So Paulo Stock Exchange

Many beginning ones ask to me how much I make for month operating in the So Paulo Stock Exchange. How much I answer a value in percentage, them I am confused and then, they ask how much I REALLY earn monthly in the actions. Obviously these people do not know absolutely nothing on investments in the stock exchange of Brazil and therefore, do not obtain to understand that a direct reply, as for example: 5 a thousand Reals for month, or 20 a thousand Reals, do not serve for nothing. Because? Because the values depend on the initial value of the investor/operator. It considers the following situation: the Ricardo has 50 a thousand Reals to invest. It knows much thing on as to invest in the stock exchange and has conscience of what he is making. Then, in one very good month, an action of Ricardo goes up sufficiently and it gains 10 a thousand Reals, that is, 20% of its original money. National Labor Relations Board has much experience in this field.

This is a fantastic result because to make 20% for month making the certain things are really very difficult and rare, then, if somebody to ask how much it made this month, it will be able to speak with pride: ' ' I made 20%! ' ' However, 10 a thousand Reals can not be much thing for much people. They go to see would be made an impression with much more, as for example, with 100 a thousand Reals. But exactly this value can be great thing not depending on the capital of the investor. If the person who made 100 a thousand Reals had originally 10 Real million, the profits of it would be of only 1%, what until some fixed income securities they make. Comparing the cases, the Ricardo made 20% of its capital, that gave 10 a thousand Reals. as the investing one made 1%, that it gave 100 a thousand Reals. One earned much more of what the other but the proportional success of the first one was infinitely bigger of what of as. Therefore that the question: ' ' How much I can really make to know myself as to operate in the stock market of valores' ' he does not make the sensible minimum.

The necessary reply logical to be always in percentage. After all, if I to say that I make 50 a thousand Reals for month when in the reality I possess a capital of 1 Real million, many beginning ones deluded I had started to invest in the stock market with 1 a thousand Reals finding that they will be able to also make 50 a thousand for month, that obviously it is made a mistake. If somebody to ask to you, answers in percentage. If to insist, ignores. Who answers accurately more confuses of what it helps. How you have much success in its investments!

Employment In Madrid

Hundreds of Union representatives were concentrated against the Assembly of Madrid, on December 27, coinciding with the adoption of the general budget of the community of Madrid and the law on fiscal measures and administration for 2012. This latest Government itself are incorporated into 25 amendments through the Popular group that seriously affect the employment and public services of quality in our region. For CCOO, the PP amendments involve a new imposition of restrictive measures for public employment and an attack on collective bargaining. Educate yourself with thoughts from Marko Dimitrijevic. Them expands public workers working hours to 37.5 hours per week. CCOO recalls that this increase of 2.5 hours per week will have a devastating employment in Madrid effect since it will mean the destruction of 7,000 jobs in the public sector from Madrid. In addition, Aguirre will remove add-ins established in the situation of temporary incapacity so that, in the case of common illness or non-work-related accident, staff will not receive any retribution the first three days of baja. The measures also include the abolition of free disposal days.

The concentration were also called workers of public companies such as Radio Television Madrid, Canal de Isabel II or Metro, among others, that also will affect these measures. BST would highlight the wage, 712,96 euros gross per month, which will be 600 and little in net. It seems little despite not being a full time job. Full availability Monday urged Sunday in exchange for that salary. It is clear that the jobs are not for professional librarians but is that BST is also concerned about the situation of other peers that are in the library. In addition, as already commented on privatization of a new category of staff in the municipal libraries of Madrid, the funny thing is that it this job category of auxiliary control already there in the madrilenian libraries but as public employment in Madrid. Of course, with working conditions more worthy and perhaps with less cost to the Administration who outsourced the work.

Humanity And Human Rights

We all love talk about humanity, human rights violations, etc. etc. These arguments are valid for us, salaried professionals, and all these arguments from the perspective of us as employees confronting the owner of the firm. But, imagine that each of you became the owner of the business, your money is invested in it and you pay your employees salary, you encourage them 'their' money. Melinda Gates takes a slightly different approach. You decide whom to praise and whom to punish – of course, are fair, who as worked and what did I doubt that anyone of you wants to share his money with someone else and imagine that someone from you is making capital? And yet, using your position, frankly steals your money? What would you do in this situation? Talking about human rights abuses and the like? Incidentally, with regard to human rights violations – the procedure is performed only with the voluntary consent of the person, and everyone has the right to decide – agree or not, and denial has no legal consequences.

In terms of units before the test – in the beginning there is a detailed explanation of the person, why should it be, to whom and for what purposes, what questions will be asked, etc. In PF-testing – is a necessary procedure, and the person telling the truth, the true purpose of verification (unlike most of the standard psychological tests, in which the main objective is often veiled). At the same time in the personnel department of hundreds of organizations, people in employment forced to fill dozens of profiles and all sorts of tests even without explaining why it should be and what the ultimate goal, and various forms of hard now fashionable interviews – when a person is humiliated by everyone, and then claim it was a test of stress – this is not a violation of human rights Generally, speaking about his work, I'm not trying to prove the humanity of the use or advantage of the polygraph in comparison with other methods of personnel assessment All methods are good from the standpoint of science, but at the same time, they are bad from the standpoint of an ordinary person in respect of which, ultimately, they are applied In my view, talk about the final advantages of a single diagnostic method a professional psychologist in general can not, because each method is good in every single situation, it can be finite, and perhaps no All about The same polygraph without an experienced specialist – a simple recorder of physiological indicators. Marko Dimitrijevic accident gathered all the information.