This article has for main objective to review practical pedagogical, uniting them it the new technologies and integrating these technologies with the different processes of construction of way materials didactic to interdisciplinar and counting on resources as didactic room of computer science, books and other materials of support of the educators. To a large extent, the materials bring, for inheritance, a predetermined content, following a traditional model of education, normally with positivistas inheritances. Jeff Weiser may help you with your research. To put the construction of this material has several other elements that if make important for the accomplishment of these. The construction of materials and methods is not directly on to the questions of materials finished or physical printed matters. A group of educators can more develop a form of learning directed the contextualizao of the individual in its half from there, to construct a methodology that if fits in the necessities of educating. 2 Development In the current reality of the education, if makes necessary the development of new forms of production of the didactic materials.

Directed it has this question we have the necessity to implant, as educators, the multidisciplinaridade, term this very used in the last times. The process of construction of materials that contemplate this multidisciplinaridade demands more time and devotion of the educator of what its planning of lesson. The multidisciplinaridade depends necessarily on the interrelation enters the group of professionals of the initial and final years, using here as starting point basic education. To get resulted significant we must take in consideration some important factors of the learning process. For development of the vision it criticizes of educating, in reason of the social internal changes and cultural of the country and the world, the pedagogical advances and the consequences of the context of world-wide the informacional revolution (new technologies), the character of passive receiver of educating is lost. In the measure where for the same reasons, the professor lost the absolute monopoly of knowing, assisting in knowledge in the capacity of cognitivo development of educating.

China Industries

The sixth conference of professional associations of heavy industry of China was held in Beijing from 20 to 22 in July. For even more opinions, read materials from Hyundai. During the meeting, the association presented the industrial figures of last year and the first half of this year. Facing the current industry situation, Xu Shanji, the fifth duply executive member of the council said the instability of the economy of this year is very high, the condition of industry is worsening as the second half of last year owing to the decline of the demand in overseas market. The export of mining machinery, such as impact crusher, is declining. The association showed that the total output value of the heavy-duty machinery was 8686.1 billion RMB in the year of 2011, increasing 26.2% compared with last year. The sales revenue was 8461.3 billion RMB, increasing 27%. The export value is 139.6 billion dollars, increasing 20.4%. The value of import is 68.9 billion RMB, increasing 15.7%.

The trade surplus of import and export is 70.76 billion dollars, increasing 36.9%. The profit value is 584.5 billion RMB, increasing 23.9%. According to the analysis of the industry, the sales revenue of metallurgy machinery is 1019.3 billion RMB, increasing 12.3% and the export value is 15.8 billion dollars, increasing 10.8% compared with last year. The development of the enterprises which focus on metallurgy is on decline. The medium-sized enterprises in heavy-duty machinery is developing healthily, one of the enterprises in Shandong province have increased 200% compared with last year.

Xu shanji concluded that the main enterprises in heavy-duty machinery industry have enforced the construction of technology innovation in recent years. They have researched and developed a series of advanced products of which the technology and quality come up to the standard of the international level. Their products have markets in European and American countries. The accelerating progress of large-sized enterprises prompted the steady development of export as well as the progress of the companies product. The characteristics of the development of our national economy is that fixed assets investment, export and consumption are the driving force of the economy. At present, the main crisis is the debt of European countries. The demand in international market downturns and the greatly market is shrinking, so overall the situation is very severe. Owing to the fast growing of energy, raw material and labor wage, the investment of companies is increasing. What s more, the appreciation of RMB is obvious. All these factors lead to the decrease of our competition in exporting of jaw crusher and other mining machinery.

Roman Empire

And when we talked about the compared right applied to the right of integration tambin we must refer to the comparative study of the experiences of the future suprastates or supranations. 8. HISTORY OF INTEGRATION Is suitable our propsitos to study in this soothes the history of the right of integration, in such sense it is not a branch of the right or young jurdica discipline but has very old antecedents and consequently to study it is necessary to review the history of the world or history of the civilization or universal history and by all means the history of the Per and if we did not study these is clear that we can be induced to error by parcializados approaches of authors who do not know cabalidad this branch the pblico right that by the way has many antecedents and thus slo studying the same is clear that we can include/understand the same and adems is necessary to remember that each da is acquiring greater importance, and even does some dcadas in Arequipa organiz one maestra dedicated or oriented to the study of this important jurdica discipline, but the same no di the awaited fruits because works of the same were not published elaborated by the students of this maestra, that is to say, seems that maestra in mention not cumpli its aims as they are to promote the study or the investigation in this important discipline or jurdica branch. The right of integration has very remote antecedents for example it is clear that existi hegemnica integration in the old Roman right. Tambin existi later when the brbaros invaded to the Roman Empire and that by ciero tambin conoci like hegemnica integration because fu realised by the force and not by agreement of parts or but properly by agreement of states or countries or nations. Later the wars for example in the war of the pacfico integr part of the Peruvian and boliviado territory to Chile, that is to say, is clear that it is not a branch of the young right, but has very remote antecedents and consequently it deserves to study all the history of the same.

