Constitutional Court

These bodies and persons responsible for the actions, violate individual rights and freedoms (Article 59). Thus, from system analysis articles of the cpc and the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, follows the conclusion that the assumption of a close relative to the protection – it is the duty of the professional body prosecution. Check with Wells Fargo Bank to learn more. A close relative should be allowed to protect and the suspect and the accused at any stage of professional proceedings. Or ruling of the court to refuse defendant in the petition for admission as counsel, along with the lawyer of one of the relatives of the accused or another person may be justified, motivated only because of the presence under the professional procedure law, the circumstances excluding the participation of defense counsel in professional proceedings. Unfounded (random) failure of the accused in the petition for admission as an advocate, along with a lawyer close relative or other person shall considered a violation of the defendant's right to protection, because participate in professional proceedings as a defense attorney, along with a close relative of the accused or another person at the request of the accused not prohibited by law, and specifically provided in the Code of Professional Procedure of Belarus as a defense against the charges and to arbitrarily deprive a defendant opportunity to exercise this right is unacceptable. None However, citizens are not allowed and cause them to 'haunting' and seek legal assistance from international organizations (in accordance with the Constitution, everyone is entitled in accordance with international instruments ratified by Republic of Belarus, appeal to international organizations to protect their rights and freedoms, if exhausted all available domestic remedies (st.61)).

While all can be solved by law and without outside interference, and in the common interest of citizens, justice of the state. Unlawful decisions of the prosecution deny citizens their constitutional right to provide legal assistance to close relatives in during the preliminary investigation, judicial investigation of cassation and supervision complaints. And of course, the people it causes the most serious distrust and to the judges and their decisions, and to the entire system of justice I would like to hear about this case representatives of the Constitutional Court, the National Assembly, the General Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of Justice, the independent experts, advocates and concerned citizens. Michael Vitebsk 08.03 .2010 r


A few days ago decided to repair the ceiling at his home and questioned paint or whitewash? I wondered this question because a suspended ceiling, I never edit it and I like not an expert in this field too long need to install it there (!) tension is expensive and time-consuming. Obmozgoval even a little bit and stopped before selecting whitewash the ceiling. Yes indeed in these difficult times, this method is applied is very common. He did not requires a lot of cash investments and spend a lot of time to repair. Pinterest understands that this is vital information. Whitewashed ceiling looks quite neat and in an apartment svetlo.Pochital information, and that’s what I read: Preparations before whitewashing the ceiling or painting: Ceiling blanch and dye only after careful preparation. She performed in several working steps. Ceiling to clean up, putty and prime! After all this work done you can start to whitewash or paint your ceiling.

Requires painting a ceiling: For use lime whitewash the ceiling, and painting, you can use acrylic or latex paint. Whitewash the ceiling, better stages, caused a single layer, it is necessary wait about 24 hours, what would it dry, then you can apply the next layer. Painting a ceiling can be carried out in two steps, but you can into one. All depending on the requirements for the surface. When painting produce a single layer, it is necessary to paint in one direction, and when the two stages, the first may be applied to a thickness of 2 mm, and with the latter inflicted a layer to bring the work to the final. When painting the ceiling in two steps, the quality of Work is getting better. Once the ceiling whitewashed or painted, it can be easily apply a decorative pattern.

Not a very difficult job and agree costs are not as significant as in the other finishing the ceiling. More information about the whitewash and paint the ceiling can be found on the site.

The Main

Revenues from sales will increase by about 25%. Revenues will increase by about 19%. Will continue to increase in the import and export trade. Import price rise by about 18%, and export value will increase by approximately 25%. PayNet contains valuable tech resources. A further increase in consumption in both urban and rural areas, will stimulate the growth of market demand for chemical products. It is expected that investment in basic assets in the petroleum and chemical industry will grow by about 20%. No major changes in the ratio of total demand and total supply in the petroleum and chemical industries. Production of crude oil, organic chemical raw materials and the three major types of synthetic material (PE, PVC and PP) are unable to meet market needs, and is required for this import.

The share of imported crude oil in 2008 will have about 47% total consumption. Will be imported approximately 20% of organic chemical raw materials. The share of imports needed for the three major types of synthetic materials will be more than 30%. Be over- inorganic salts, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, caustic soda, soda ash, coatings, dyes and rubber products; here have to rely on exports. The main focus in 2008 must focus on the following three aspects: (1) closely monitor economic developments and ensuring rapid and sustainable development of enterprises. Based on the situation with the supply / demand in the domestic market, we can expect that the output of major products in 2008 was 189 million tons of crude oil, 76.0 billion m3 of natural gas, 60.0 million tons for chemical fertilizers and 11.5 million tons for ethylene.

European Metal

When buying a metal door at first note of the manufacturer of this product. Quality European doors of metal, perhaps unparalleled degree of reliability, but also products domestic production is known for its excellent performance, also has several additional advantages. Having made the decision to purchase the doors of European production, specify how the parameters of your door correspond with the size of the European standards. If they match, feel free to purchase imported door. If the same size as the door does not conform to European standards is better to buy the door from a local manufacturer, producing high-quality doors for standard doorways.

