Estate Investment

The Chiemsee Lake is a popular destination to play golf with its 9-hole course such as gut Ising. Giofkurs Chiemsee – sports recreation in unique scenery on gut Ising am Chiemsee, who don’t want to miss out on golf during his holiday at Chiemsee or simply want to try a new sport, has the opportunity to do. The manor houses a professional golf school for over 10 years, working with award-winning training methods and looks after its guests with highly qualified staff. Chiemsee golf in one of the most beautiful and scenic regions of in Germany. This is pure relaxation.

Opportunity for private or professional golf is also in Inzell and Ruhpolding on Lake Chiemsee. The Golf Club Ruhpolding offers since 2007 complete golf travel map. The plant has 9-hole. Chieming golf course is an 18 hole course and satisfies the most demanding athletes. You can book different golf courses to the handicap or improve your handicap.

For beginners, there is a wide range. Complete packages with hotel booking are often possible. Simply book your golf course with free golf membership during your holiday at Chiemsee. The courts are impressive and often characterized by mature trees and rolling hills. They make the golf game here so appealing. Depending on the offer you get on most places discount on green fees. There is the opportunity to participate in an open golf tournament in July. As well you can participate in proficiency courses and taster days, according to individual needs. Berchtesgaden also has a magnificent golf course. And like everywhere else, guests are welcome in the Chiemsee Golf Club. There is a handicap limit of HC 36 weekends. Hoslwang im Chiemgau and Chiemgau Golf Club are 18-hole courses, Riedering, and Prien 9-hole courses. The chiem Lake holds many beautiful golf courses not only on the German side, in nearby Salzburg alpine foothills has maintained facilities, which are all easy to reach. You need no more than a travel time of 30-40 minutes to their dream place to come. The Golf Club Salzburg and Danube have even more than 5 places. This region offers the passionate golfers a variety that is second to none.

Investors Fair

Heiko Thieme moderated investors fair 2008 in Frankfurt next Friday and Saturday (28 & 29 March 2008) the 2nd exhibition of investors in Frankfurt its doors open. 50 exhibiting companies, workshops and exciting lectures inform visitors about many interesting facts from the stock exchange and financial markets. Among the speakers also the well-known stock expert Heiko Thieme is for over 25 years, the stock market letter the viewpoint”is out and enjoys an exceptionally high degree of popularity in stock market circles. “” The stock exchange specialist living in New York will moderate the only investors fair in Frankfurt in March and among other things lectures on the topics of exaggerations in the commodity market? “and the dollar or the euro?” keep. For more information see this site: Wells Fargo Bank. A special emphasis in the presentations this year at the opportunities to invest in gold. So keeping an introduction to investing in gold for example, Walter ebot Edwin Castle by the cash Club Wien”, Steffen Orben speaks of the Deutsche Borse commodities GmbH via Xetra-gold, the simplest way to trade gold”.

The entrance to the investors fair, whose patronage has taken over the Frankfurt Mayor Petra Roth, is free for visitors after registration on the site. There is also detailed information about the exhibitors and informative programme on the website. The fair at the Messe Frankfurt Congress Center is open on both days from 10 am to 6 pm. Press contact: Value relations GmbH Kerstin Schickendanz project manager T: + 49 (0) 69-95 92 46-23 F: + 49 (0) 69-95 92 46-23 m: W:

An Investment In The Future

The photovoltaic system on the cowshed by dairy farmer of Walter Collas produces annually 240.278 kilowatt hours of electricity. Cologne, August 13, 2010. Times are hard for German dairy farmers: the drastic fall in milk prices has eluded many livelihoods. Farmers such as Walter Collas from Hallschlag in Rhineland-Palatinate let it however not get themselves and invest in a better future. So emphasized Collas in the construction of his new cow stalls not only on an animal welfare with enough running and deck area, but ran from the outset, the installation of a photovoltaic system.

As a farmer of the protection of the environment and a sustainable and climate-friendly energy supply is extremely important me”, says Walter Collas, which already operates several wind turbines on his land. Because only the next logical step was the decision for photovoltaics. In June, the plant, which annually power produces enough for 70 two-person households, now on the net went. Space for 400 cows with a surface area of 3.744 square meters and a height of first the new building on the farm of dairy farmer of Collas of the largest cowshed in Rhineland-Palatinate is twelve meters. 400 dairy cattle plus young animals find place here. To install a photovoltaic system, the static nature of the saddle roof was so calculated and planned that it can easily carry the additional load of the solar modules. South-facing with an angle of 23 degrees, the architects have created the ideal conditions for the installation of a photovoltaic system.

Money safe even in economically uncertain times, photovoltaic is a safe source of income. Because each kWh solar power fed into the public grid at a fixed amount is paid in accordance with the renewable energy sources Act (EEG) and that for 20 years. This also has a positive yields affects: depending on the inserted asset and facility size, property owners can generate up to ten percent. With a capacity of 260 kilowatts peak is the photovoltaic system of dairy farmer of Collas annually 240.278 kilowatt hours to produce electricity. For each fed a He receives a fee from 36,22 cents (mixed) kilowatt hour. Thereby, the farmer will benefit, that he could take his investment in the first half of the year 2010 in operation. Because the Federal Government is again significantly cut the feed-in tariff from July. Reliable partner in the implementation of the Photovoltaikprojekts dairy farmer of Collas of the Cologne-based company Ecostream to the side stand. The system provider that has more than 20 years experience, worked closely with the architects and couldn’t find on the site so an optimal, tailored solution. To achieve across consistently high earnings over the lifetime of the plant, Ecostream uses only leading modern techniques and components manufacturer. On request, the solar company takes over the complete project management from planning to the commissioning and maintenance of the system. There is more information about the Photovoltaiklosungen by Ecostream on the information portal or see.

Investments Company

Study of ardour consulting: every second company lacks clear procedures for the selection of IT investments rarely impact be determined Darmstadt of investment projects on other IT initiatives, 20.04.2011 – companies look at their IT investments often only on the limited case and let its potential impact on the other projects aside. As well informed, consistent procedures for the selection of IT projects, according to a study of ardour consulting can be found just once at every second user. Even rarer, it is checked whether planned IT-in their benefit have potentially negative effects on other projects. In the company a latent and should not be underestimated investment risk”, sums up ardour’s Managing Director Michael Maicher given these survey results among 166 medium-sized firms and corporations. I am puzzled that in many cases not even mandatory methods exist to make selection decisions for IT projects”, he wonders. Source: PayNet. Because such Procedures which, for example, according to clear criteria determines the expected benefits of investment used in full consequence only every sixth company. Another third at least partly uses such methods, all others are far from uniform, systematic practices.

This may significantly helps IT projects in practice so often fail, because the benefit is not clearly determine. Almost every second respondent managers comes to this critical self awareness. Only a close third to log indicates that an IT action ends prematurely due to insufficient benefit perspectives and the investments must be written off. Slightly better, it looks at the question whether projects often therefore can generate not the full benefit, because the change processes, for example, necessary organizational changes as a consequence of an IT investment are not responsible defined. Here 44 percent indicating that the rate of such projects with is limited results below 10 percent. In every fifth case a third of IT measures are affected however. The situation in every tenth company where typically more than a third of the projects suffer, that the responsibilities for necessary changes are not resolved is still unfavorable.

Uncertain Investments

The Ibex-35 starts the week with the dimension of the 9000 points as first objective but with the uncertainty and fear of a new correction. IT IS A GOOD TIME TO INVEST IN STOCK MARKET? The current situation of the financial markets requires to perform an exercise of reflection par savers and investors. Many analysts already recommended increase positions in equities and buy close to its value of support actions. They argue that cycles in bag are not eternal and, in the same way that the upward trend and the sobrevaloraciones was reversed by a bearish situation and with a clear negative trend now suffering from investors; the cycle sooner or later will be corrected. Perhaps your argument is logical and empirical because we can corroborate it by our experience and data that we have.

We can say that the stock market cycle sooner or later revert. The eternal question however has a difficult to answer: when change cycle? Other experts and analysts believe however that although the stock indexes traded below their theoretical supports, the current scene with a financial crisis that has become an economic crisis not invited investment in stock exchange, investment funds and income variable in general. They predict that the coming 2009 will be a year with an economic downturn in major developed countries and international trade will be seriously affected. In such case the main companies and multinationals will massively begin to register negative results and your listing will be affected by these expectations. Against this background there is no brackets that are worth. A POINT OF INFLEXI?N for the investors currently with the crisis in the real estate sector, uncertainty in the financial markets and the global crisis affecting many extracts of our economy; the task of the investment advisor seems arduous and complicated. Invest in a sector or emerging business is another alternative available savers or investors although its aversion to risk has to be notable. Public debt, fixed, deposits, preferred income or subordinated debt does not offer profitability or to cover inflation.

Traditionally has invested large sums of capital to obtain high returns in short time in real estate, stocks or mutual funds. Then appeared the raw materials or emerging sectors. As a result there will be a flight of capital to the few expectations of these traditional formulas. We hope that the improvement of productivity, added value and investments that are intended to improve our quality of life are the options that investors choose.