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Third, high probability of “poisoning” of ion exchangers in organic compounds, dissolved in water and, consequently, reducing the effectiveness of the installation. In addition, the non-polar organic compounds are practically not retained on columns. As a result, they fall into the boilers and pipes, causing corrosion of equipment. In this regard, looks more promising application of the membrane and combined technologies such as reverse osmosis. Although that this method is quite expensive at the stage of initial investments, it is shown that at high oxidation of source water or salt content above 300 mg / L of reverse osmosis plant operation becomes more cost-effective than ion exchange (data VTI). Absolute advantage of reverse osmosis can be considered the possibility of full comprehensive cleaning of all types of pollution, no need for regeneration resins and as a consequence, the absence of large quantities of hazardous waste, compactness and ease of maintenance. In general, membrane filtration – the process of separating substances on a semipermeable membrane.

Their special feature is the ability to skip the solvent molecules, delaying the solute molecules. Currently, for manufacturing such membranes using a variety of modern materials, for example – and difluoride polivinildiena polysulfone. The most widely used in industry uses reverse osmosis as a driving force external (by the pump pressure). Different end goals are selected different options for layout of membranes and pumps, and on the reliability and efficiency of the latter depends on the functioning of the entire system. Generally, the membrane filtration units typically have multiple kinds of pumps. This increase (to increase pressure on logon).

They are designed to maintain constant pressure (0,5-6 Bar) in line prefiltration. To create a back pressure in the membrane used blower assemblies, and for water distribution to consumers apply switchgear. Selection of pumps is complex and is determined by other equipment that is used for immediate treatment, for example – the type of reverse osmosis membranes, which are selected determined by the composition of source water. In this regard, today the most widely ready (block) reverse osmosis modules. For example, such modules based on the materials and equipment of the leading manufacturers produce a Russian company and lenro ekodar. As a rule, special attention in the selection of pumps on the quality and material performance, as characteristic of the pumping equipment for membrane technologies treatment is the need to create large pressures to maintain flow through the membrane. High demands are made and corrosion-proof pumps, especially for handling concentrate. For these reasons, selection of pumping equipment is recommended to give preference to stainless steel (chromium content of at least 12%) or titanium. In addition to corrosion resistance, these materials, due to the oxide film on the surface of parts successfully withstand very high flow velocities, without undergoing erosion. It must be noted that in this case is very important and the quality (reduction of roughness) surface. These requirements are met, for example, multistage centrifugal pumps grundfos series crn, which are collected in Russia. Note that if the scheme provided for flushing the membrane with special acidic solutions, the application of pumps of the modern composite materials. Today we can confidently assert that the use of modern technologies and equipment, in particular – pumps, factories, of course, leads to the optimization of production and reduce costs and, hence, lowering the cost of energy produced. Moreover, the application of this technique reduces the environmental burden on the environment, that under current conditions is also important.

Illusion Softworks

By the end of 2002 without loud slogans and advertisements published a new game, yes, yes and have a game with a rather big letters with the name of the Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. The project success is simple and genius Mafia, like all elementary: for instance, can take the plot, then add an elegant illustration, mix it with all the action and racing to the car, and on top to flavor a delicious serving of cinematic and perfectly choreographed videos: and, behold, the masterpiece is ready! While not looking at the triumph of the game, makers have been slow to continuing and ending the game Mafia that the second part of this magnificent igryne become. Although everything flows and everything changes, and looking as fans begged with tears in his eyes on the continuation of the cult game, seeing as investors pass on the game many times and did not stop, did not learn the hearts of the children of Illusion Softworks. Passion for spyware first information about Mafia 2 has appeared in the distant 2004, although rumors continue to the whole thing and did not go, and the creators remained silent. And then at the end of summer 2007, everything seemed to have already started to forget about the Mafia, broke out suddenly thunder. Looking through the project's on at the Games Convention in Leipzig, the German city workers from usk presented on preparing the release of the video to Mafia Game 2, and the fact that after the roller is given rating of 16 +. The creators of 2K Games have figure out that the surprise has not turned and quickly made the announcement of this game Mafia 2.

Family Mafia this new game will carry us to the end of the 40's and early 50-ies of the last century. Time after War marked the 2 nd dawn Mafia in the United States. At this difficult time, our hero Vito and will fight for a good place in the family of the Mafia. As in the last part of the game, we can expect a fairly steep and twisted story, about which creators retain absolute silence, and we do not really know anything, nor who will be the main hero or what goals it pursues. Helpers in the difficult tasks we will be proven to be reliable, meanwhile Colt 1911 TommiGun and 1928, but another weapon, which was still on the armed professional groups that old time. Place of impact the game will move from City of Lost Heaven in a brand new metropolis, the architecture reminiscent of Chicago, although the fact he will be called Empire City. Car mafia End dashing 40's and early 50-ies in the United States – is the golden age of automotive, there are fresh concepts and fresh classes of vehicles. The game Mafia 2, we see a large number of vehicles on available to Ford prior to appearing masklkarov of the first generation. Not forgotten and buses with large trucks, and even social vehicles. In much of the best habits a part can take a ride on the tram, or you can ride the subway.

EID In The Cloud

Deployment of trusted identities for the cloud computing in the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) had called in September 2010 for submission of project proposals for innovative, secure and legally compliant cloud-computing services. The large number of 116 entries surpassed the expectations of the Ministry; the proposed projects were evaluated in a multi-stage process with regard to innovation, feasibility, market and potential applications, and last but not least, the competence of the Consortium. SkIDentity is among the winners of the trusted cloud “-competition awarded 2011 during CeBIT. The SkIDentity project will build a bridge between secure electronic identity in the form of smart cards or the new identity card (eID) and the booming market of cloud-computing infrastructures. It aims to provide trusted identities for the cloud and thus better secure all kinds of business processes for consumers and businesses. For this are already existing as well as new components, services and trust infrastructure for a comprehensive, legally compliant, economically viable and highly secure identity infrastructure for the cloud integrated and tested in wide effective pilot projects. The Fraunhofer IAO analyzed in SkIDentity market needs and developed possible business models for identity intermediaries, in particular taking into account the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as authorities. For example, the SkIDentity infrastructure includes a Swiss broker, which bundles the eID services necessary for access to the secure cards and provides it in a form that is suitable even for very small businesses and local authorities as a cloud service.

The SkIDentity team consists of experts of easy login GmbH, ENX Association, the Fraunhofer institutes ILO and IGD, the OpenLimit SignCubes Gmbhr, Ruhr University Bochum, the University of Passau, as well as the Urospace GbR and GmbH ecsec of the Swiss specialists will be coordinated. In addition, it will Project by relevant governing bodies such as the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media e.V. (BITKOM), the EuroCloud Deutschland_eco e.V., ProSTEP iViP e.V., TeleTrusT Germany e.V. and the DATEV eG supported. More information on oath in the cloud: iuk/729.html have questions around the topic of cloud computing? The Fraunhofer expert Jurgen Falkner responds: Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO