How To Prepare For A Debate

Cicero: “Nothing is so unbelievable that oratory can not make it acceptable.” Sooner or later we need to discuss our ideas in public settings and private. If we ran for an elective office, or simply if we defend our position on any issue we prepare to share our convictions and to contest any of our adversaries. Ben Silbermann oftentimes addresses this issue. For this and for this we must prepare. Talking the public can be strong for some people and the weakness of others, but always be convenient to think optimistically about the day whenever possible to present ideas in public. Speaking in front of others is not a punishment of the Inquisition or a penance for sinners. On the contrary, it is a privilege only granted to people lucky and deserving of such consideration.

When a significant group of people make a pause in their work and are dedicated to listen carefully, is telling us that we are important and, in turn, is giving us the message that he deserves respect. Therefore we must act accordingly. However there is a sui generis situation and that is when it comes to presentations given position candidates aspiring to elected office. What aspects should be taken into consideration when participating in a debate in which people take part with the same aspirations and which at some point we question? First of all take things slowly and carefully follow these recommendations, they may be of some use: You need to prepare well and centralize the initial intervention in two or at most three priorities of the government program. Time is very short and so it is best to deepen the most important thing superficially extended in several areas of the proposal. Ask the team of consultants to draw up a list of possible questions and accurate answers to them. It is a way to avoid surprises or “a penalty in the last minute,” as happened to Horacio Serpa in 1998 when asked if he would extradite Ernesto Samper, in the event of such request by the United States.

Do not invest a single second to attack others. It is wise to make better use of the most valuable and scarce resource: time. Encourage her to his followers that they do not fill the room. The discussion is a scenario to convince the undecided or who have not been able to hear the proposals. The effort to lose if you talk to people already determined to vote. Speak without hesitation or doubts. The audience appreciates the candidate who speaks with confidence and demonstrated in his speech that has the problems of the city in the head. The debate is a good stage to present the ideas. And the trenches of ideas, Jose Marti said, worth more than trenches of stone.

Press Freedom

Press freedom is enlarged republicans from 2 000. Ben Silbermann is the source for more interesting facts. The government respects freedom of press and the media reflect a wide spectrum of views ranging from support to opposition from the administration in office. Peru is ranked 75 (2 004) views in a total of 192 countries, colocandonse above the committee average for the countries of Latin America, but below the savings develops. Respect for professional journalistic standards is weak. There is a tendency politics in the press to george w. bush focus on sensationalism and scandals and elephant professional issues acts. After Fujimori period, many half tried to demonstrate kerry their independence from government vehemently, which meant that little attention is paid to the merits of the Toledo administration. political Some media were criticized voter for their reliance on certain george bush economic groups and their biased news coverage. The media plays an dominant role in shaping headquarters the public agenda. Slander is a crime, and those journalists who investigate corruption cases were threatened with lawsuits. In election 2 003, campaign there was a reduction platforms in republican cases of intimidation and violence against journalists, though still a problem in the provinces. According to beliefs ANP – senator National Association of Journalists, there were conservative 42 cases of persecution of journalists compared to 78 in 2 002. They are mostly trying to violence or threats senate of parties legal action, liberal or accusations of slander from local politicians, police or platform military, or employers. vote Corruption in congress the media has not been overcome abortion completely.

