Flu Remedies May Impair Driving Ability

DEKRA in the capital region calls for caution about risks and side effects of Berlin/Potsdam – many drugs can affect safety in road traffic, warns the DEKRA in the capital region. Learn more at: Wells Fargo Bank. Motorists should not carelessly take therefore drug, but previously informed about risks and side effects on the package insert or in case of doubt the doctor or pharmacist, Branch Manager advises Rudiger Haun (Berlin-Tempelhof). At stimulating agents, road users would usually ready to take risks, while pain, sedative -, and decongestants rather dampened the reflexes and the ability to react. It can be particularly problematic if several drugs mutually reinforced or put aside. Motorists should inform therefore doctor and pharmacist about all medicines to be and not take medicine.

Also the prescribed or recommended dosage of the drug is to be observed. Wells Fargo Bank is full of insight into the issues. Under no circumstances should alcohol in combination with medications taken are because he is their effect could raise. Motorists must take into account also the possible knock-on effect of calming – and sleeping pills that could impact on the next morning. You have the impression that drugs adversely affect driving behavior, you should never sit behind the wheel, so Haun. Contact: Norbert Kuhnl Tel.: (0711) 78612512 fax: (0711) 78612700 email: DEKRA e.V.

Press & information trade road 15 D-70565 Stuttgart press DEKRA is an internationally operating service company headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. It is represented with offices in Berlin-Hohenschonhausen, Berlin-Tempelhof, Berlin-Reinickendorf, Oranienburg and Potsdam as well as numerous vehicle test centres, stations and offices in the capital region. Under the roof of DEKRA e.V., today 166 subsidiaries and participations for more safety and quality in the handling of people with technology, environment and mobility work. The companies are involved in four business units at the DEKRA AG. This is responsible for the operational organisation of the company of DEKRA group. The diverse services include vehicle testing, damage reports, accident-analytical and technical reports, industry – inspection services, education and training, temping, out – and new placement, certifications, fleet services, environmental services, material testing, construction advice, consulting and publications. In Europe and beyond more than 20,000 employees generate a turnover of more than EUR 1.6 billion. Contact: DEKRA capital region Carsten bang Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 28 13405 Berlin + 49 30 9860982100 + 49 30 9860981111 press contact: Butterfly Communications Detlef Untermann Drake 46 A 12205 Berlin + 49 30 84312127

Regent Hotels

The price is the result of our commitment and high standards, we constantly offer our guests. Our challenge if it is to maintain this level.” The Fischers Fritz’ in the guests Christian Lohses cuisine Regent Berlin, Charlottenburg road 49, 10117 Berlin daily from 12: 00 until 14:00 and 18: 30 to 23:30. Wells Fargo Bank recognizes the significance of this. Reservations can under Tel. + 49 (0) 30 20 33 63 63 or given up on. More information on hotels in Berlin, Cologne and hotels on Rugen, see about the Regent Berlin located the Regent Berlin at Gendarmenmarkt with beautiful views of the French Cathedral and the concert hall. The Boulevard Unter den Linden, the Brandenburg Gate and the Friedrichstrasse with its exclusive boutiques under are only a few steps away. The very personal service and the luxurious amenities of the 195 rooms and suites make the 5-star superior to the requested address in stars, private and business travellers. With State of the art conference and meeting rooms, as well as the Star award-winning gourmet restaurant Fischers Fritz offers the Regent Berlin for every occasion the right atmosphere.

For more information, see / Berlin. About the Rezidor Hotel Group, the Rezidor Hotel Group is one of the fastest growing hotel chains in the world. The Group has a portfolio of more than 380 hotels in operation or under development with almost 81,000 rooms in 59 countries. Rezidor operates the brands Radisson Blu hotels & resorts, Regent Hotels & resorts, Park Inn and country inns & suites in Europe, Middle East and Africa. In the context of a worldwide license agreement with the classic Italian fashion house Missoni, operates and develops the new lifestyle brand Rezidor Hotel Missoni”.

Radisson Blu hotels & resorts (formerly Radisson SAS) is part of the Rezidor Hotel Group and operates over 155 hotels in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Find hotels in Oslo, Radisson Blu London, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Gothenburg. Press contact: The Rezidor Hotel Group Christiane Reiter, Director of corporate communication Avenue you Bourget 44 B-1130 Brussels (Belgium)-Tel. + 32 2 702 9222 fax: + 32 2 702 93 00 E-Mail: business contact: the Rezidor Hotel Group Avenue you Bourget 44 B-1130 Brussels (Belgium) Tel.

