India Immigration

In the natural order of things, this situation creates room for fraud, which is immigration organizations face every day. In particular, two years ago in the Canadian press animatedly discussed situation in India with opening a network of agencies that prepared bogus evidence to the spouses, which sponsored the Canadian people. In particular, these agencies stylized wedding sponsor and sponsored by collecting the crowd of extras, setting up decorations wedding-hall and dressing the groom and the young in formal wear. Then photos from this 'celebration' sponsor has provided immigration authorities in Canada as the foundation of truth marriage. The actions of these agencies has taken such scope that the presence of the same persons on the wedding photos are absolutely different from the applicants was to throw in the eye, and Canadian immigration authorities began the investigation. Another form of fraud is a deception of the Canadian-born by those who want to go to Canada with the help of family sponsorship. Often those who immigrated to Canada through sponsorship, after some time (Sometimes literally in a week or two) throw your spouse of the sponsor.

In this case, the Canadian couple-sponsors are all undertaken in the process of sponsorship obligations, and furthermore, they have other obligations of marriage. In Specifically, the dissolution of marriage, they sometimes find themselves in circumstances that are forced to have a dependent spouse, with koim divorced, or give him a piece of property. Precedents for this kind of sell was such a range, that at the moment center in Mississauga, which is responsible for family sponsorship, considering each year, more than 650 cases are of this profile, while the victims of such fraud cases awaiting sorting out at least 2 years. In refutation of the claim to the leadership and which were the publication in the press on this topic, authorized the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada proclaimed that the ministry is preparing a series of initiatives to address cases scams in the area of immigration, which will be notified in late summer 2009. While nothing specific about these initiatives not know. One can only assume that they will relate primarily to sponsorship of spouses. Likely to be altered the criteria that should satisfy the sponsor for sponsorship of spouses, may tighten the requirements of both the sponsor and the sponsored person will be tightened inspection person-sponsored, more thorough documentation will be checked. All this may lead to a lengthening of the timing of consideration of cases under sponsorship of spouses, as well as a large number of failures on suspicion of being illegitimate marriage. Again can not be excluded that the verification of the truth of the documents in all other groups did not harden. As regards this situation of immigrants from the cis? There is an opportunity not only to recommend to postpone the adoption of decision to start the immigration process, because the objective is high possibility that a new round of tougher immigration laws could dramatically reduce the chances for a successful immigration. – simple decision to emigrate to Canada.

Compensation Payments

In some cases, state or public duties can be performed precisely in the working time (for example, participation in court as a juror, the turnout on call in the authorities pre- investigation, etc.). Source: Ben Silbermann. In these cases, employers are required to seamlessly go workers to perform these duties. st websites. You do not have values or duration of the public or public duties, nor their frequency or their periodicity, etc. The law presumes that in this case, the reason for the lack of workers at work does not depend on the will of the employee. Guarantees provided by Art. 170 tc rf established for persons engaged in working hours following the state or public duties: 1) exercising the right to vote.

Federal Law "On Basic Guarantees of Electoral Rights and the rights to participate in the referendum Citizens of the Russian Federation ", stipulating that candidates (after registration) at the time of the election shall be exempt from work. She maintains her place of work, all the time to vote shall be counted total seniority of the candidate (in the specialty for which he worked). The Election Commission shall pay compensation to a registered candidate (but the average salary for him is not preserved) (Art. 35-30), 2) the performance deputy duties, and 3) a turnout in the bodies of inquiry, preliminary investigation, the prosecutor and the court as a witness, victim, expert, specialist, interpreter, understood, and participation in trials as lay judges, public prosecutors and public defenders, members of social organizations and labor collectives.

Energy Flow

Dynamic performance – a very important criterion when using flow meters in the circuits of automatic control and management of rapidly changing costs. From Performance measurement systems, of which may include flow sensors, depends largely on the quality of the final product, as well as savings or overruns of raw materials and energy and a variety of 5.Bolshie Measuring range – extremely important that the meter provides stable readings and record the entire range of energy consumption. The less he will have a so-called “dead zone”, the better will be his testimony. This is especially true for companies engaged in the sale of energy and coolant to other organizations. 6.Obespechennost metrological base – when choosing a meter or a meter, be taken into account in factory repair facilities, as well as verification systems for periodic maintenance and inspection of metrological characteristics used in flow sensors and meters the amount of substance. 7.Izmerenie flow in extreme conditions – selected instruments must provide not only high accuracy but also the explosive fire protection, when measuring the cost of flammable liquids and gases, in the broadest ambient temperatures.

If we choose the maximum value of the proposed criteria, such flowmeters and meters will cost for the company is very expensive and may result from savings on payments Energy does not pay for such costly investments, and for the population, such devices will be generally available. For the design organizations offering selection of such equipment, it is important to strike a balance between the required metrological characteristics of instruments and their value, taking into account the technological characteristics of the object on which they are used. For the population of all a little bit easier: in homes do not have extreme measurement conditions, no explosion and fire agents, the cost of energy consumed by several orders of magnitude lower than in industry. Yes, and staff in organizations serving the residential houses, not sufficient expertise and verification equipment that would work with expensive metering and counters. Therefore not even worth watching in the direction of expensive measurement systems meet all of the above requirements. Come to the fore the price of the flowmeter and its reliability. And it is quite sufficient to install an inexpensive turbine blade or counter, what would the cost of its maintenance, are commensurate with the savings to pay used for energy.


Using the detective agency SD security company Lonhnfortzahlungsbetrug can enlighten. The remuneration in the event of sickness is a frequently misused. More and more employees can write sick to pursue private interests. This is with the detective agency SD security often uncover and bring to court. The salary in the event of sickness is one of the greatest achievements of industrialisation. For the first time enabled the protection of workers in disease.

All the more regrettable that this protection is often used. Supervisor: employers should react quickly in the event of doubt and turn the detective agency SD security. If possible on the first day of sickness. Later, a detective agency is switched on, it is all the more difficult to collect court evidence. So, is it already and give that courts require a more active observation of several days in a row during the usual working hours. The employer should keep the appointment as discreet and only the most necessary persons thereof in knowledge set. The detective agency SD safety is to reach customers with a free hotline, a commissioning and start can be done within a few hours. Possibilities: 1 the workers approved “Extra holiday”.

Often this is done not spontant, but workers can be for days written sick for which he got approved, for example, no vacation. Often, these people think that they are in the right and the employers eh owes them something. So many of the “sick” employees on golf courses, at the lake or abroad on the beach can be found. It goes away, some several fellow physicians order certificates can exhibit and communicate to the employer. The detective agency SD security here to determine where the supposedly sick employees staying and whether it acts “against the recovery”. This will be documented and issued to the customer. The employed private investigators can testify in the case of a case before court.