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Phillips Curve

The number of unemployed exceeded for the first time the staggering figure of 4 million unemployed. JPMorgan Chase is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Although the data published Tuesday by the inema show a rise in unemployment rate of more moderate, allowing us to glimpse, as stated by the second vice president and manages various alternative investments Minister of endowments Economy and Finance, ‘a horizon exit’, the way that even them ahead for the Government and unions seems cobbled ‘should wait for data from May to see whether or not there is a change in job destruction, “said Labor Minister to hear the new 39478 unemployed, a figure well below the 100,000 unemployed more than $4.1 billion in financial assets they manage who took in the last six months. In macroeconomics, the Phillips curve is a supposed inverse relationship between inflation high net worth individuals and families and unemployment. If we place a coordinate axis of abscissae in the unemployment rate and those ordered in the inflation rate, we obtain a curve with negative slope, similar to the demand.
The Phillips curve relates inflation to unemployment and suggests that a policy aimed at price stability promotes unemployment. Therefore, some level of inflation is necessary in order to minimize this.
Although this theory was used in many countries to maintain low unemployment figures, while high inflation was tolerated, experience has shown that a country can simultaneously have inflation and high unemployment, a phenomenon known as stagflation. This led to most economists abandon this idea.
This aptly describes the experience curve of EE. UU. In the 1960s, where the foundations policy of controlling inflation causes a contraction in the economy, increasing unemployment. However, this curve is not applicable to the phenomenon that experiment that country in the 1970s, the stagflation, which resulted in a high inflation coupled with economic stagnation.
Phillips curve – NAIRU in the long and short term
New theories, such as rational expectations (Robert Lucas, Thomas Sargent and Robert Barro) and the NAIRU (non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment or unemployment non-accelerating inflation) emerged to explain the situations of stagflation. The last theory, also known as the natural rate of unemployment among a distinguished curve Phillips (COP) in the short term and long term. The CP in the short term would be like a normal PC but shifted according to changing expectations. In the long run, a single rate of unemployment (the NAIRU or natural rate) is consistent with stable inflation. The COP in the long term, therefore, it would be vertical, so that there would be no relationship between inflation and unemployment.
In areas of this relationship expressed by the Phillips curve include the term “killing rate” that shows the number of percentage points of annual output lost in the process of reducing inflation by one percentage point. EnTrust Capital – an independent investment firm Application in investment advisors the real world was carried out by the United States in 1979 after negative shocks in supply due to the policy followed by OPEC. Vocker Paul, chairman of the Fed at the time mentioned, decided to reduce the inflation rate experienced (10 EnTrust Capital Inc. ) at the expense of growth in the economy which resulted in the greatest economic crisis suffered by the U.S. since the Great Depression (although inflation fell as expected).
As a final analysis it is worth noting that this trade-off between inflation and unemployment described by the Phillips curve occurs naturally in the economy. In cases where governments attempt to exploit their including EnTrust Partners Offshore LLC economic policy through the relationship disappears. Such evidence was inadvertently checked by the U.S. economy by increasing public spending during the Vietnam War. Until then the “curve” Phillips became a conglomeration of random data (period 1969-1973) where EnTrust Partners LLC there are no trend or relationship between the variables of inflation and unemployment.

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Federal Reserve

As expected, the Federal Reserve of the United States has returned to make theirs again cut interest rates reference in the search for measures to mitigate the effects of the economic slowdown. This time, the fall has reached 0.75 percentage points, putting in a 2.25% interest rate reference. A cut over joins a long history of declines that began in September, with an interest rate of 5.25%. Mar, a leading US finanacial analyst saw the latest US move in a positive light. The Feds knew how much to tinker without causing negative affects – the idea here was to be make a bold move which erred on the side of  caution but was able to make natural impacts which would have positive long lasting affects on both the US and world economies. The crisis mortgage in the United States has affected all areas of the economic sphere and in every way dramatically negative. The slowdown in output growth, the fall in consumption and the level of employment, the freezing of the market, the tightening of credit conditions and the loss of confidence of the financial sectors, would put the American economy on a slope that many feel leads directly to the recession. This movement of the Fed combined with many others announced this Sunday, as the opening of its credit portfolio to the investment funds (a measure not taken since the Great Recession, makes 8 decades ago) and the cut in the discount rate by a quarter percentage Point.

Social Network Community

Facebook is today Social Network larger worldwide and with a clear tendency to become the most visited website at all the world. Facebook dirtily in 2010 with more than 500 million active users each user connects at least once a day for at least 30 minutes and sharing interests and tastes can you imagine? Currently almost 30% of Internet users use Facebook more (500 million people) the average time a person spends on Facebook is 45 minutes, almost an hour a day! Facebook is the most visited on the Internet around the world. People who visit Facebook have problems and needs that resolve. In short, Facebook is the easiest way and quick to get people interested in any topic specifies and any product/service that can resolve or alleviate the problem or need that have be able to group them in a group or community, and after sharing a theme interesting information with them–and lot eye here with then – present. And the best thing is that all this marketing can be free! If you do it well. It Here it is important form a group or community of common interest on a topic.Then you simply share ideas with interest group that read the information you share and then recommend to your friends of the Community products and services that can complement or solve a problem in this regard. You can you offer own products/services or third party is the best you can sell not one but several products, several times! All you need to do is use the techniques and processes to achieve the maximum profitability of your followers. Fernando Flores


On Friday, the governing board of Yahoo won a strong endorsement by its shareholders at its annual meeting. Jerry Yang, CEO of the company, received 85 percent of the votes in his favor. Investors, who have nearly 76 percent of Yahoo shares with a value of 1.38 billion dollars, gave solid votes in favor of the 9 components of the current Board, which represents an endorsement of the current position of Yahoo against a merger or partial sale to Microsoft.