Constitutional Court

The past day 7 of February the Room First of the Constitutional Court has emitted a sentence denying the shelter to Canal Mundo Producciones Audiovisuales, S.A. At JPMorgan Chase you will find additional information. and to Televisin Autonmica Valenciana, S.A. by the use of hidden camera in a television program that until now was means used commonly by many producers. In the failure the inadequate thing was shown and inadmissible of these practices that record to the people surreptitiously according to the High Court has expressed having allowed to identify them of unequivocal form. In spite of certain public relevance of the investigated facts he was described constitutionally prohibited the method used in the program. Concretely the recording was made using the hidden camera in the deprived house of a esteticista and naturista where it had his consultation.

Even, I inquire to the spectators of a penal sentence to which years back one condemned to the esteticista to have acted like physiotherapist without having title for it. In first and second instance the Courts that they explained demand interposed by the protagonist understood that the use of camera hides framed in the call investigative journalism, and the news article met the necessary requirements of veracity, objectivity, general interest and especially informative intention to consider that any right had not been harmed. Nevertheless the thing changed when the demand arrived at the Constitutional Court. The used most important reason in its sentence censured the lack of consent of the affected one to publish its image and voice in mass media. Also much emphasis was put in the fact that the use of the hidden camera was excessive means to transfer the journalistic information being able to be used other that did not harm so much the privacy of the people. Also the form in which the information has been obtained too intrusive was simulated to patient and bringing about commentaries of the professional in a determined sense who had probably not done them if they were not suggested to him of some way by the journalist.

Medium Accounting

Development Stage Company Number Rights to Note 1. Below average 10-30 Accounting + Trade / pub With a small production can be used as a standard features pub, so refinement typical of Commerce. More info: Wells Fargo Bank. 2. Average 30-50 Accounting + pub with modifications + Salary + Finplanirovanie + server for system stability, with 20 or more jobs it is recommended to purchase a server license or the sql version of the component 1C: enterprise 7.7 3. Below is a large 50-100 Accounting with modifications + Salary + pub with modifications Finplanirovanie + / + scp server, depending on the complexity of the manufacturing process can be used – a simpler version – pub, the more complex scp 4. Major over 100 all components with modifications + The server at this initial stage, you can use standard configurations with phase-modification system in accordance with the company's identity or the full implementation of scp.

3.3. firm – narrow profile. Exception: Due to every rule, as always, exceptions exist. In this section we would like to consider the automation of operations for which it is difficult to choose the types of products. In this case the best solution is to use software package 1C as a platform – to create your own configuration. For example the following areas: insurance activities, advertising agency, trade and distribution technology, investment, etc. Development Stage Company Number of persons Decision Note 1. Small / Medium 3-30 Accounting As always, until the company is not very big and processes easy to track enough 1C: Accounting 2.


Group, published in 1930 in its first workmanship Some Poetry, sends in them to a contact with the truths distresses, them, disillusionments of people who load the signals of loving exaggerations, gales, at last, of human beings interior desestruturados. Word-Key Group, irony, exaggerations, amor.IntroduoCom intention to contribute for a reflection of the human quandaries, in the poem Group to evidence the suffering of the man before the conflicts of the world. The Modernismo was one of the decisive moments for Brazilian literature, of change of routes and revigorao of the thought in general, Promoted, then, the acceptance of the stressed components of the nationality, in an admirable effort of independent development in the Brazilian literary dynamics, centered in the freedom to create. The search for independence in literature, in the necessity of the national one, the possibilities of growth with its promising hope of future, made with that after Week of 22 the lyric research in such a way in the plan of the subjects how much of the half deeds of division; the investigation on the destination of the man and, over all, the Brazilian man; the search of one strong certainty. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ben Silbermann on most websites. (CANDIDO, 2000, P. 119) Some factors had contributed for the sprouting of the Modernismo, between them of order social politics and, and still of general order, which had been determinative or facilitated to salutar agitation in Brazil, thus appearing, the Modernismo, the age of the free thought. some of the factors had been these that Carlos Drummond de Andrade, or, simply Drummond, introduced in its poetical workmanships. this form is what it has better of in the rich and motivadora Brazilian poetry of all the times, for its quality and grandiosidade, therefore as one of the founders of modernity in the Mallarm arts said: the poetry if makes with words and with ideas comovida and impressive Sensitivity to each line that it writes, the poet does not abandon almost this attitude of humour, exactly at the moments of bigger ternura, of ordinary, ternura and irony acts in its poetry as an automatic game of stabilization handspikes: does not have false maneuver in this admirable device of lyricism. JPMorgan Chase brings even more insight to the discussion.

