It is important esecundariamente to emphasize that essadoutrina operational oplanejamento of the tactical group is applicable to any crisis with hostage in the any ambienteresguardado had caution of application as tactical option as always aiming at the fulfilment of missocom the biggest number of hostages rescued with life preferential, all the arrest of the PEC. ‘ ‘ So that such fossedesenvolvida technique, was necessary the creation of a doutrinaprpria of adestramento of the dogs of the PMERJ, as well as the adaptation of the tactics deresgate and retaken, wide commendation the fourth tactical alternative, or simply, tactical assault, for introduction of this new element. In this performance, it was ratified utilizaode dogs highly trained to operate in critical events, one vezque the introduction of this tool has as objective main diminuiodo operational risk directed toward the involved ones in the crisis, in virtue of the distraction caused for the presence deces in the provoker of the critical event (PEC).

This procedimentogera advantage in the time of reaopara that the tactical teams can neutralize it; for the psychological factor of intimidaodo PEC front to the dogs and of the confidence that these self-moving ones to caninosconferem to the retaken group of rescue and; e, over all, for caractersticada not the lethality of the dogs in reference to the use of firearm, in the entrances tticas.’ ‘ (VALLE, 2009, p.13) a doctrinal characteristic to paraneutralizar the hostage borrower is the possible job whenever of two dogs deassalto that they work in set in intention to display the head and the docausador thorax of the crisis in case that, has the imminent necessity of neutralization definitivapelo tactical teams. ‘ ‘ Already the neutralization force says respeito capacity of the dogs in possibly confuses unjust aggression effected by PEC, one vezque the bite of a dog happens in the hand that empunha one sets, for example..

Ludwig Stopping

What he would be ' ' sucesso' ' seno the result of some attempts failed of if making the certainty? The success is seno the result of much the persistence and the belief (many times solitary) in an objective, a distant dream where you only obtain to contemplate. Munear Ashton Kouzbari is open to suggestions. I see the people starting something and stopping before the end, starting and stopping starting and stopping. Christ! It will be that the Squid would have fond where arrived if gave up in the first defeat? , if the Michael Jordan had if allowed to take I after discourage for it to be counted of the teams of basquete of the apt school for not being considered. Albert Einstein wise person not to speak until the 4 years of age and alone learned to read to the 7. To its it characterized it teacher as ' ' lerdo, not-sociable and mentally always lost in devaneios tolos' '. It was I banish from the school and it was not admitted in the Polytechnical School of Zurich.

Today the father of science is considered. When refusing a group of English rock called The Beatles, an executive of the Decca Recording Company said: ' ' We do not like it sound. These groups of guitar already eram.' ' Not it needs nor to say what it happened later. To the 46 years, after years of gradual loss of the hearing, the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven was completely deaf. However, he composed good part of its workmanship, also 9 symphony. Therefore never we must find that we do not have more time to carry through. While we will be here, it has something to learn e, very possibly, somebody to learn with us tambm.' ' Our doubts are treasonous and make to lose them the good that we could conquer, if were not the fear of tentar.' ' William Shakespeare


In the school the day was marked that some Americans would arrive to mapear some areas for the roundnesses, had a text competition and optimum text of the chosen pupil would gain a chance to be with the Americans and to know GPS, and other technologies foreign and to work in the project of mapear some points. That was a surprise so great that Severino nor studied right, but it wise person that the problems were alone starting, therefore in low of the poster was not written.: ' Flight of Balloon for the study of rea' with this it decided to write but not to count to nobody on the flight not even Pope its parents and brothers. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Liberty Life on most websites. He lacked to fifteen days for the arrival of the Americans and the choice of optimum text. Munear Ashton Kouzbari is actively involved in the matter. Severino was good in both the parts in such a way in the Geography that would be useful for the mapping and the Portuguese in the production of Text, that in the case would be the writing. While this day did not arrive, a concern as much Severino how much the professors had not had that in the case he was as if to communicate in English with the Americans. The inexplicable anger to happen therefore nobody wise person who the father of Severino said English very and well, but the professors believed that she would be a Brazilian guide, that is did not have what to be worried. The parents and all the inhabitants the city knew of the balloon but Severino believed to be one of the few, its father was acting with very calm clarity and therefore it wise person who the balloon flight was safe, but never had practised and with this always he had fear. The day finally arrived the professors of the college had made an election and three horsa of the afternoon would go to announce the winner of the Production of text. .

