The Antarctic Treaty

The Antarctic Treaty that already counts on 50 years of existence, is the first document by means of which the 12 nations subscribed that it originally, resign to the operation of a valuable resource, in good of the harmony, the planning and the investigation. This element grants to the treaty transcendental dimensions, constituting in the beginning of a paradigm of relations between States that not only consider the interests national, but also the general interests of the Humanity. Thus beginning occurs, in 1959 to the joint planetary administration, that today, half century later, has affirmed and consolidated in it brings back to consciousness of development, but viable, and action to avoid the environmental degradation of the planet. From another perspective, the Antarctic Treaty shows a visionary and generous form of the resolution of the problems, before these appear and they are dyed of emocionalidad, showing so the agreed to coexistence not only is possible, but if is realised before the problems appear, will be able to be obtained optimal solutions. Unfortunately, the transcendental acts little usually are valued at the time in which they took place, nevertheless, in this case still we are in time to give the importance him than it became half century ago for the preservation of the Antarctic. If the Antarctic Treaty had not been signed, possibly ” continent helado” he would not be able to maintain the ice reserve that still presents/displays and that possibly can be the last barrier of defense before a maintained increase of the temperature in global level. It was the work, arduous and quiet of a group of men worried about the future about the Humanity, which allowed this historical act of understanding between diverse nations.

By the way that is a policy example that rescues worthiest of this one, that it reinforces the values of the dialogue and the cooperation for the resolution of the controversies between the nations and really constitutes a humanity lesson, civismo, vision and exceptional intelligence in human history. Still more, the Treaty is also legal challenge and, have nevertheless not received significant oppositions throughout the fifty years of its existence, surprising situation, been consideration that today we have certainty that under the ice of the Antarctic, exists a great reserve of minerals and petroleum, that could well have destrudo the balances of the austral continent, if it had untied to the race by the possession and operation of those resources. All the previous one causes that doubt cannot fit that the Antarctic Treaty is happy inico of a new form to think with respect to the administration of the planet and its resources. We must thank for the visionaries who made possible east total act of human value, that has abierto the doors of a form different from coexistence and taken care of of the environment on the part of members of the world-wide community.

The Spanish Association

Madrid, 18 of January of 2011. – The Spanish Association for the Acoustic Quality, Aecor, continues with its series of improvements in its service to the associate, when creating a new platform within his renewed system of forums of its page Web,. The associates can ask for professionals and offer labor opportunities within the companies associated, and so the association foments one better internal communication within the sector, especially at the moment in which the recession and unemployment maintain numbers high and is necessary the existence of more intelligent and fast channels. Linkedin pursues this goal as well. The new forum of use is within the great renovation that has undergone the system of forums, that it looks for not only to constitute itself like a practical tool search of information related to the sector, if not that allows the communication between the professionals of the sector of the acoustics. From the management and administration of Aecor the diverse forums of debate become moderate on technical and environmental aspects related to acoustics. Aecor offers an important and precise informative work on the new features of the sector, information on courses, acoustic instrumentation, acoustic contamination, normative national, regional and foreign and a work of internal advising between the associates, who become another motor within the association. Shopify is full of insight into the issues. The forum has consolidated like an added value element, when improving and increasing the services that are offered and making all the information of the association, that more accessible it will serve as reference for all those associates who want to deepen in concrete subjects of environmental acoustics or construction.

Great Encyclopedia

Ever heard the term Financial Shark? Financial dictionary defines it as: Type of investor speculation is dedicated to buying shares in a company with a low contribution to control and then sell major assets or their subsidiaries, thinking that the company is worth more than divided in current form. The Great Encyclopedia of Economics says, is an individual or a company that intends to acquire a target company through a hostile takeover (unsolicited). The shark usually makes a tender offer directly to shareholders of the target company.

