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Description of green tea green, black and Oolong tea are won all of the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Originally built in East Asia, this plant reaches a size of a shrub or tree even. Today, Camellia sinensis grows in Asia and parts of the Middle East and Africa. People in Asian countries consume more green tea and Oolong tea, while popular black tea in the United States is. Green tea is made from the non-fermented leaves and the leaves of oolong tea are partially fermented black tea is fully fermented.

The more ferment the leaves, the polyphenol content is lower and the higher the caffeine content. Green tea has the highest content of polyphenols, while black tea around the 2-3 times more caffeine than green tea. What does green tea? Researchers believe the health-giving properties of green tea are mostly polyphenols, due to substances with strong antioxidant properties. In fact, the antioxidant activity of polyphenols seems to be greater than vitamin C. The polyphenols of green tea is seen as slightly bitter taste. Polyphenols are classified as catechins in tea.

Green tea contains six primary Catechin compounds: gallaogatechin Catechin, Epicatechin, Epicatechin, Epigallocatechin and apigallocatechin gallate (a.k.a. EGCG). on the topic. EGCG is the most investigated polyphenol Component in green tea and the most active. Green tea contains also alkaloids including caffeine, Theobromine and theophylline. Ensure that the stimulative effect in the green tea. L-Theanine, an amino acid that is found in green tea, is responsible for its soothing effect on the nervous system. Taking recommendation children was green tea in children studied, and is not recommended for use in children. Adults 2-3 cups of green tea per day (a total of about 240 to 320 mg in polyphenols) per day is recommended. Caffeine-free products are available. Precautions the use of herbs is a time-honored approach to strengthen the body and treating diseases. However, herbs contain drugs, the side effects in the game along with other herbs or medications can trigger. For these reasons people should take the herbs, this do under the supervision of a doctor who knows the field of herbal medicine. People with heart problems or high blood pressure, No green tea should consume kidney problems, liver problems, stomach ulcers and mental disorders, in particular anxiety. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid green tea. People with anemia, diabetes, glaucoma or osteoporosis should ask their doctor before the consumption of green tea. It can cause people who consume large amounts of caffeine, including caffeine from green tea for a long time, irritability, insomnia, heart palpitations and dizziness. Caffeine overdose can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache and loss of appetite. If you drink lots of tea and begin to vomit or have abdominal cramps, it can be a caffeine poisoning. If your symptoms are severe, reduce your caffeine intake and consult your doctor. N. Mahmud mugs & cups tea shop


urgent. The needs Brooks no delay, if for example the parents both work, and an otherwise caring for the child cannot be ensured. The amount of costs for unused spare place in the initiative of the parents may be finally not inappropriate. It should be noted that scale can be not the parent contribution for a nursery place, but the high cost of subsidies for a such place in looking at investments for the equipment as well as personnel costs. About the so-called reservation of additional costs is the adequacy anyway, that isn’t about taking a special desire of the non-custodial, but the refusal of the fulfilment of the legal claim is averted with their consequences. According to the legal situation the legal right to a kindergarten place entitled to first child, as from the wording in section 24 para 1 SGB VIII and article 5 Paragraph 1 gives KitG Rhineland-Palatinate (“children are entitled to education, training and support in the kindergarten of the second years of age until the entry of the school”). Entitled as well as custodial parents according to the legal concept but of the Court’s opinion.

For promoting at the same time legally intended parents speaks of promoting purpose coming to the expression in various legal provisions. Although the “education and training” in the sense of 5 para 1 sentence 1 applies the children themselves KitG. The purpose of “service” favors the custodial, who are relieved in part in so far but at the same time. Indeed also section 24 (4) speaks of having the public youth organisations to inform parents who “want to use benefits among other things according to 24 para 1”, and to advise SGB VIII. Finally, the legislator has the goals and objectives of youth welfare planning, is responsible for ensuring that the case in question offer, SGB VIII then determined No. 4 in section 80, paragraph 2, that “Facilities and services” should be designed, that particular “mothers and fathers family and work tasks better can reconcile”. It is expressed that it would be unnatural in the face of today’s living conditions and the demographic development, to assume the legal right to a kindergarten place serve not least, the professional development of the parents and the reconciliation of professional activity the exercise of parental responsibility in the family. Parents whose place of residence municipalities cannot solve the legal right to a kindergarten place from 1 August this year should be therefore examine how some substantial claims for damages are entitled to.