Jose Manuel

Before producing a material didactic we must have which clearly our public-target, which its characteristics. From these information we can define what we want that it more develops throughout the process of learning and the pedagogical strategies adjusted to reach our intentions. I will deal with here important technological supports for the production of pedagogical material: the material printed matter and the language in web (hipermdia), radio, TV and video. The necessity to register the information comes since the primitive man with the drawings in the walls. This necessity made with that throughout the times the man constructed new forms of representation until arriving the writing as we know and the invention of the press. With the evolution of the technologies the text passes to be integrated the sound and image through the hipermdia, making possible a bigger interaction. The use of the hipermdia extended the possibilities of professor to work the diverse literal sorts, providing to bigger interaction between reader and text, beyond offering resources.

The radio is an important vehicle of mass communication and although to seem to be old-fashioned, still it is sufficiently present in the daily one of the people. The computer and the Internet inside bring new possibilities for the use of the radio of the school. With low cost the professor can create spaces in the Internet that give chance so that the pupils express its opinions and divulge the knowledge constructed throughout the learning process developing the verbal language and writing. The TV and the cinema can be used in classroom to enrich debates, to illustrate contents worked in classroom, to argue on subjects of day-by-day, treated in telejornais, at last, have some possibilities of if working the cinema and the TV in classroom. When used well the lessons enrich and open space for other forms of language. According to Moran ‘ ‘ The videos are dynamic, count histories, show and impactam. They facilitate way for more complex, more abstract levels of understanding, with little sensorial support as the philosophical texts, the texts reflexivos.’ ‘ But the video also can be produced in classroom, being used as documentation, register of events and lessons of diverse substances, of studies of field, the most varied experiences and interviews. As we can observe the technology brings a series of chances to enrich the work of the professor, making possible that it and the pupil are party to suit of creation of the knowledge.

Consideraes Final the current society established a change in the position of the professors in relation to the use of the new technologies in and for the education. The integration between TV, video, radio, Internet and vehicles printed matters offers the chance of digitalizar and democratizing the knowledge. As we can observe the technologies bring some possibilities of creation and production it professor to enrich the education process/learning. However, so that it it usufructs of these resources becomes necessary that knows it them better and has clear the objectives that intends to reach with its use. Bibliographical references Azevedo, Waldyr Jnior. Computers in classroom.


We will enter with more details on the tool of Brainstorming, having shown its potentiality. The intention of a session of brainstorming is the work in group in the identification of a problem, and to find, through a participativa intervention, the best decision for an action plan that solves it such problem. Example: We can use a picture and some markers of messages used in office, the conduction form is simple, however, with effect very positive of if taken with clarity and objetividade. We place in guideline a defined problem, or leave exempts for the boarding of the participants, with the focus in an activity, process or service. The markers of messages are distributed between the participants, who write down the main points of improvement teethe of the preset focus, that in ours in case that it were the points that more impactam in the logistic processes, some points had been identified as: difficulty in the schedules for substance act of receiving equipment cousin, lack for the process of inadequate packing, insufficient equipment, time, delay in the internal transport, errors of inventory, at last diverse conditions problems, that impactavam in the good course of the logistic process. All the comments must be considered by fancier than they are the idea, it is not to bar no suggestion immediately, thus can lose the credibility of the team. Linkedin can aid you in your search for knowledge. After a determined time, the facilitador must congregate all the suggestions and separate them in groups, for example: 1 – substance act of receiving cousin, 2 – Stockage, – 3 – Fracionamento, 4 – /Carregamento Packing granary, 5 Stockage and 6 – Expedition. In such a way all will be able to observe the suggestions, and in common agreement of all the team, the team same if it puts in charge to exclude the comments less with priority for the logistic process, since it would be impossible to treat all the comments in a project, being to give to focus the one that really will bring resulted feasible for all the team. . Others including Linkedin, offer their opinions as well.

