Foreign Ministers

And to give you an idea of the importance of the block, I tell them that it covers 388 million people with a global GDP of U.S. $ 1.9 billion (ie about 3.5% of world GDP). How do you shape the UNASUR? The first thing to say is that it is at deliberative bodies, a Council of Heads of State and Government, a Council of Foreign Ministers and a Council of Delegates. You also have a , based in Quito, and providing for the establishment of a South American parliament, to be located in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba. One of the most enthusiastic about the new bloc, Lula said inter alia that “we must move quickly with innovative projects and powerful in priority areas such as financial and energy integration, improving regional infrastructure and the establishment of a social cooperation agenda. ” As always, Lula has ambitious ideas in mind where, of course, Brazil takes the lead in initiatives. The truth is that the whole issue of UNASUR has taken by surprise more than one at a time just was not imaginable where the formation of such blocks that succeeded in bringing together some countries. That is why this block, while generating high expectations and at the same time produces a number of questions. The most immediate is the following: What prospects have strengthened this block and produce benefits for the region? In connection therewith, the first thing to consider is that the block comes in a context where several Latin American countries have been able to consolidate macroeconomic and institutional strength, achieving international recognition has awarded many of the same with the much sought investment grade.

International Transparency

We see after the event where twelve children had been slaughtered, and five still run life risk, the spectacle of the televising opportunists if to perform with care for showing in details as are possible to recharge in seconds one to dig? what I with sixty and nine years? I never dreamed to exist and now I not only know as all the ones that they intend to also appear in the media know soon it and, then; they go to appear more cases, because ' ' conscincia' ' of the television it is come back only and so only in appearing and fomenting violence, because this, as if it believes and if it divulges, of the Ibope. Today, the periodicals and the authorities, search the solution easy, to blame the foot-of-slipper, that venderam the weapons to the individual that transloucado, practised the barbarity, but nobody wants to know to think about in general changing the profile of education of the people, knows why, because this requires courage, investment, unfastening; let us agree is simpler to find a culprit in the way it people and of the one of it surrounds loureno, until the case is substituted by another one, plus another one, plus another one. ' ' We are the seventh economic power of the world? but 88 in educao' ' , according to UNESCO. This not cause no indignation, because they cause other things that are forgotten quickly, people without education is people without memory. ' ' We are the seventh economy of mundo' ' but in accordance with the International Transparency we are 69 place in the order of the countries with ethics in the politics because of the corruption. What this has to see with the murder in mass of innocent children? Simple, it lacks truth in the tears spilled for the consisting authorities. I want to finish transcribing the letter sent to the periodical the Globe in 09 April 2011 for Mr. Orlando Axe Nephew? therefore it says in few lines everything that must be said the respect: ' ' The slaughter of Royal relights the movement for the disarmament of the civil society, that it did not result in the reduction of the crimes for firearms, as they disclose the statisticians. While not politics will have one national of security publishes, on the basis of education collective and that it brings confidence of that really the government acts in the roots and rama of the inaqualities, where the State has covered the ability with capacity action of to be able them to all, mainly, of its judges, we will continue bought handkerchiefs to dry the tears for the precocious loss of lives. A nation without magistrates is a body without alma.' ' (grifo is mine) Apolinario de Araujo Albuquerque River, 10 March 2011.