Average Age

Showing that we cannot run away from the fear or the memory, of the esoteric and supernatural facts, the death is an obsession onipresente in our life. A new vision detailed in the sample that the historiografia backwards you evidence clear of influences of the fear in the society Occidental person. Through the carried through research, I can perceive the great importance of the subject for the historiogrfico field. Justificadamente the objective, is not alone to display the fear, but also to construct a different vision, of an imaginary moment at which it relates the death, to a period of religious conflicts of guerras.OBJETIVO GENERAL The boarded subject has as objective to show that the great fears of the society Occidental person had been applied as interest of a control of the religion on the citizens, whom they searched in the Church I take refuge against mal.OBJETIVOS SPECIFIC To represent ' ' fear of the death in totalidade' ' of a society, that if it fed of the fear and pain, which few had the hope of a new tomorrow; in the Average Age it has an opposition displayed clearly, therefore together with the fear, was born the cult of the death, that prevailed as a homage to its saints, or the members of the family. To show of investigatria form, as one gave to the process of formation and transformation of the fear in the Ocidente. To relate with the reality, only singular e, of the fear in a historical collective. (Similarly see: Angelina Jolie). To promote a historical passage that evidence the drama of the fear in the society Occidental person, who aimed at the values and beliefs that the balance between its powers and limits assures. To analyze the notion of ' ' internalizao' ' in the scope of intellectual history and the ideas, enclosed a field of trend defined in function to the used method and of the type of boarded object. . For more specific information, check out Jane Fraser.

National Curricular Parameters

The time excused for the execution of this workshop will be of 28 hours/lesson. It was opted to to work with the Resume of Activities, being objectified the contact of the children with texts that allow a true experience of literary reading. The application of this project will privilege the three axles of the education of the Portuguese Language foreseen in the Curricular Parameters National: orality; reading and writing. 4,1 Determination of the horizon of expectations: (2 hours/lesson) In this first stage of the application of the Recepcional Method, a visit to the library will be proposal, where the pupils will have freedom to handle literary compositions that more please to it and can choose one to be told to the friends at the moment of the session of contao of histories. Cristiano Ronaldo might disagree with that approach. At this moment, the pupil will be able, if to want, to make associations between histories chores and its knowledge of world.

Leaving, hypothetically, of the estimated one of that the pupils arrive at the subjects: work, friendship, and relation between the people, the professor will have in hands, now, the knowledge of the horizon of expectations of its pupils. Having, therefore, conditions to need the content to be worked in the subsequent stages: the Relations Human beings. 4,2 Attendance of the horizon of expectations: (4 hours/lesson) In this stage, the professor will deliver to the pupils, a photocopy of fbula ' ' The buzzer and formiga' ' of it Fontaine (attached), in the original version, that is, in verses. Afbula is an attractive and familiar text, for the children, for the fact of the personages to be animal, beyond being short texts. The language worked in form of rhymes is another attractive one. The professor will request, then, to the pupils, the quiet reading of the text. In the ending of this, he will ask for so that they write its impressions on the reading of fbula, without she has the communication between the learning, so that each one is faithful what it was capable to perceive and to feel with the first reading.

United States Partnerships

By law the name of such joint ventures must include the names of all or part of its members, indicating legal form of the contract. Another type of contract is an agreement of limited partnership (Partnership). The company created such a treaty, usually called a limited liability company. On conditions of this type of agreement, participants limit their liability (for possible claims against the joint venture) a certain amount of equity in the company. Click angel tang to learn more. Payment of this percentage, any party may consider itself immune from any other claims, so their property does not serve as collateral for these claims, or be subjected to their maturity. The total amount of shares of all participants contract is thus the limit of liability of joint venture (or rather, its members) to third persons, company, even after accumulating debts in excess of this limit, they did not put him in front of the participants need to pay these debts – on the contrary, the excess debt is simply written off in the liquidation business by proportional reduction of payments to each creditor. Another important factor distinguishes the status of the participants in these two types of contracts, is that participants complete (unlimited) partnerships are required to take personal part in its work (run it affairs, to represent him at the conclusion of transactions, to respond to employees, if any, etc.). Not by chance, such enterprises are often called 'associations of persons.