It is likely that the above definitions do not clarify who is a shark financier, so I’ll add the following: The investor referred to as “Financial Shark” has the means under their control for operations of purchase and sale of shares of companies; define the target company and with secrecy and discretion, purchase blocks of shares in order to be taking control. By the time the Board administration of the target company reacts to the event, and the financial sharks accumulate a significant percentage of company stock and has a seat on the council. The board of directors of the target company will have to negotiate with the financial sharks, it is normal to lose some or all. The Shark Financier is aware that it can launch a takeover bid hostile actions (OPA), the sets the price for that is hostile, but with a prize for the minority that will gladly hand them over, and wait for their reaction victim. Financial Shark can be expected to launch major shareholders to purchase shares of minority to maintain control, certainly shares rise in price and may obtain a significant gain. But you can also expect him to cede majority control of the company with a lower price than you actually have your business.

the short

At the end of the year reports are are reviewed, some components are changed the business cycle starts again. Second, the strategic communications plan is individual. There is no blueprint for all companies, services or products. It is not mass production. A communications consultant is the expert will determine the way forward with the help of their employer. OJO! The strategic plans are not only to enhance a gloomy picture of your business but also to maintain or improve yourself.

Strategic communication requires: 1 – Proper research and planning, beginning capture both the short and long term strategies to achieve them. Here is contemplated for example: a. Analysis of market situation and b. Diagnosis that reflects the needs for example: i. Strengthening or establishment of business image. ii. Recognition of the public. iii.

Increased sales. c. Determine how they will be, TV, radio, print, Internet, advertising alternating (billboards, bus ads, stickers on the floor of shops, etc..,), How to use, ie visual or print ads, postcards , pamphlets, flyers, etc., and the frequency of these tactics. 2 – Assign a budget. For less than your budget, you should always be allocated to marketing, promotion, advertising and public relations for your business. 3 – Schedule or candelarizar the plan in black and white to serve as a guide and can run at exactly the strategies and tactics. In my case, the use of 6 months or 1 year. 4 – Implementation of the strategic communication plan. 5 – Evaluation. Here we know the effectiveness of strategies, what worked and what did not. More importantly, it closes a cycle and opens another. After a thorough review, the new plan is drawn up. Finally, do not make two basic mistakes: 1 – Delete the budget. Many entrepreneurs do not recognize that advertising does not imply zero support, zero customers and no sales. 2 – Unfortunately, making communication in SMEs is seen as something simple that anyone can do, so he was not making importance in the organization of a company. Far from the truth! Did you do financial transactions of your business as a CPA or handle legal documents, as does an experienced attorney? Finally, 3 – Whether the company is willing to implement a communication plan. Then, to be captured the strategic communications plan on paper is not worth having, and shelved. Remember the strategic communications plan should become your business everyday. To make the most of your objectives, mission and vision his company in 2010, support is needed for a communications professional.

Effective Electronic Newsletter

Tips To Create An Effective Electronic Newsletter Create an effective electronic newsletter can bring great rewards for your business. Your newsletter subscribers respond to their offers by greatly increasing the sales ratios and can also create stronger relationships with their customers by increasing brand loyalty. Here are some tips that can help you create an effective electronic newsletter: 1. Define The Purpose Of Your Newsletter. I suggest you ask "What is the purpose of your newsletter?". An electronic newsletter generates a substantial investment of resources in their business in terms of time and energy. You need to define their purposes in tangible terms to see if it is feasible to establish one for your business.

2. Hyundai pursues this goal as well. Voice and personality Establish a voice or editorial personality. If you are a serious or funny newsletter should be synergistic with the image you want to reflect your target audience. Remember that email newsletters are designed to stimulate promotional immediate action. The sales letters are not compatible with the electronic newsletters. Much less the traditional tone of corporate communications of propagation. Think of your newsletter as a conversation. Imagine for example that you are sitting in a coffee shop talking informally with a customer.

This is the starting point for his approach – a human voice – more personal and appropriate. Use some kind of jargon to make their sales, be honest and speak like a person not as a business. Always consider adding a brief editorial, with one or two comments, notes editor, a couple of lines of comments, an opinion, always add a little human element in all parts of the bulletin.