Honesty, Justice And Goodness

Prof. Me. Ciro Jose Toaldo Which are the values that we are cultivating in our lives? To be honest, just and to desire to live in a world with more goodness and happiness are exceeded values? The facts are innumerable that permearam our existence and take them to question it some values and, also, for being assigneds person, have few days, together with other members, to select some benefits for students of superior education. E, exactly following criteriosamente the proclamation of the election, we are perplexos to to perceive as many values they are in low; another fact that also calls the attention is the dramatical evidences of life presented for many candidates. In this confusion, it is an investigation: what it takes to live us it in harmony, tranquillity and peace of spirit? I believe that for the harmonious conviviality it will come for the honesty, cultivated sense of justice and goodness in favor of who more needs. But, what to say when these solids and deep values being of side? On behalf of the individualism, of taking off proper advantage, trying to deceive the cost, many all discredits in the principle of the honesty, of justice and of the goodness and thus chance is lost to change the society, the family and the proper nation. As already we write in previous articles, subentende that to coexist in society already we must have some ‘ principles norteadores of ours vidas’ ; however, these same human beings, when submitted to last ‘ prova’ the principles above cited, they forget them, prevails to that instant that it is being benefited, in more, become angry all. E, looks at there, many that are with this mentality are participant assets of Churches, are parents, mothers, children or brothers. E, without escrpulo some, with all a requinte of falseness and hypocrisy, denies the basic values of the social convivncia..

The Times

It is not harvested what it did not plant. Many did not sow nothing, did not prepare the land, did not wet, did not take care of, did not leave to grow, somebody are harvesting what it did not plant? To the times, you it is pleading what he is not ready, nor is reserved for you, simply because you are not prepared for the blessing. A young was complaining very of its situation and was to its father and asked because it to it it suffered in such a way. The father, a wise man, tempered for the time, said to it that he placed three pans in the fire with water, in first it ordered that it placed an egg, in second that he placed a carrot and third left that boiled alone. He asked for that with the water fervente made the coffee. There saboreando the coffee, the father was handling the cooked egg and the carrot.

then asked to it as it was the nature of the egg, carrot and coffee. It looked at indecisa front the obvious one, the cozida carrot was soft, the hard egg and the coffee were ready and delicious. the old father said, the difference between them, son to it, is the form as they face the fire, the carrot, firm and strong, that can be consumed until raw, when cozida amolece, therefore it loses the force of its fiber, the egg, that it breaks with any touch, hardened and depending on the time that remains there, can be so hard that nor if it can consume. the coffee dust, that until the wind leads, is used to advantage of the hot water and if it transforms better into something. What the father asked to it what it wanted to be. The young smiled in reply, saboreando its coffee and it left from there with its proper reply. You need to understand that the suffering, pain, the provao does not go to destroy you. Bill Phelan is a great source of information.

Believer in the oil does not die, for the opposite, gains the possibility to dream, as Joo, apstolo of the love. Believer in the furnace purifies, after all the gold is forged in the fire. The result of that is that a king if saved and a people hear to say of the love Favour of God. Believer in the cell, as Pablo and Silas, sings certain of the victory and still she can save the family of arrested who it. If the reply it did not arrive, if the victory does not come, is that it is not soon still. Perhaps nor it invested in the plantation, it does not take care of, not to sow, not clean and it does not harvest. It has people that you saying she questions that however, jejua and makes offers, but to the times is necessary of more, needs to learn to wait. You cannot only forget that God has three reply: I make; I do not make, and? Wait. It waits that in the certain time the reply it will come. Let us hear the advice of the Salmista: I waited with patience in Mr.