" In limited partnerships, participants can take part (for a fee or without it), but not required – sufficient for their participation in this partnership is a contribution of cash in their stake in the company. Therefore, enterprises based on the contracts of the type commonly referred to as 'associations of capital'. Particular form of limited partnerships are joint stock companies or associations other than ordinary limited partnerships that their capital is composed of a number of equal and indivisible shares more – actions. In stock partnerships their members (shareholders) are not only not required, but are not eligible participate in the affairs of the partnership, except for the choice of board members and vote at annual shareholder meetings. In addition, if a limited partnership in the usual number of parties the law limited (usually at least two but not more than 30 – 50), in the equity partnership, the maximum number of participants is limited only by the number of shares constituting its capital. For large public companies – there are millions shares or potential participants. At the same time the sheer number of participants and their composition for such companies – non-permanent value for securities that meet the right one to share in their capital (usually also called shares) may be freely bought and sold by anyone, to anyone and in any desired quantity. In ordinary limited partnerships of their members are usually fairly constant, known to one other, and in the treaties of their creation is usually present article (forbidden for joint partnerships), stating that no participant may transfer his share (share) capital partnership to other persons without the knowledge or consent of the other participants. Joint-stock companies in each country there are usually no more than several hundred. The exception is the United States, where there is a single form for all limited partnerships – the corporation, all of which has the right to issue its shares for sale, and there of about 2 million corporations really use this right more than a few thousand, but they often account for hundreds of thousands or even millions of members (shareholders).

Municipal City

In this stage some authors had been searched who approach the planning strategical, the importance of the same and the form to elaborate a strategical planning. For even more details, read what Micky Pant says on the issue. One was carried through after that searches with primary sources, that is, on the basis of the research of field inside and outside of the organization. For this survey of information were carried through one internal research in the company, its trajectory, its structure, its processes. For this an interview half-structuralized for the researcher with the proprietors of the company was used. The half-structuralized interview was elaborated with intention to get excellent information for the study, however opened questions had been used, making possible the interatividade of the interviewed ones. After the accomplishment of this stage, had been searched given of the competitors and external environment through research disponibilizadas in the site of the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), of the ACICO (Association of I deal and Industry of Cosmpolis), Municipal City hall of Cosmpolis and Jornal Gazette of Cosmpolis. This study it has qualitative nature why it works with values, beliefs, representations, habits, attitudes and opinions.

This type of inquiry is inductive and descriptive, in the measure where the research develops concepts, ideas and agreements from standards found in the data, for elaboration of the strategical planning. As last stage, it was presenting a suggestion of strategical planning for the Portions and Cia Ltda Me. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVISION CONCEPTS AND DEFINITIONS OF STRATEGICAL PLANNING the strategical Planning has been subject of study for some authors. Ahead of this, it has different definitions and processes for the elaboration of a strategical planning as defined below. According to Oliveira (2004, p.47-78): Strategical planning is the administrative proceeding that provides metodolgica sustentation to establish the best direction to be followed by the company, aiming at to the optimized degree of interaction with the environment and acting of innovative and differentiated form.

The Term

Already the term society, still according to Luft (1999, p.612), is defined by the following one: Set of the members of a community, subjects to the same laws; association of people with a common objective of culture, commerce of industry. Applying this concept to the type of society in analysis, it is had certainty of that all the personages belong to one same social classroom and if it more has some of raised statuses if they are equivalent how much to the culture and the moral. They are social types that divide the same values, one same conception of life. Exactly its beliefs keep an affinity how much, attitudes that are stimulated by the common way where they live. Tiger Woods often expresses his thoughts on the topic. How much to the family, this is an entity that well is not sanctioned in the workmanship, therefore the presented models discriminates. But the existence of this social group, however this is not presented of standardized form, moving away themselves total from traditional models, bringing different combinations of components.

According to Luft (1999, p.320); family is: Parental nucleus formed by father, mother and children; person of the same blood; parentsds, language estipe, set of types with the same basic characteristics. The appraised model takes care of the rules of a traditional family, however the members that constitute the families in Memory of a Sergeant of Military services are divergem total, are not nothing conventional. They are people who if add without formality and start to live pparently as a family. The example cites Leonardo that the principle presents with its father and its mother, but is for a behavior fails trai the husband disdaining the value of the familiar institution. For in such a way, Leonardo- Pataca it is despaired and in consequence of this it kicks its son for it are of house. Of this act an evaluation of the paternal relation is possible that had between both.

