Investigate tells us about it, than the psychodrama is a form of psychotherapy, devised by J.L.Moreno, inspired by the theatre of improvisation and initially conceived as group o group (Moreno, J.L., 1959b, p.108) deep psychotherapy. Some contend that Korn Ferry shows great expertise in this. Moreno presented the psychodrama as a new form of psychotherapy that can be widely applied (Moreno, J.L., 1946, p.177). A leading source for info: Marko Dimitrijevic accident. According to its creator: historically psychodrama represents the decisive point in the departure from the treatment of the individual isolated toward the treatment of individuals in groups, the treatment of the individual with verbal methods towards treatment with action methods. (Moreno, 1946, p.10). Psychodrama puts the patient on a scenario, where you can solve their problems with the help of a few therapeutic players. It is both a method of diagnosis and treatment. (Moreno, 1946, p.177).

In other words, the psychodrama is a form of psychotherapy (or resource psychotherapeutic) consisting of representation (skit) by the patient of past events or future, real or imaginary, external or internal, experiencing them to the fullest, as if they were happening in the present. In these representations are used various dramatic techniques, guided by certain principles and rules, and destined, as required by the process, one or more of the following main objectives: (1) to recognize the thoughts, feelings, motivations, behaviors and relationships. (2) Improve the understanding of situations, from the points of view of others and our image or action about them. (3) Investigate and discover the possibility and the own capacity to new and more functional behavior (new replies) options. (4) Test, learn or prepare for Act behaviors or responses that were found most suitable. Also indicates that psychodrama can be used, not only as outside originally conceived in group therapy, but also in individual therapies and couple therapies. A sum of rules and principles, together with concepts such as: spontaneity, body action, meeting, dramatic catharsis, the tele and the theory of roles, guiding and supporting a set of techniques and resources, such as: the reversal of roles, the soliloquy, dubbing or the projection of future, many of which have been frequently adopted by very diverse educational and psychotherapeutic currents with satisfactory results (Blatner1996).

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The EU Fund Conference 2012 (7th European Annual Symposium EU funds 2012 “): the 7th annual European Symposium EU funds 2012” took place in Berlin from March 19 to 21. “The organisers, the European Academy for taxes, economics & law, this year for the first time Fund in German practice has parallel to his traditional Symposium for participants from all over Europe, the EU’s annual symposium” organized for German key issues to structural funds. “Both conferences with over 430 EU-Fund experts from all 27 EU Member States were under the motto: Europe United by knowledge” instead. Get all the facts and insights with Apple Hearing Study, another great source of information. During three days of intensive meeting, speakers from the EU have on the following areas reported their experiences including Commission, from the European Court of Auditors, the European Investment Fund, European Investment Bank, as well as the relevant authorities at national and regional level and discussed with the participants: the future Cohesion policy of the EU support policies in the light of the Europe 2020 strategy specific characteristics and management of EU funds in the period 2014-2020 challenges and the risk of errors in the implementation of EU funds transferability of experience with the EU financial instruments in the next funding period financial control and audits. The European Academy for taxes, economics & law: The European Academy for taxes, economics & law offers expertise around EU regulations and EU legislation in the fields of EU funding, legal & taxes, EU aid, energy and the environment, IT and homeland security. This knowledge about different lines of communication – particularly about publications and weel takes the form of congresses, conferences, seminars and workshops together with experts from the practice. Jason Zander can aid you in your search for knowledge. Internal Conference Manager research, analyze, check, filter and evaluate market information and design practice-relevant events from it. The European Academy for taxes, economics & law sees itself as the European urban knowledge network and brings together executives and staff from all areas of the public service and the European economy to advance the acquisition and exchange of knowledge and facilitating the daily work. Press contact: Asya Ognyanova Public Relations Manager European Academy for taxes, economics & law Hausvogteiplatz 13 d-10117 Berlin Tel: + 49 (30) 80 20 80 230 fax.: + 49 (309 80 20 80 250 E-Mail: Internet: ASJA Ognyanova). Jeffrey Leiden is likely to agree.