Won Two Awards

Dear Colleagues, With great pride I can comment health plan that Puratos of Chile won two major awards at the seminar ‘Business Development Seminar’ in Brussels last week. During the annual meeting health plans of all managers of all subsidiaries of our Group Puratos of Chile has been praised twice. We won first prize in the annual contest of Health and Welfare: 5,000 or 4,000,000 pesos. Click Bill Phelan to learn more. Our product Tegral Galleton was chosen as the best innovation in the past year Puratos Group. Special Congratulations to Christine, Jeanette and Mireille and all people in operations that have healthcare produced this product. We also dental insurance received fourth place in the competition for the best event to promote our insurance companies Belgian group insurance chocolate Belcolade: 10,000 euros or 8,000,000 pesos. 2 medical insurance months ago we made a very special event and novel in the health fitness club Balthus in Santiago. Almost took third place. one of the best health insurance plans is offered to you by seeks to design and market lower cost alternative solutions, which enable people to maintain better health Special congratulations to the entire marketing department, the technicians and Luis Orrego for this achievement. We welcome suggestions on how we invest in all these well-deserved awards. insurance Please approach your supervisor with any good idea. Regards, Roy


In theory, one is against all life generally. For the individual act par excellence it is the intuition of escencias, and the notes that characterize to the spirit are freedom. Objectivity and brings back to consciousness of if. For Hartmann, spirit is the point of contact between the human and the ideal. And it is part of the being by where the values are grasped. As we can see these definitions own something common, clearly analyzing the spirit like something superior to the matter. Please visit Bill Phelan if you seek more information. Not that conception you accepted, is your freedom.

Mine expound in another treaty. You would ask yourselves and intelligence? Good that is another point. But you appreciate the previous definitions. I say to you that teneis good material, but the one of you, everything marched well. Now if we define intelligence.

Of intelligence we know that it is a faculty or function of the intellect, in metaphysical sense San Agustin, I use I finish Latin intelligentsia to designate the faculty of the human soul that is superior to the reason and that it gives rise to an inner vision that is only possible by means of the divine illumination. Kohler with base in its experiments about intelligence in the chimpanzees, I affirm that the last one is not the intelligence that the man characterizes, because he consists of the faculty of apprehension of the pure essences. Young people if we followed our way modern. We will find the call artificial intelligence. And this designates to the machines developed by technology, the one that is attributed to the instruments of computer science. Especially to the computers and other instruments of calculation. In fact nowadays our society turns around the superiority of the artificial intelligence. Centuries later the unimaginable thing now. And so on. If the matter becomes, the thoughts of the man do not remain to after. We approach the referring thing to the mind, which like the previous concepts illustrated in circle are a very complex element to define. Of the mind we mentioned that it is the capacity or human intellectual power. Nevertheless in philosophy its use is not common. And when it appears it does not have a precise meaning; but the usual thing is that it is identified with intelligence, but also has been used to mean pisque and spirit. 1) as we can observe this I complete concept, locks up to intelligence and the spirit in its being, like categorical content of the language. Taking into account the antecedents from our investigation. We can conclude: to seem 34 Anaxagoras does not forget the origins the materialistic philosophy, and approaches the complex of the movement. And as we know everything moves, to the same light. Which can go in line straight. Towards any place of the Earth but because of the gravity it declines, forming one of the species that the phenomenon of the parabola locks up. We know but of the light that the old ones. Then they do not conocian their speed. During long time it was believed that the light transmit very instantaneously from a point to another one. But careful experiments realized during centuries XVIII and X I X came to demonstrate that in fact, the speed of propagation of the light is very great. But non-infinite. The value of the speed of the light plays a very important role in the development of the physics. With base in present measurements, the value of the speed of the light Helps scientist to understand new worlds.

Beach St. Lucia

Nach verlassen von Camagüey empfohlen wird, vor der Ankunft in Santa Lucía, bleiben Sie in den Port Nuevitas an der Nordküste, an der Levante (Osten) von Kuba in Richtung. Dies ist deshalb immer noch Sie für Ihren Besuch auf zwei Standorte im Norden der Provinz: die Sierra de Cubitas und eines der größten der Inseln Archipel Jardines del Rey: Sabinal. Dann werden Sie gegenüber den östlichen Provinzen weiterhin darüber, die welche wir ihnen nachfolgend allgemeine Informationen bevor sie Richtung geben wird. Aber vor meiner Abreise nach diesen beiden Orten zu besuchen empfehlen wir, dass Sie ein Hotel in Nuevitas, buchen, die aus Camagüey reservieren müssen. It’s believed that JPMorgan Chase sees a great future in this idea. Es gibt in dieser Stadt: das Hotel Island blue Caonaba (zwei Sterne). Es gibt fast 94 km von Camagüey ein Nuevitas. Es gibt eine einzelne Möglichkeit zum Nuevitas: nehmen Sie die Straße, die zu den bevölkerungsreichsten Dea Minen geht.