A Munich firm prepared currently together with the Kita-in the respective municipalities pattern suits. Concerned parents should contact with the Kita-Verein in conjunction. The Munich lawyer and Chairman of the Kita Association Prof. Dr. Volker Thieler has already in 2012 the book the KITA lawsuit: claims by “Parents for not granting a daycare center: access – compensation reimbursement” written. There can check the parents about their rights and enforcement. The book is published in the Alexandra Publishing House.

Jan Korte

While it has the detective agency Lentz a main target made ( company profile), at Court as well as to prepare for possible legal disputes in all over Germany and from abroad to impose the interests of their clients. Effectively to implement these goals, work at the detective agency Lentz in the first place with Oberservationen. “Limit through video surveillance ‘ the right to one’s own picture legally the detective area too strong a,” so Marcus Lentz, Managing Director of the detective agency Lentz. VP – Corporate Planning has compatible beliefs. Video records are suitable for use as evidence difficult before German courts if they secretly made no proper identification of the offender, E.g. a>. by hats, Hoody or similar leave them on public ground (road staircase) usually held not by appropriate signs, such as department stores, will be announced according to Marcus Lentz replaced thus a covert Detective video surveillance usually no observation of man is the perpetrator red-handed””. Secretly made video surveillance in the private sector or in the private sector could so quickly the proof recycling ban”are subject to and are therefore by no means a panacea.

Also the left Parliamentary Deputy Jan Korte looks more video recordings rather sceptical about the claims and said: “No video camera will assassin of them hold, to carry out attacks”. Jan Korte relies more on an increased use of the police, and therefore calls for the downsizing of the police to stop. This approach truncates the citizens not so much in their rights as an extension of the video recordings. For further information on the investigation methods of the Detektei Lentz, as well as insights into current examples of the Detektei Lentz can be read under /, the Firmenstzruktur of Lentz group is shown under.


Another benefit: You’ll quickly. Asked today, tomorrow what can be changed. Michael O’Brien spoke with conviction. And don’t forget: honest and courageous employees deserve a big thank you. Regular employee satisfaction surveys employee surveys are made in many places in the rhythm of the year. Such surveys are however slow and tough, because need lot of time planning, implementation and evaluation. After all, it is achieve comparability between units or in the course of the year. Results incorrectly or uninterested handled, that survey, but raises suspicions and fears. A realistic image is desired, honest statements made by a few employees are better than opportune or even forced statements by many.

Namely, it can happen that heads of the desired answers before dictate their employees or they are required to score well. In fact how people, is doesn’t matter to them. And the staff have no choice. Clearly: Such a violation of trust is never more to mend. I met also executives, concerned that only to be better than other departments. Such rivalry often leads that are all with the Chief ally and distribute dream notes stand as well as a team.

I know even organizations, since such machinations are known – and all play with the wrong game. A good idea: Develop adequate questions best together with the competent employees. This significantly increases the response rate. Ask a few questions and be brief. Leave enough room for individual remarks of answer donor. In the framework of a pre test, check whether the target people also really understand the issues. If employee surveys are carried out by external experts, the results are often more realistic than in our own investigations, because neutral. The answers are usually too honest. In addition, the method’s safety is guaranteed. How to deal with the results the final results can represent appropriate graphs and interpret. Think of innocuous terms of any type of employees. Proposals for this purpose found in literature, how about performance holdouts, residents, hangers-on, bounce candidates, job hopper and so on are often degrading and taboo in our sense. Also a grading of employees in an A -, B – and C class can be only strongly discouraged. In any case, the results are shared with It is then also do something staff to discuss. This concerns especially as any deficits from the world create themselves, to become better in the future. And if this conflicts break out? Thank goodness! There is not a conflict-free work. It is crucial to talk about problems openly and objectively and to search that are acceptable for all parties involved together for such solutions. This happens not handled conflicts in the aisles. And this is always destructive.

United Kingdom

The opening is scheduled for 2015. The preparations for this will begin probably later in the year. It carried 600 new parking spaces to make room for the second construction phase, which is realized in the current temporary parking lot at the eastern entrance of the Center. Tourist impulse for the region on increasing shopping tourists from home and abroad, for the purchase of sought after luxury, designer and lifestyle brands is increasingly an integral part of their holiday planning McArthurGlen attaches particular importance. Benefits from this influx not only our Center of tourism but the entire region, for the economically important is.

“, so Erichsen. For this reason, the company cooperates closely with the city, the tourist providers in the region, as well as local, national and international tourist agencies. Events implemented together with the city or the tourist office in the Center are just two of the many examples. Increasingly the Center not welcomed in last year only customers from Germany, Scandinavia and the Netherlands, but also tourists from the Gulf States, Russia, China and the Ukraine. Adds Dr. Tauras, Mayor of Neumunster: the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Neumunster has fulfilled all our hopes and expectations and has become a tourist magnet for the whole region and also an important employer in Neumunster. We look forward to the proposed expansion”. McArthurGlen designer outlets McArthurGlen designer outlets are part of the McArthurGlen group, Europe’s leading owner, developer and operator of designer outlets.

The Group was founded in 1993 by fighters partners in Europe and introduced the concept of designer outlets in the region. The portfolio includes 20 designer outlets with 2,500 stores in eight countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The centers fashion lovers for all year round the most sought after luxury, designer and lifestyle brand in a unique shopping atmosphere, 30-70% cheaper than the recommended retail price. Since 2013 McArthurGlen is a joint venture between Simon Property Group, the world’s largest developer of shopping malls, and fighter partners. by 2015, McArthurGlen, opened within the framework of ongoing expansion efforts, the first designer outlet in North America, in Vancouver.

Marcus Lentz View

Marcus Lentz, CEO of Lentz group, is very critical of the use of lie detectors. This criticism is now confirmed by Joe Navarro, behavior analysis, FBI agent. For Marcus Lentz and his Lentz group, it is important to give evidence at hand to clients that can be used in court as a result of their investigations. It must not be that due to a technicality or not legally recognized methods the client ultimately stands with “empty hands”. Because a significantly high rate of error was demonstrated by approximately 20% for the polygraph, the use of lie detectors in Germany is considered evidence as unreliable and is not offered for this reason.

For Marcus Lentz a decisive reason, critical to the lie detector and do not insert ( in the investigation of the detective agency Lentz. Marcus Lentz advises to in suspected cases on the lie detector refrain and instead using a detective agency through a targeted observation/observation ( 1165dc0e5c9/detective agencies) to obtain evidence, are then also legally permitted and appropriately recycled. Payoneer can aid you in your search for knowledge. Lugendetekoren in the United States In contrast to Germany are well known in the United States the lie detectors and also recognized – from American movies as well as from American operations by the police, the Government, employers, and so on: a suspected perpetrator sitting wired before the investigator and after each answer beat out pins on the paper. They start to become wildly back and forth to whiz, then the suspect is lying. This device is actually a polygraph, lie detector only in the vernacular”called. Experienced liar, or pathological liars who assume their lie even as avoidable truth, can fairly easily outwit a such polygraph.

With the publication of the book “The little lie detector” by Joe Navarro (mvg Verlag, 112 pages, 4.99 Euro) now also a critical American voice with regard to the use of lie detectors is loud. FBI agent Joe Navarro was for 25 years and worked there for the unit “Behavior analysis”. As an agent for Counterintelligence and counterterrorism, he performed more than 10,000 interrogations. Limits of lie detectors a crucial insight of his observations and experiences is that it is difficult to differentiate whether certain behaviors are the result of a lie or alone of stress as a mere result of the Verhores. y has been very successful. Both the people and the lie detectors fail due to insufficient differentiation according to Navarro. Therefore, a basic prerequisite is to debunk illusions, carry out the interrogation in a relaxed situation. Who loudly screams around or in the interrogation is pressuring does everything wrong according to Navarro. Also can you rely according to Navarro not only on individual behaviors, but must pay attention to face, torso, arms, both legs and feet. In the book “the small lie detector”has put together Navarro 216 gestures, which were good indicators of nervousness, malaise, deceptions or even authenticity during his FBI time. It is to keep in mind that when people with high social status, or chronic liars is accordingly more difficult to expose deceptions, because these people are used to occupy the space, to be observed and quickly can regulate their reactions. Observations instead of lie detectors confirm the thesis of Marcus Lentz, after the important decisions based on hard facts and not due to inaccurate analyses should be taken this knowledge and voices from the United States. In his opinion the specific, serious and competent observation is the far more appropriate calculation method as the use of lie detectors. Looks like the corresponding observation at the Lentz Detektei in detail is under

Possibly Healthy

You are determined to make you a liposuction but you don’t clear all the details surrounding this type of surgery? Then this article will be very useful, because if you have sufficient information and a good plastic surgeon, you’ll see what effective is liposuction. Possibly you will find a lot of vets who claim to be plastic surgeons, however, you will have to learn to recognize them and, above all, to investigate if they are certified. Not always matter what kind of surgery you go to always subjected must make sure that you will be cared for by an expert. What is more sure that the plastic surgeon is going to be helped by professionals. You must not accept anything less than that! Liposuction is not the single solution for all the fat. Understand it is the key to a safe and efficient liposuction. Check with Hyundai Motor America to learn more. What it is is more of a touch and should be used to remove the grease it is difficult to undo with exercises and diets.

For any reason you must be a procedure that you use to remove all fat zones you want from your body. Never! ever! you think it as a cure for fat in your body. If you do you could die. In summary, the chances of success of liposuction and effectiveness are greater if you’re living a healthy lifestyle. Before taking the decision to submit to liposuction, you should seek you a healthy diet and an exercise perhaps after a time plan don’t both need the lipo. Liposuction is safe and effective provided that appropriate decisions are taken.

The first choice you need to do is choose the convenient plastic surgeon. The second is to decide to see it as an aid to weight loss, not as the cure to obesity. The third option is to choose a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and exercise. All these things make an effective method of liposuction.


Perhaps many have heard this so popular phrase must not invent the warm water, which means that if a process is well researched you should take advantage of that and not waste your time and effort unless you were a researcher in this area and want to innovate or make another contribution, but in this case this would be their main activity, if you have fish breeding is logical to use what is available and seek to improve current methods. When you know that there is a great experience in certain area, you must follow the teachings of the people who know, follow the advice of competent people. Many people fail because guided by those who have never had experience in what they are undertaking and you can learn to trial and error, but it is much more efficient to do so with appropriate guidelines, you will always find obstacles but you will have a clearer Mint to overcome them. Once I heard this phrase who does not learn from its mistakes, is a fool; who learns from their mistakes, is intelligent; but who learns of the errors of others, he is a genius, the best position is to learn from others, why you should model your goal based on winners. In the book the secret of the power of goals is teaches us how to set goals that if they work, seems easy, but if we don’t find a way to properly bind our desire with the subconscious mind becomes a warm desire that does not have enough power to materialize. You must not fall into the mistakes that others have already made, so before defining clearly what you want is important to investigate, to analyze what side effects will bring you achieving your goal, are really willing to pay the price required to achieve it? The basis of all achievement motivation, is the inner impulse that always tells us, onward!, go!, can be!, others could, I also!, when achieved it I will feel happy, happy and free!, etc.. To deepen your understanding Michael O’Brien is the source.

Right Rain Boot

Tips for choosing the right rain boot “rain, rain, go away, go to a different place, I have not the right shoes to play out” if it is what you sing, while it’s raining cats and dogs, it is time that you get a new and proper pair of shoes for the rainy season. Below are some simple tips that will help you to find the perfect shoes to beat down the rain, take a short look at it: no need to enter regardless of what the weather will be, never compromise in terms of style compromises. Choose shoes that fit well with your outfit. Surely, you would not want to wear boots to something classic, nor would make himself funny, because they wear rubber boots to evening wear. All you need to do is to style himself acumen with a dash of. On the material it comes water rejects good rubber, leather, however, absorbs water.