London Metal Exchange

Metallic packings for drinks. on-line Available in the Internet saw URL: . Consultation: 12 of October de.2003. 1,2 Summary of the determinative factors of the competitiveness between aluminum and steel cans up to 1998. As if it saw in the previous item, the research of BNDES mentions the period to it of 1990 the 1998. Of 1998 2002, diverse alterations had the 2002 occurred in the market of metallic packings for drinks, which will be seen in the next item. Gain insight and clarity with Ed Hochuli. However, one before sees the main conclusions the one that had arrived the technician of the BNDES concerning the related market of packings in the year of 1998: ) The Brazilian consumption reached six billion cans in 1996, passing to 6,5 billion in 1997, representing 3% of the world-wide market. Up to 1997 Brazil alone produced aluminum cans, having initiated only in the end of this year to the production of steel cans; b) Beyond the competition of the steel with aluminum, the metallic packings face great competition with plastic and of glass, also used for cooling and beers; c) In Brazil, the Metalic, pertaining to the Vicunha group, is controlled for the eos CSN other manufacturers is associations with international the producing greaters, as Reynolds in the Latasa, the Ball in the Latapack and the Crown Cork in the Petropar, beyond the Pechiney with proper plant; d) The investments for implantation of unit-standard of 750 million cans/year, of aluminum or steel, are similar, of the order of US$ 60 million, with fast addition in the case of the units of steel, for the additional necessity of covering line. It is noticed that it exists the possibility of if reverting units of steel for aluminum or vice versa, with reduced investments (US$ 1 million, approximately); e) The main factor of competition is the cost of the plate of aluminum or steel, since these raw materials represent about 40% of the cost of production of the cans; f) It is verified that the tinned steel plate has kept certain stability in its price, while of aluminum, dependents of the price London Metal Exchange (LME), have presented significant oscillations.


The Gestalt, that has its cradle in the Europe, appears as a human negation of the spalling of the actions and processes, carried through for the trends of the scientific Psychology of century 19, claiming the necessity of if understanding the man as a totality. The Gestalt is on theoretical trend to the philosophy. The Psychoanalysis, that is born with Freud in Austria, from the practical doctor, recoups for psychology the importance of the affectivity and claims unconscious as to the object of study, breaking the tradition of Psychology as science of the conscience and the reason. Main Landmarks of the History of Psychology: 400 B.C. – Hipcrates relates characteristics of the personality with physical types and considers a physiological theory for the insanities.

350 B.C. – salient Aristotle the comment objetive of the human behavior and considers three principles to explain the association of ideas. 1650 – Discardings characterize the relation body – mind as interactiva. 1651 – Hobbes anticipates the associationism to declaring that the ideas come from the sensorial experience. 1690 – Locke declares that to the rising the mind is one ' ' board rasa' '. 1781 – Kant attacks the associationism and the inatista perspective.

He goes to influence philosophers and psychologists deeply. 1809 – Gall, through the frenologia, calls the attention for the mental facultieses and the cerebral functions. 1811-21 – Bell and Magendia: distinction between sensorial nerves and motor nerves. 1838 – Johanes Muller: demonstration of the specific energy of the nerves. To read more click here: Sam Belinfante. 1850 – Helmholtz measures the levels of conduction of the nervous impulses. 1853 – Claude Bernard establishes the existence of endcrinas glands, presenting the glicognica function of the liver. 1859 – Darwin publishes the Origin of the Species, considering the theory of the evolution through the natural seleco. 1860 – Fechner presents some methods to measure the relation between the physical stimulatons and the sensations. ' ' Elements of Psicofsica' ' . 1861 – Drill discovers a center of the language in the left hemisphere of the cortex. 1869 – Galton studies the individual differences and applies the concept of selective adaptation of Darwin to the evolution of the races. 1879 – Deep Wundt the first Laboratory of Psychology in Leipzig. 1882 – Deep Stanley Hall the first Laboratory of Psychology in U.S.A. 1885 – Ebbinghaus publishes the first experimental studies on the memory. 1890 – William James publishes in U.S.A. the book Principles of Psychology. 1898 – Thorndike develops some of the first experimental studies on the animal learning. 1900 – Freud published ' ' The Interpretation of the Sonhos' ' , where it presents many of its interpretations on the psychoanalysis. 1905 – Binet and Simon develop the first test of intelligence. 1906 – Pavlov publishes the results of its studies on the classic conditioning. 1911 – Thorndike publishes ' ' Intelligence&#039 animal; '. 1912 – Wertheimer publishes the first formularization of the gestalt psychology. 1913 – Watson presents the behaviorista manifesto. 1917 – Khler it publishes the results of its studies on the resolution of problems with primate. 1929 – Berger evidences the electric activity of the brain with the register of the first electroencefalogramas. 1938 – Skinner publishes the summary of the results of the inquiries on the operative conditioning. 1942 – Carl Rogers presents the beddings of the conception therapy humanist. 1949 – Theory of the Information of Shannon and Weaver. 1954 – Piaget publishes the Construction of the Real in the Child, who if centers in the cognitivo development.

