descry in the SW horizon. the mountain of Montserrat on a clear day, and dream with the freedom of being able to imitate adults who saw ride from one side to another armed up to the neck. Arnau de Torroja in those times of great social change was growing on the dangers of a frontier land, of which, fortunately for him, the Muslims every day were being further away towards the South. While Arnau was a child his father, count Senor de Solsona, re-born this ancient fortification at the Summit of the Mont-Vell the highest and near Solsona, and presumably that Arnau should like you ride up to the top of high visibility. From there looked good his fortified Palace but not the population, because it was hidden after the hard slope between the Romanesque church, also in reconstruction, and the rio Negro. That drop, much better protected from the north winds, people saw Yes instead Castle in reconstruction on the Summit of Mont-Vell. That concentration of people on the banks of the River had in part higher where were their houses, the entrance of the Catholic church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, that as in all parts of the Pyrenees and the South of France, not to say everything the Christian world, was devoutly worshipped with the divine child in her lap.


a We are at the gates of the holidays. Gradually, our environment is changing affectionately colored lights, fir, wreaths, carols, gifts, best wishes for a better world, not to mention the opulent tables full of the most eexquisitos manjaresu. a is like a slow but sure to warm up the engines, in this case rather of ovens and stoves, to the big count down in the kitchens of many homes. Moved as an invisible spring begins large deployment: Shrimp, lobster, lamb, ham (pork), foie gras (liver, turkey, duck or goose), quail, rabbits, salmon, cod, chicken, calves and so long and endless. Both suddenly one question: what is celebrated at Christmas? A contest to see who is capable of cooking or eating more species of animals? Nope. Christmas is a holiday Christian in commemorating the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. a It is incredible that he was born of pacifism is concluded with the largest massacre of the year. It is disconcerting that the one on your birth you were closed the doors of all households, who received him alone in offering shelter and warmth were the animals: cows, oxen, calves and lambs.

. . He is killing the descendants celebrate their benefactors. to Jesus came to this earth to help people, but also to the animals! a In intensive livestock farms around the world twice animals barely survive inhabitants has the planet. Spain has 43 million inhabitants and yet the Spanish livestock farms are six times more animals than the Spanish inhabitants who live a sad life and expect a painful death.