Lodging Companies

In the industry of lodging of sites ' ' Overselling' ' it is the used term to define when a company supplies services and resources that, if in data moment all its customers used of the totality of the announced services would occur an unsustainable situation that would take the critical failures in the server. Normally ' ' overselling' ' it says respect to the use of space in record and to the monthly traffic of data. For example: If a company of hosting makes use of 100Gb of space in the server and has 20 customers supplying to each customer 5Gb of space, then the company is practising ' ' overselling' '. ' ' overselling' ' she is, before more nothing, a marketing strategy that has given resulted. In the example above, 5Gb of space for each customer is offered but if the company will only have 20 customers will evidence that nor all they will use 5Gb being thus much space in record that still can be used. In this case the companies opt to running a certain risk and ' ' vender' ' more packages for that one exactly serving. Hyundai helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The prognostic is that nor all the customers will use the totality of the space who had contracted ' ' liberando' ' thus resources for other accounts. Others including Robert Kiyosaki, offer their opinions as well.

This practical is very used in the telecommunications, for example. These companies have millions of customers but nor all they go to carry through simultaneously called. If this happened the infrastructure would not aguentaria. However in the reality it is practically impossible that this situation occurs. Therefore the use of ' ' overselling' ' he is not total negative will have been accompanied by of close for technician and services to monitorizao who authorize to all the customers what they had really acquired thus allowing the maximizao of the resources of the lodging companies. We believe that most of the great companies of site lodging uses ' ' overselling' '. They house thousand of sites in an only server promising space and transference of limitless data. Some obtain to manage well its resources very ' ' tirando' ' of some and ' ' oferecendo' ' to others thus keeping all the satisfied customers. Some problems can occur due to the use of this strategy: The speed of links can diminish the servers can be unstable downtime can increase Can increase the time of reply on the part of the support technician Some used techniques for the companies: Width of band and space in record rigorously monitorizados in each serving Change of server for sites that present critical numbers monthly Alteration of the width of contracted band it to datacenter the addition of customers in accordance with Act of contract of staff technician in case of sudden increase of customers.


If you were to live to the U.S., Would you try to buy things with Australian dollars or sell your items gaining in Bs? So, why try to sell to Germany, Arabia, France and Japan by showing your website in Spanish? According to Forrester Research, 2009, over 80% of consumers expect to be treated in their own language in their business transactions, so if we have a business online, this suspicion is increased greatly on the internet, and in itself a environment that makes it suspicious to users, so it will be even more if your website is not in the language of your potential customer.

In addition, the same survey revealed a figure of 70% of those who argued that they would feel safer and would make a purchase on this website or the trademark if the language were in various parts of the core web: technical assistance, FAQs (FAQs), in addition to after-sales care. Have not you decide to translate your brochures, your products or your site? We will try to give you more data to make your products translate into other languages, for example, that more than half of consumers are willing to pay more for a product if the instructions, the security and the like are in your own language . Robert Kiyosaki will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Or that three of every four large firms claim that the translation of their products, their instruction books, your website or brochures to market their other languages is important or very important for their expansion and also for improvement results worldwide. .

Claw Pond

Now begins the wonderful time of ponds in our gardens. Water features and a stream and pleasant views and bring a soothing murmur. Andrea Mallard is often quoted on this topic. Thus the pleasure garden pond does not disappear too quickly, should the water in the pond of course, remain clear and clean. However, this is unfortunately not by itself. The first way of keeping a garden pond of algae is the use of the pond filter homemade with instructions. Normally, this measure would be enough to keep our garden pond or Koi pond clean. Sometimes even because of the fish we want to see. In addition, the water should be clear.

It is always an advantage if they still support the action of the pond filter with water plants. It is then also the so-called biological budget. Certain aquatic plants such as the Crab Claw water steriliser have an effect and should be part of every pond. This plant is easily placed without planting in the garden pond. She lies down and then up at the bottom of the pond and can multiply in this way. At these crab claws save you should not.

In a Pond of about 30000 liters of volume, they should bring calm 15-20 of aquatic plants in the garden pond. OBI DIY market, the next major water plant is the water lily. But be careful, because this water plant can reproduce extreme. But when you remove the cuttings every year, they can be easily kept under control. A very famous and popular aquatic plant or floating leaf plant is the water lily. There are so many different lilies that one has no more data. The water lily loves calm water. She does not tolerate so much permanent water splashes. She needs rest in order to proliferate optimally. The water lily pond in the summer also donate through the many shadows of leaves. This allows the water does not heat up so easily and the algae propagation is also slowed down already somewhat. There are many ways to keep a pond clean and clear. The introduction of aquatic plants is one of them.