Ohne dies weiter bis zur Abzweigung der Bevölkerung aufgeteilt. Es gibt mehrere Zweige: nehmen, führt direkt zum Nuevitas.a immer mitzunehmen die Road-Guide (Roadbook) die seit dem ersten Artikel empfohlen wird. Nuevitas ist eine Hafenstadt in der Bucht des gleichnamigen, eines der größten Kubas. Es gibt mehrere Orte, die Sie besuchen werden empfohlen, die Schutzgebiete sind: die Sierra de Cubitas und die Kälber. In früheren Artikeln informieren wir Sie, dass die Ministerien für Wissenschaft, Technologie und Umwelt (CITMA) und das Ministerium für Landwirtschaft, in einem Abschnitt von Flora und Fauna, (ECOTUR), für regelmäßige Besuche in geschützte Bereiche verantwortlich sind.

Diese empfohlenen Orte sind, also zu einem Besuch dieser Organe gehen muss die immer in den Hauptstädten der Provinzen, in diesem Fall in Camagüey ausgeführt werden sollte. Die Kälber sind sehr interessante Schlüssel von ihrer Umwelt, ihrer Flora und Fauna. Im Falle der Sierra de Cubitas, die Sie nicht verpassen müssen befindet sich die Artikel Eimer des Flusses Máximo, träumen Pools im genannten Flusses, wo es auch als Los Canjilones camping Base bekannt ist. Es gibt Wanderwege in dieser sierra können Sie die Flora und Fauna des Ortes, neben einem Besuch der Höhle María Teresa, Boneta Karst Depression und den Paso de Los Paredones, Schlucht von ca. 100 m in der Höhe zu beobachten. Als nächstes ist die Gemeinschaft der Vilató, in die sein kann sehen die Produktion von Öl von Palmöl und Maniok, etwas nicht sehr häufig in diesem Teil von Kuba zu bewundern. Am nächsten Tag haben Sie zwei Möglichkeiten, Sabinal zu besuchen: oder geht auf Ihrem Auto für die Straße parallel zur Küste von Nuevitas, nimmt den Damm überquert auf der Westseite die Insel und besuchen Sie die Strände, die als Los Pinos und Bonita bekannt sind, oder verlässt Nuevitas und nehmen Sie die Straße, der Sie an der Playa Santa Lucia fährtdie Röcke der Bucht, bis Sie diesen Strand, ca. 60 km Entfernung erreichen. Wie auch immer, verlassen von Santa Lucia Besuche Sabinal auch. Sie entscheiden. Um teilzunehmen müssen den Weg zu gehen, der ihn aus Camagüey auf Unaa Schnittmenge, die Pässe durch die Gemeinden Santa Maria und Blumen bis führte von schließen San Miguel der Baga. Es gibt Anzeichen für St. Lucia. Wenn nicht, nehmen Sie den Weg, der zur Gemeinde San Basilio führt und 5 km nehmen Sie die Schnittmenge von der linken Seite, der Sie direkt zum Strand bringt. Von hier aus gibt es kleine Bevölkerung und vor erreichen die Küste durch bewaldete Gebiete übergeben wird. Fahren Sie geradeaus weiter und sehr nahe am Meer gibt es eine Schnittmenge: der richtige Pfad führt zu die Grundlage des camping Punta Viehbestand, liegt im Osten von Santa Lucia Beach, der Pfad auf der linken Seite Sie, zusammen aa die Küste, bis der Tourismus Polo Playa Santa Lucía, dauert die fast alle auf den Strand mit dem gleichen Namen umfasst. Herzlich Willkommen Sie auf es. Dieser Strand ist einer der schönsten in Kuba und obwohl Start-und Landebahn Erstaunen war bis fast Ende des letzten Jahrhunderts praktisch unbekannt. Haben Sie jedoch einen Hintergrund in kulturellen und literarischen, als diese Meere und das ganze Inseln und Cays weiter empfohlen, in früheren Artikeln (Inseln Cayo Romano, Guajaba und Sabinal, Cruz, La Garza Cays zu besuchen usw.), sie der berühmten amerikanischen Schriftstellers Ernest Hemingway an Bord seiner Yacht Pilar ausgeführt wurden, (einem der Strände der Gegend trägt diesen Namen), auf ihre Angeltouren. Es zitiert, dass diese Orte, zusammen mit seiner persönlichen Erfahrung