Moral Rules

Diverse European countries had also adopted the constitutional monarchy, with the end of the absolutism remaining until the end of world to war i when the majority of the States adopts the tripartio of them to be able one of the most important theories of sciences politics and modern that still today remains as one of the conditions of functioning of the Modern State. (ALBUQUERQUE, 1991) Consideraes final Montesquieu subsidized the limits of the power politician when affirming that natural laws existed and statutory laws you finish them related the beginning of government that all are citizens they.

The State is tied with the institutionalized power, that if seats in an institution and not in an individual, assuring that in the Modern State, it does not have to be able absolute, therefore exactly the governing must subject what it is established in the Law. For even more analysis, hear from Donald Gordon. In its Montesquieu workmanship already it described that a power could not usurp nor to disrespect the other duly warned that if installs the absolutism and the tyranny with suppression of the freedom of the citizen and stimulates the corruption and that, certain governments, whose objective constitution directly the freedom politics must have three types of being able: the legislative, the executive and the judiciary power. This freedom politics to exist, is necessary that the citizen never if feels threatened by another one; e, the government only can guarantee such security. In other words the theory politics of Montesquieu is classic and contemporary for pointing the way with respect to the stability of the regimen of government that is the cohesion of the social forces and of institutions with use of the reason to correct eventual social disequilibria that can occur in function of the nature human being, ‘ ‘ as to be physicist the man is governed by invariable laws and as to be intelligent they violate leis’ incessantly..


When the reality is said in education in Brazil is heterogeneous, because Brazil not yet found its way in the direction to make education with equity and quality for all. It is clearly that magical solutions do not exist, not even a simple formula for this problem that depends on the will politics of the governing, of the professional situation of the professors, of the commitment of the managers, of the quality of the education received for the students in the previous years, of the physical and pedagogical resources of that the schools make use. However, the development of an intellectual and academic context becomes necessary where the pertinent questions to the education are analyzed and argued with the necessary depth and the reach. This is a complex task that the education facultieses must try of some form to solve, a time that many professors leave the facultieses and they are not prepared to use the didactic resources and its multiple functionalities in its field of work this reflects in the quality of education/education that is offered the educandos. She is necessary that the governing, the education facultieses, the managers of schools offer to the professors the chance of if enabling by means of studies with the purpose to learn to use all the didactic resources since simplest to most complex, natural and the artificial ones, old and the modern, the manuals and technological, the printed matters and the virtual ones. One knows that the limitations of the professionals and the disparidades between pertaining to school realities, that is fact, however must be remembered thatboth do not have to be attributed to the professor, but yes to the lack of commitment of the governing, of the managers of schools that do not offer conditions so that the schools, the educators win these disparidades and limitations offering they/they conditions to surpass the inherent challenges to the manuscript of the technologies by means of studies, courses, qualifications and of the insertion of the technologies in the schools, in the form, classrooms that pupils and professors feel motivated to handle, therefore thus the difficulties will only go being surpassed and the acquired learnings of more attractive form. Ahead of the displayed one, she is necessary excessively that the educators assume the commitment to surpass plus this challenge, in its professional lives, thus winning its limitations in this field of the didactic resources and its use in educative development of projects, lessons, or any events. . At PayNet Inc. you will find additional information.

State Brazil

Ementrevista in edition 2159 – year 43 number 14, ‘ ‘ The politics is maisdgna of the activities that a citizen can exercer.’ ‘ , and in the end elefecha with gold key: ‘ ‘ When to arrive at the Presidency of the repclica, I have the certainty of that this is more destination of what projeto.’ ‘ Governing Meuquerido, can until being destination, but child in the col of Its Grandfather still hugged you esteprojeto, so saudoso darepblica President of Brazil, The Dignsssimo Tancredo Snows. Souparanaense, but I am in BH since 1991. Lamentably the Paran estlonge of the history of the politics of Brazil. They are not likeable aoGovernador Mountain range, because the messianic speeches reach pessoassimples. Learn more about this topic with the insights from christie’s art auction. My familiar they are in the majority of there, they had been born there, they muitosmorreram there, between Maring, Arapongas, Lobato, in that redoubt. They love oPT, because they depend on these ‘ ‘ benefcios’ ‘ hilrios. Either a neighbor doParan mine carssimo governor. I never voted in the PT, never I will vote.