The sheer quality of the doors, made of metal, their design will depend on the particular profile used in the manufacture of box door. Also door design will depend on how the door leaf is attached to the box with hinges. The overall level of security doors will depend on the thickness of sheet metal that make up the surface of the leaf. Frequently Pinterest has said that publicly. Are reinforced metal double doors with a thick sheet of 2 to 3 millimeters. It is believed that the door leaf which reinforced double-leaf, have a special degree of reliability and safety. The quantity and quality locks also affects the overall level of security doors. On the door standard, experts prefer to install at least two locks. It is desirable that these locks were of different types: a lever, the other cylinder.

As a rule, lever lock used for locking the door for a long time. Cylinder lock is used to briefly hold the door in the closed position, for example, on a hike to the store. Significant amount of time choosing metal doors should be paid to their ability to insulate the space from the noise. This effect of isolation is achieved through room inside the door of a special material, the filler, which serves as a substance that absorbs sound. The ability to absorb door extraneous noise can enhance the special seals along the entire perimeter of the side doors of the space. Mounted on the door, a sealer will protect your hallway or foyer, not only from harassing, loud sounds, but also from unpleasant odors. Properties of metal doors save heat in the room is also very important. They are achieved through the installation of sealant and filler, which were discussed above. If the security and insulation properties of metal doors set aside sufficient consideration could be given the time and the choice of type of finishing of doors, as well as their accessories. Method of finishing metal door will depend, in many cases, the class of metal doors. Inexpensive, but at the same time functional and stylish look finish class economy is a surface treatment of fabrics such doors with vinyl artificial leather. Finish the same surface of the door with spray paint also features a reasonable price. In addition, she has excellent vandal-proof features, looks great and requires careful maintenance. Door trim with laminate, lining, mdf, solid wood or wrought iron front door with big demand investment. During the selection of doors, made of steel, do not be afraid to directly ask the seller about whether the company engaged in the installation of doors sold. If the answer to your question is yes, boldly purchase your favorite input access door.

Vadim Zeland

So we should pay more attention to his soul. She knows what the right path for you. If the theory is you have peace of mind, a sense of lightness, harmony and joy – this book is for you. If discomfort – run from it. *** Anyway, the world is very diverse in its manifestations in the lives of people around us. All this diversity has once again brings me to one simple, but very important insight. In fact the whole spirituality is reduced to this.

Life – a mirror which reflects our attitude towards it with a delay. In one of his dispatches Vadim Zeland answering questions from his readers and he said amazing thing, the meaning of which is the following. No one can give a template for success, wealth and everything else. It is impossible. If you want to achieve something – ask how at peace, which is a mirror. He will answer.

It is important to understand the depths of my soul, that you – this way, and the world around, and external circumstances – a reflection of your image. A situation where you are today, was created in the way that you've given the world. Your attitudes, beliefs and thoughts. When we have something much want to, do not bother to question "How do I do?". This is too serious a puzzle for the mind, the answer to which he is unlikely to find. All that is required of us – it is give a clear image. Want to have one million dollars – create the appropriate image. Feel like a man who has a million, behave as he did. Implanted in this role play. For the world and only those involved. That reflects the image that you are giving him. The world itself will understand how to give you the desired. He it is enough to power and wealth. For him, a million – is a grain of sand in the sandbox. You may overcome a strong desire to sing baritone in the street, where passing by the producer will disclose your talent. Maybe you catch up with a grand inspiration that will turn into a masterpiece and is easily painted. Maybe you'll find a million case. This is not your care. Image – that's what you need. We're just too accustomed to grabbing a reflection of the throat and try to change it. Fight with the investigation, rather than the cause. Do not know how to get things done? Ask the world, which is a mirror. He will answer you. But you already know the answer themselves. PS Friends, I will be very pleased if full or partial copy, you will not forget to specify the authorship and a link to the source.

USD Rubles

FINAM is still the largest investment company. I switched to them from another broker, because they had a small commission on that date, which is about 0.03% of turnover, cost shoulder and bad news feeds. And all it was OK! I would cut loot for themselves and not bring a bad profit FINAM. Life was good, the market began to recover after the crisis the fall, my income has grown steadily and there were no signs woes! But now fate has written next trick in the form of an order by Finam 002 from 19.02.2009! It said that from 24.02.2009 the amount of commission the Broker for execution (partial response) of one of the Client's order is not less than 35 rubles without VAT. Nissan has many thoughts on the issue. Kick! As a sickle on Faberge! This is what you get? I do not buy more for their position is valid share of Sberbank, if it cost 15 rubles. And pay commission 35 rubles. Sells for 16 rubles, pay another 35 USD. ! Finam, are you crazy? Obdiralovo what is! Profits and so do not just give, and here also a zapadlyanka! And because of radishes, so that no advance warning! When the income tax at the end of last year was taken, so the entire mailbox spammed, so I have an account there is enough funds for the transfer tax, but here in your site, somewhere in the lower right corner (FIG immediately and you will see) have placed an order and everything! I chuhnulsya only if after the next trading day my merchant account instead of increase noticeably thinner.