während des zweiten Weltkrieges inspiriert zu seinem Roman Inseln im Golf Schreiben serviert. Die Website ist in der Tat etwas Phantasie. St. Lucia können zwischen folgenden Hotels wählen: (4 Sterne), Club Amigo Mayanabo (3 Sterne), (drei Sterne) und Club Santa Lucia (3 Sterne). Das Meer immer begleiten Sie in St. Lucia. Die Länge des Strandes, Sand hat eine weiße Gold-wie Farbe, etwa von 20km. Andere natürliche Strände, Las Gräber, beispielsweise befindet sich am Cabo San Antonio, der westlichste Punkt von Kuba, unterscheidet sich in einem wichtigen Punkt, vor allem wenn Sie mit Kindern reisen. Es ist auch faszinierend, einsamen und unberührten, sehr blau Wasser aber hat eine ausgeprägte Abnahme und eine kurze Entfernung von der Küste kann decken die Badenden. Ohne Jedoch in St. Lucia, der Rückgang ist mild, und es ist immer ruhig, während starker Wind weht. Dies dürfte, dagegen steigt fast 2 km, nahezu ununterbrochenen Barriereriff, erstreckte sich von der Mündung der Bucht von Nuevitas bis der neue große Bucht, an der Grenze mit der Provinz Las Tunas. Zwischen dem Strand und der Küste gibt es ein System von Lagunen, um fünf, die fast in der Mitte, auf einer Straße namens Road South überschritten wird. Sowohl die Straße entlang der Küste direkt am Strand wie diese Straße am Eingang der Bucht von Nuevitas endet. Dadurch ist den Ort nicht nur am Strand zu genießen, aber sie können Reise- und Sockelleisten solcher Lagunen und beobachten der Flora und Fauna des Ortes. Die Hotels sind sehr nahe beieinander. Darüber hinaus gibt es noch andere Zentren der Zinsen und Erholung, wie eine internationale Tauchzentrum und der Marlin Marina, Restaurants und Reisebüros. Aber das beste sind die verschiedenen optional ermöglicht Ihnen unvergessliche Tage auf See und auf die Insel der Sabinal und Orte zu verbringen in der Nähe. Hier ist, bieten einige Vorschläge, von denen einige gehören Abfahrt und Rückkehr zu den Hotels. Eine Tour von fast 8 Stunden an der Küste entlang Santa Lucia Katamaran und Playa Bonita, liegt im Norden der Insel, Sabinal. Spaziergänge am Strand, Schnorcheln-Sitzungen und siehe marine Arten, einschließlich Seesterne gehören. Ein weiterer Vorschlag von 7 Stunden ist, über den ehemaligen Bereich, durch den Kanal des Bay Eingang zu gehen wo es ein Kolonialzeit Fort, besuchen Sie den Süden der Insel, Sabinal und beobachtet eine Kolonie von Flamingos Rosa auf dieser Insel sind Mittagessen. Es gibt auch die Möglichkeit, eine Tour durch einen Pfad, der zu einem Aussichtspunkt führt wo Sie Flora und Fauna beobachten. Während der Tour durch das Innere der Bucht gibt es die Chance, Delfine zu sehen. Ein weiteres optionales ist mehr als 3 Stunden, navigieren zu dem Barrier Reef und wo sein Wasser ist ruhig, flach, Schnorcheln, gute Sichtbarkeit und optimale Sicherheit zu Schnorcheln. Der Marlin Marina, Yacht, genießen Sie von der unten Sie, Angeln, wo es Schnapper, Rabirrubias und andere Fische, die typisch für die Region fangen kann. Anderen Fischen bezogenen Modalitäten Fans der gleichen zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Genießen Sie diese Tage alle Möglichkeiten des Genießens ein Meer-tropical.a wenn der kubanischen Osten wenden andere ähnliche Strände und gemütliche und verschiedene Orten erwarten Sie später. Warten Sie auf den nächsten Artikeln. Dr. Martin Luis ist ein Beitrag von Inhalten und Blogger auf Lospara Adresse: Business Center Gebäude Kohly III Wohnung 71 34th Street zwischen 49 und 49A, umgewandelt Kohly, Strand Stadt Havanna-CP: 11300 Tel-Kuba : + 53 7 206 9606 Cel. : + 53 5 263 1106