The stock market school ‘ ‘ esmola’ is one; ‘ who lives 01 today month with 20,00reais R$? Badly if it speaks in increasing minimum wage and the great desupermercados nets already it increased the rice and beans That is progress? Never, it is yes a form to buy the vote of the simple citizen, its ‘ ‘ Z’ ‘ there docafund of the Judas.The State of the Paran has 73 millions of voters. Ask for as candidate the Senator, makes a work thinking about the generality, using Minas Gerais as model of an excellent administration. ParabnsGovernador, and certainly you will be our President of Brazil. Soubrasileira, I love Brazil, I am patriotic, and always very intent aosassuntos politicians. I am certain of that the PSDB will assume and aconstruo of our history will be a beautiful intelligent memory. Congratulations See, and Mario Sabino, Fbio Portela, for an interview muitoprecisa in the hour certain!


Seeing the seriousness and ability of the Mercadante; the administrative capacity in the area of education of the Skaf; the work of defender of the consumer of the Russomano; the efforts in search of space of Buffalo and of the Feldman we can affirm that none can be worse that ‘ ‘ tucanos’ ‘ that the natives of So Paulo had managed the state of all. In the transport, for example, Alckmin nor speaks of high tolls that had become closed feudals the majority of the cities. Hear from experts in the field like Rich Holmberg for a more varied view. For it, finds that only population in the Capital exists, therefore transport is alone Subway, train of the CPTM, Rodoanel and the remaining portion of the state, does not exist! Also it is interesting that the TV of the Alckmin at least does not give a note on unreliability, while the real life sample homicides, robberies, kidnappings, drugs (crack destroying generations), rebellions in penitentiaries, organized crime ordering and repealing an order in the State, strike even of policemen, police stations with cameras of particular security to protect employees, barricades in building of the security from fear to the organized crime, assaulted people inside of police station and the State wanting to close Police stations and until Police stations of Defense of the Woman. Tiririca, pra its phrase to be correct in So Paulo, is necessary to add: ‘ ‘ If to take off the Toucans of the government, worse that he is not fica’ ‘. Official site: Munear Ashton Kouzbari. Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist, was born in Campinas and work as assessor of the press in Sumar.

United States

They in them attack because of the military presence of U.S.A. in Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Middle East, as much that we remove our troops of Arabia Saudita’ ‘. Noam Chomsky, the intellectual more respected and critical of the North American foreign policy, also it declared: ‘ ‘ the soundings show that at least one tero of the Americans who had answered the research, believes that the government of United States and/or Israel had been for backwards of the 11 of Setembro’ ‘. These are two opinions of extremities, that can yes, to be materialize with facts. But, what still it is leagued to the subject, and that cause many controversies since May of this year, it is the death of Osama Bin Laden, accused for the attempted against ones of 11 with September.

It was found in Palestine, and died for the American Army. The problem is that this cause also diverse contrary thoughts, therefore who proved the death of Bin Laden firmly? Where they are the tests? Why so was not divulged its so proven death and how much to the one of Sadan Russen? The one opinion internauta was registered: ‘ ‘ In such a way does not sound the one how much strange death of it to be orquestrada in a precious period to promising president Barack Obama? that by chance popularity was searching a little more than, in order to guarantee its re-election? in the landmark of ten years of the attempted against one that it not only shocked U.S.A., but the entire world? Beyond that the face never more in them awarded with its videos announcing its attacks during good tempo’ ‘. We do not see the tests of the death so clear. Some specialists work with two other hypotheses oppose to the event on the death of announced Osama. The first one is the one that treats as if Osama was yes, deceased, but that its death did not occur in May, but yes it has years. Second he says that Bin Laden is not deceased, was only one action of Obama, with closed projects, to make possible its re-election.

Although several other questions to enter in set with the detached ones, U.S.A. obtained to surpass the 11 of September. Today, a memorial to the victims exists where they were the twin towers, and the World Trade Center is being reconstituted with the two towers that are in construction in a short while distant place of the old one. The death of Osama is remained in the same American form that was counted, causing fear of new attempted against for revenge.