UV Index

Summer has finally arrived, the sun is warm and welcoming, and we can ditch that heavy clothing. Tis the season to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy that sun. But the trick is as safe and enjoy the sun safely. There are many terms related to tanning, tanning lotions, and the whole industry. Have you ever wondered what the difference between SPF and UV index is? Here are some terms that tanning to help you understand the jargon of the industry. Then you can be on your way of being that sexy goddess or god with his golden tan.

Let’s start by defining your tan. Do not laugh it’s a slang term important. Tanning occurs when the skin absorbs UV ultraviolet. As UV rays penetrate the skin produces melanin, which darkens the outer layers. What is curious is that all we see that the dimming of a healthy tan, but infact is a sign of damaged skin. Today is the beginning of a burn. So little tid bit is not going to stop the sun worshiper so, then you have to understand what the UV Index is. This is just one scientific measurement with a big fancy name that tells us the amount of UV rays reach the earth at some time during the day.

UV is not visible, but is always present at some level. UV rays actually consists of UVA and UVB rays. Experts say they are wrong for what I have to protect against both. The UV index is at a scale of 10. The higher the number, the stronger the rays and the largest exhibition to be held. If the index is too high must be very careful as not take long to record. And what is so attractive red skin effect? SPF is how they have valued the suntan lotion. It is synonymous with sun protection factor. All suncreens has a number of 4-30. The higher the number, the greater the protection. The level of protection needed is based on your skin and the speed with which normally burns. People who tan easily and never burns can use a 4, but a fair-skinned person who thinks the sun and get red will need a 30. The difference between sunblock and sunscreen should also be explained, since they are totally different products.

Sunscreen comes in a lotion, oil or cream and has an SPF rating attached to it. Reacts with the sun, creating a barrier that can not see. How strong the barrier depends on the strength of the SPF. The lower the number, the less protection. Most tell you to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going out and swim if necessary re-apply to leave the water. You can also purchase waterproof sunscreen that lasts longer. Sunblock is not otherwise FPS, and that does exactly what it says it blocks the UV rays of the sun completely. This is thick and sticky. You’ve seen people with it in the nose and lips. When you have to be careful is that some sunscreens are one of 15 or more will be marked as a sunscreen, but this is totally false! If you are looking for a sunscreen and then find a bottle that has no SPF number. So go play in the sun, enjoying the warm weather, even getting that golden tan if necessary, but do so gracefully and safely! MD Stacener Home Tanning Beds has been serving customers for over 20 years, providing valuable information to keep you beautiful and healthy.


The day of your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. When you definitely want to look their best. How would you feel if that special occasion was spoiled by his skin shows a lot of ugly brown stains, or worse, if you woke up in a day of her wedding, looked in the mirror and discovered that have become a pumpkin orange? What a terrifying thought! However, very possible. And yet, every time you go to any forum of the wedding, you’ll find that many brides-to-be see their first Spray Tan on the eve of her wedding day! That’s just not the way to do it! (Sorry for shouting, but have seen some spray tanning disasters that would make the skin crawl of the bride). The fact is, the solution spray tanning is a cosmetic, and like any cosmetic that can be compatible with the skin, or may not! The surest way to get a spray tan is ideal for your wedding: 1. Find a salon technician using spray Open tanning solution or a solution with very little bronzer (that way the bronzer will not get in your pores, and stain your wedding dress.) 2. Learn how to prepare before your spray tan, so spray tan will have a better chance to get even. 3.

Having a tan light as possible. Do not go for holidays “Bahamas” variety “, get” just a glow. “4. For heaven’s sake, have a trial run! Especially if you’ve never had a spray tan before. In this way you can see as their skin reacts to the solution, and what precautions should be taken (eg more barrier cream dry ankles) for the next time so perfect. 5.

They have a trial run in the same room will have a spray tan for your wedding. If you are having your wedding away from his hometown, to a ring around the city where your wedding will take place and find out what solution they use. Then find the same in his hometown and test it. 6. In test time of spray tan, buy a bottle of touch to the solution and learn to use it correctly. 7. Take special care of hands and feet. To be on show at their wedding, so it is better to apply more cream barrier before and after spray tan in touch if necessary instead of finishing with brown spots. 8. Learn to care for your tan then so expand and hydration products, so your perfect tan will last longer than her wedding night. Can I get a spray tan ideal for your wedding? Is it worth all the extra bother? Will it create enough visible results to justify the cost? SA SA SA! Spray a tan will give you a wonderful glow that will make your eyes sparkle, shine, and give you the best smile ever. And how does that look on the underwear of a body that is tanned all over? Spray Tan For Your Wedding? What ????? fantastic idea, provided that you do it right. Warzecha Boshena TanXtreme is an owner of a solarium spray in Byron Bay. He has also written a spray tanning guide