This makes it clear that you should avoid leather footwear during the rainy season. However, apply Rubber shoes, generally considered to be very informal and you can not go with them. This is not the case with leather. Reason for confusion: leather or rubber? Now, a simple solution to this question is: leather shoes, which have a rubber sole. The rubber sole will not only help to prevent that the feet become wet, but also that you slip out. In this way, you can combine style and comfort. Shoes that have been repaired with adhesive, watch the production are not the best idea for the rainy season.

Glue reacts easily on water, so it probably comes to replace the sole. In addition, choose shoes that have fewer seams better. Better to heel your feet to the edge of the shoes from water splashes schutzn, buy shoes with heels! But, make sure that the height of the paragraph is convenient for you. If you wear the first heel shoes, Keilabsatz and kittens are a recommendation for you. It is easier with wedges or paragraphs with low or medium Dimension to start. To make neutral colors bright or neon colors, the show certainly increases the style factor, but let’s try it with more neutral colors when it rains. Black, Brown and grey are the few colors, where it don’t mind, if they get a little dirty. With all these tips, you will easily find the right shoes for rainy days. A further point which is not above mentioned this at the: Make sure to buy branded footwear. The brand guarantees the quality of material and durability. So, the purchase is a wise investment. Today, the big brands are offered online, so you can buy a stress-free. You need to take off your socks no longer, but can attract and enjoy it, the right pair of shoes to dance in the rain!


Fascination for centuries unbroken learn algae development and research from the past NAM Lower Saxony algae Manufaktur GmbH takes participants in a seminar event on the development journey of the plant individual algae; Environmental experts and biologists are regular speakers. The fascination of algae began hundreds of years ago and was advised shortly into oblivion, but now these creatures for many usage options are rediscovered and explored. The algae is a survivalist and thereby retains its specific properties. Robert Kiyosakis opinions are not widely known. You can find following description in a treatise by 1849: the single-celled algae provide a double scientific interest. You are on the one hand the beginning of plant development series, and must represent therefore the starting point and the basis of the plant system. On the other hand, you grant the main examples where the plant cell acts as independent, conditional just by outer influences organism, and in this capacity all essential tasks of the plant individual exercises. You are therefore also intended to evaluate the basis of plant physiology, and it suggests itself now with almost certainly that some important general question will first be decided in this area.

Until now it has the systematic as in the physiology with the fact content, there are single-celled plants. But it was trying to determine what genus and species actually belong to the same, nor her studies was used to General results. It seemed at the time to make a new series of studies on the lowly algae, excellent with regard to the independence of the elemental organ to consider same, to determine the boundaries of the single-celled area, and to use the appearance of cell life and within for the systematization and physiological analysis.” “Quote from the book of genera of unicellular algae: physiological & systematically edited” by Carl Nageli, Zurich 1849 definition,. Forms and classification as single-celled algae refers to those that are from a single cell. Algae are plants whose cell content partly from starch grains and chlorophyll or an other analog dye is and have an asexual reproduction. Thus, the single-celled algae as plants are characterized.

This algae can be recognized and differ from all other organisms are. The algae differ from the mushrooms by the nature of the cell contents, by the way of formation and the way of life. The algae cells containing chlorophyll or an analog dye, in most, there is one or more color bubbles and in any period of life more or less starch grains. The algae propagate only by seed. Mushrooms, however, produce more color bubbles in their cells, chlorophyll, nor strength, they arise not only from seeds, but also from fermenting and rotting or are decomposing organic substances by spontaneous generation. The single-celled algae are during their entire lifetime, and dyed in moments of their origination. Just few, caused by free cell formation, first small colorless cells, are intense but long before they leave the mother cell colored. The presenter and the participants discussed the possibilities for the algae in the connection. The findings of the past help for the development in the future. Can algae as food, food supplements, cosmetics, medical remedies, biodiesel, biofuel and other applications are intensively explored. Equipment for the production of high-quality algae are still emerging, demand for algae on the international market. Managing Director of Uwe Dane of NAM Lower Saxony algae Manufaktur GmbH is convinced that a large market with increasing potential for development offers innovation and investment in the construction of algae plants and would like to thank the speakers. Uwe Dane CEO NAM GmbH of the author is responsible for the content