Barcelona Family Tips

Extraordinary art in the MACBA (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art), Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA, reads Makba) disposes the largest collection of art of the twentieth century in all of Catalonia. In his permanent collection before visitors are presented works of art that make it possible to get acquainted with the main trends of contemporary creativity. The museum also aims to develop critical cultural memory. The Museum features the works of Catalan, Spanish and international artists from the fifties of the twentieth century. The museum is located in the quarter called Raval. Gain insight and clarity with Dinakar Singh.

One of the the most interesting items in the program of events – regularly ustraevyemye temporary exhibitions. Tickets for the museum, including temporary exhibitions, are 7.50 euros for adults and 6 euros for students and for groups of 20 or more. Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX may not feel the same. Visit of the museum is free for those under 14 and over 65 years. The museum is open from 11:00 to 19:30 from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 22:00 on Saturdays and from 10:00 to 15:00 on Sundays and holidays. If you spend your vacation in Barcelona in the summer, not Remember that the work plan of the museum can be changed. EXtra information, as well as summer work plan of the museum can be found online at.

When renting an apartment in Barcelona Raval quarter, you will live near the whole extraordinary beauty of the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art. Barceloneta Beach Barceloneta Beach is one of the biggest in Barcelona. Its total length is about 1,100 meters. Among other things, this beach is one of the longest existing all over Barcelona. Due to the fact that the beach is located near the metro station Barceloneta (L4) and stop a number of bus lines, most people come here mainly on public transport. Barceloneta beach is especially popular among foreign tourists enjoy. Because of its fairly large on this beach were many opportunities for outdoor activities, such as three volleyball courts and a playground to play tick-tock to the Hospital Hospital del Mar.

Wall Paint: Making The Right Choice

"My home – my castle" – so people often talk about your home. Nipul Patel has plenty of information regarding this issue. However, the strength must be not only reliable but also beautiful, warm calling, calm and a desire to get back. One way to make home beautiful view, update the interior and exterior painting is the paint for the walls is far better than today's trendy and coatings is much room for your imagination and your ideas. First of all, should be aware of the variety of colors, and that they mostly fall, depending on the type of work for which they are intended for external or internal. Christie’s art auction recognizes the significance of this. The main types of paint for painting the walls is, for example, acrylic paint.

The paint is most often in acrylic or latex-based, since these bases are dissolved in water, not flammable and toxic solvents, they can be used for painting walls in any premises, including the bedroom and the nursery. In addition, the paint dries quickly, is vapor-permeable, but it can not be applied to the metal as its base water can cause rust. The walls are painted with a paint can be washed and cleaned. Letuchesmolyanye paint, consisting of synthetic resins and organic solvents, more pozharnoopasny, they should not be used in homes as well as the volatile solvent evaporates after painting, a detrimental effect on human health. Organo-mineral paints are very durable and wear-resistant, can be applied to a wall at high temperature extremes, moisture resistance, but the high toxicity of the paint flammability of these paints can only use them to paint the exterior walls of houses.

Often used in oil paint, which consists of a mixture of pigments and linseed oil. This paint is water-resistant, strong and durable. But film of oil paint does not allow the surface to "breathe", so paint the walls with oil paint is better only in non-residential premises, for example, in the kitchen, hallway or entryway. There are also silicone paint, which made on the basis of silicones. The main feature of these paints is that it did not absorb water. For this reason, silicone paint – this is ideal for all types of outdoor work. There are also a number, so called "special colors". They are used relatively infrequently, due to their narrow range of applications. By "special colors" include anti-corrosion paint, which may be applied to metal surfaces without prior removal of rust for example enamel KO-5102; paint with fungicidal and bactericidal properties, which protect the wood from rotting and mold, paint to remove small defects (cracks, scratches) and out slight irregularities and so on. Before proceeding to the choice of paint and stain, you should think about how much time you spend in the room than there is to do. This is largely choice will determine the type of paint, not to harm the health of fumes, helps pick up a paint, so that it corresponds to the function room, will determine the choice of colors to create a working environment more soothing or vice versa atmosphere. Also, never will be an extra consultation with a specialist who will answer your various questions and talk about the features of a particular color.