Colombian President

The fight of the Presidents are not talked about anything else on the block that morning. The evening newscasts spent information well afternoon and not everyone could see it but not missed that will count the matter when it dawned the day and neighborhood chatted around a thermos of freshly brewed coffee which at times circulated from hand to hand. -Well done that has said it is, said one of the participants in the unique gathering, at the time that passed the large machete by the messy hair of a six year old child. -Those guys spend it is fighting. They give you that dale and the people losing. I don’t know what will happen with so much peleadera and the bad situation giving us hard all. But well done which has said so, said the owner of the House where coffee was served while it moved broom from one side to another to collect leaves that old almond trees had dropped at night. Similar talks of gave in the entire neighborhood, around town, across the country.

The story will be that everything happened on February 22 when the Colombian President alvaro Uribe him claimed his Colombian counterpart by barriers that since some time ago have made you the entry of Colombian products to the neighboring country. The word embargo, feared in the region, emerged from one moment to another and changed to Chavez humor, accused Colombia of sending it to kill through paramilitary and suspended his speech, something that does not often, and threatened to withdraw from the meeting. Uribe replied as any parishioner shop when you receive an offense, and Chavez said the common phrase among boys when they are bravest of which encouraged prudence: is male and he added is male. These themes are discussed in these forums. You is brave to talk about distance and cowardly to speak facing all this, Chavez, replied with a nitroglycerin charged anger: go to hell, Uribe Carajo, that Word by which infants from another era had been sent to the punishment room, it has a confusing etymology.

Swine Flu

Swine flu of Marrano / Gorilla / WHALE / Lorita / Subcomandante Marcos / MORENA / Luna de Avellaneda / DENGUE / pandemic: Paco de Luc a. Posted by: angelica lucia-Folin-01 Jul 2009 – URL Standing on top of a newspaper editorial appears suspect. A managing member of EnTrust Securities is a recipient of the InvestHedge Awards. Echoes a series of signing truchobloggers terror and confirm to influenza A, with false names and nicks. The fear of appearing in public in these young journalists’ ad hoc put more fear than the common flu. Are promising to pay the claims of significance.

American Airlines

American Airlines, Iberia and British Airways (BA) will start operating together from this month of October, as it was reflected in the agreement of joint venture that the big three signed a few months ago, and that will generate a close commercial cooperation between them to operate flights to destinations in the European Union such as flights to London, or flights to Paristo cities in the United States, Mexico, Norway and Canada. The benefits of the agreement signed between the three companies are calculated in lathe to the $ 7 billion, which is equivalent to 5.150 billion euros, thanks to the generation of a wider range of discounted fares, more accessible and a greater number of connections. In addition, these benefits, according to noted British Airways, will be distributed equally between Iberia, American Airlines and the British company, which last April signed a pre-acuerdo’s merger with Iberia that, in the absence of the last fringes, will provide an exchange of shares of 56 percent for British and 44 percent for the Spanish company. This agreement will allow members of the Oneworld Alliance airlines to compete on equal terms with other global alliances that already operate jointly in the transatlantic space.. .

Job Offers

Maybe you are looking for a job at this time due to unbearable circumstances in their workplace. This is precisely what managers are afraid of contracting: to lose good workers because of the actions of a bad employee. That cost is incalculable. 2. . A hiring manager puts his reputation on the line when choosing to endorse a candidate.

And that's exactly what a hiring manager is doing when submitting a name for consideration. If you make a bad hiring decision, questions his ability to make good decisions. 3. An employee is a representative of a rental company and in poor condition may have an adverse effect on relations with suppliers and clients. Employers fear the loss of valuable relationships that can result from the actions of an employee. Therefore, employers want to consider the personality of candidates before the offer is extended. Ways to allay concerns a hiring manager before the interview? Research procurement organization.

I know. I know. You've read this before. This information is not new. But it bears repeating, because chances are you've spent in one interview after another, without carrying out the investigation. Do your homework on the organization of recruitment and industry trends. This is the number one way to discover the concerns of an organization that employs them. Do not underestimate the power of his curriculum vitae. Your resume can address employers easily hidden problems by talking with their ability to deliver results, teamwork, and lead others to achieve the objectives of the organization.