August Street

Typical route of the tourist who starts to move itself for Lisbon. Its beginning is in the Square of the Restoratives, walking for the South. Of the right side of the street the modernista faade of the railroad station of the Rossio can be seen, where it leaves some trains until Sintra. Next to the station est the Square of the Rossio, where the zone of the Decrease starts. From then on, the recommendation is to take a walk for the August Street until the Square of the Commerce and to observe the Elevator of Justa Saint (if somebody to want to go up, inside does not buy the ticket of the elevator, buys calls BUC of two trips in guiches that they are in the behind part. The same advice valley for the electric one). After arriving until the Square of the Commerce, to see the sight of the river and the square, he can yourself be come back for the covered way already until arriving in the street where he passes electric the 28 and that he cuts the August Street perpendicularly.

Two options exist: or to go up of electric until the Castle of They are Jorge does not arrive until the door of the Castle, will be necessary to go up 100 meters more and later going down walking to see the Cathedral. Or to go up walking, to stop in the Cathedral and to follow later for the Castle. In the reality, the way is not long and she is not necessary to go of electric, but he is so typical of the zone that always sends regards a stroll. The Castle of Is Jorge has some of the best ones seen of Lisbon and is in an environment very tranquilo. Therefore, the ideal is to pass a time in the city. The route is not long and sends regards to combine it with a stroll for Alfama, a beer in the terrace of the bar Chapit or, more good still, remaking all the way (or passing for the Decrease in the elctrico 28 and giving a stroll for the Chiado) the main hotels in Lisbon offer to special information and tour for tourist. Web of the main chains consults the pages hoteleras to live a inesquecvel experience in the Portuguese capital.

Writing A Press Release For Your Internet Business

It is important to promote your business online with a press release because of the media across the Internet. The following is a list of some common tips for writing a press release: your press release should sound like news, not advertising should send your press release only to the media concerning the subject of your press release keep the size of your press release one page your header, contact information and release date should be in the top of your press release uses short sentences and double space between sentences your header and some of the first sentences should capture the reader’s attention should tell a story and briefly mention your business, product or service in the body of the newsletter please proofread your press release several times.

Look for grammar and spelling errors. Another reason entrepreneurs ignore promote your business online with newsletters press is because they do not know the value of news. Here are 16 ideas for news releases online business: new products or services you are offering on your website the results of a survey or online consultation has finished a virtual trade show or seminar you are hosting a class in a chat site for free you are teaching your opening of a new website online award your business or website has won a free newsletter by e-mail that you are releasing new products or services online you’re giving away a business association online or club you are starting a famous person who is ensuring your business an important joint venture with another business you’re doing a new book or e-book you wrote an expert or celebrity who is speaking in your chat room an event to raise funds you’re doing on your website a new event or contest you have on your site major sponsorships you’re doing online you can receive other tips and ideas for write press releases read other press releases, publications on how to do, talking to experts and visiting the websites of other media.

Luis Mauro

Thus, with the evolution of the forms of being, these products go being more attractive to the eyes of the population, more ‘ ‘ well vestidos’ ‘ as the critics say, and earn other values. ‘ ‘ Therefore, to the first sight, the merchandise seems a trivial, evident thing. Analyzing it, one sees that it is a thing very complicated, full of Metaphysical subtility and theological mornings. As value of use, it does not have nothing mysterious in it. But as soon as it appears as merchandise, it if it transforms into a physically Metaphysical thing. The mstico character of the merchandise does not come, therefore, of its value of use (MARX, 1985, P. 70) ‘ ‘.

final 4.Consideraes: Knowing that through these studies, it is treated, basically of practical cultural. We show in this article as if of a evolution and the sprouting of new evangelizadoras strategies in our way. As these categories are gifts in day-by-day, and if they insert in the media in form of generating institutions of symbols, felt and products that they stimulate to the mentally ill consumerism. We perceive through this, the great difference of the Religious one of before with the one today, that it invests more in the image, uses strategies of sonorous and audiovisual communication in objective and pragmatic way. These practical that they involve marketing and production, therefore, take fidiciary offices to the consumption of the word Christian through Compact disc? s, Dvd? s, books, related programs of TV, sites and etc. and thus the famous reencantamento is spread out, where the leaders do not need to more cry out so that its sermes reach the faithful, but yes to use the media and to spread out its message. With the analysis of the layers of the Compact disc? s of the groups Reluz Life (catholic) and Ahead of the Throne (evanglico), we notice this evolution more clearly, this modernization that if inserts many times without let us perceive through products that circulate ours day-by-day. bibliographical 5.Referncias: MARTINO, Luis Mauro S.

Media and symbolic power: an assay on communication and religious field. So Paulo: Paulus, 2003. CERQUEIRA, Antonio Ailton Blacksmith. The representation of the Death in the layers of the Weekly Magazines Sees and That is. Teresina, 2003. MARX, Karl. The capital: critical of the economy politics. Vol. 1, 2. ed. So Paulo: New Cultural, 1985. PEAR TREE, Camila; LINHARES, Juliana. The news shepherds. Magazine Sees. Ed. 1,964, year 39, n 27. So Paulo: WEBER, M. Economy and society. Brasilia: Ed. University of Brasilia, 1991. The protestant ethics and the spirit of the capitalism. 11 ed.

Cascavel Professors

(BLONDIN, 2011) 3 PERMITTED PROFESSORS AND the TECHNOLOGY Some cares, mainly, with use of the Internet as pedagogical tool must be observed so that it does not have change in the abilities of know-making, favoring the access to the information that can be ' ' copied and coladas' ' without any selection or daily pay-reading of the texts. This practical reveals each more common time, a time that the pages of relationship and too much technologies are generating of content and does not have as to control the autorias of all. Therefore, the new technologies used in the education demand that the professors are capable to know them, to understand them and to use them in benefit of the learning of the pupil. However, what note is a favorable reaction of many professors to these technological innovations. They prefer to usufruct of the traditional methods for not knowing to deal with these new resources. ' ' … the man is irremediably imprisoned to the technological tools in a relation dialectic between the adhesion and the critical one to novo' '.

(PAIVA, 2008. p.1). To verify effectively as if they hold the professors of superior education in what he refers to the relation with the new technologies is that a research on the subject was carried through in the Union Pan-American of Education? Unipan in Cascavel/PR. The objective was to identify the reasons of the use (or not) of the new tools of technological communication in the formation of permitted professors. The research also was considered to investigate the reasons that make the professors to use these tools and to verify if they stimulate and they teach the pupils on its use. The sample is delimited for professors of the courses of licenciatura of the Unipan, independent of its formation. The questionnaire, with 12 closed questions, was mounted using a technological resource? Google Docs? in the intention, also, to quantify the adhesion through this tool and applied during days 04 the 12 of December of 2010.