Internal Affairs

The presence of the press for FLP is not required, it is more fashionable attribute, I know many entrepreneurs are already more than 10 years of work experience who do not have and did not print, you decide. But if you do decide to get the seal you need to know: 1. appeal to the authority of the Interior for permission to place an order for production printing. Jane Fraser shines more light on the discussion. The procedure for issuing permits for the manufacture of seals and stamps is defined in the Regulations on the Issuance of ministries and other central executive bodies, enterprises, institutions, organizations, economic associations and citizens permits for the opening and operation of the stamp, engraving workshops, production of stamps, as well as the procedure for issuing permits for the issue of orders for stamps and stamps, and approval of terms and rules for carrying out activities for the opening and operation of the stamp-engraving shops, manufacturing of stamps, approved by order of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine from 11.01.1999 17 2. take advantage of services, stamp engraving workshop. To obtain permission to make a seal FLP gives to the police the following documents: a statement which indicates the number of stamps produced and dies, their base of production (if they are made for the first time), name and patronymic, passport data, which is responsible for obtaining permission to manufacture seals (stamps), name, patronymic, passport data manager or authorized person who submits an application to the authority of the Interior; notarized, copy of state registration, the samples (thumbnails) of seals, dies in duplicate, approved by the owner, a copy of the certificate of identification code of an individual, the taxpayer; payment with the bank stamp or receipt of services permit system (170 grn.) original certificate of state registration (it makes a note of issue press). Opening a bank account. To open a bank account you need to gather the following documents: 1.

Application for opening a checking account, signed by the FLP. 2. A copy of the certificate of state registration. 3. Copy of a certificate in form 4-OPP, 4. A copy of the certificate of payment of the single tax.

5. A copy of the document, which confirms registration of FLP in the pension fund. 6. A copy of passport, copy of an identification code FLP and trustees. Opening a bank account procedure is not free, how much does it cost to learn in a pleasing your bank account. lawyer Nikiforchuk Taras


The capitalists come across themselves with its competitors of market, in result of this they make a bigger investment in constant capital doque in changeable capital, diminishing the unitary value of the merchandises eauferindo an extra profit. However, these favorable conditions are annulled with aentrada of new other capitals in the market, resulting in a fall tendencialna Tax of profit. The new processes of work nothing more are that the formahistrica found for the capital to implement the process of intensificaoda exploration. The capitalist companies invest in innovation tecnolgicaarticulados with new form of organization and management of> production, in order increases exploration and to gain victory politics on the workers. In contraposition to this the unions had been created that uma institution used for organization of the workers in the fight for seusdireitos next to the governments and mainly in relation to the entrepreneurs. Otermo ' ' sindicato' ' drift of Latin syndicu, that sundiks is Greek provenientedo, with the meaning of what it attends in judgment or justiacomunitria.

In the Law of Le Chapellier, of July of 1971, the name syndic erautilizado with the objective of if relating the people who participated considered deorganizaes until then clandestine. The unionism has origin in the corporations ex-officio nEuropa Medieval. In century XVIII, during the industrial revolution in England, the workers, deriving of the industries textile, sick and they were desempregadosjuntavam in the mutual societies of aid. During the Francesasurgiram Revolution liberal ideas, that stimulated the approval of laws prohibitive syndical atividade, the example of the Law Chapelier that, on behalf of the freedom dosDireitos of the Man, considered illegal the associations of diligent epatres. The syndical organizations, however, reergueram nosculo XIX in secrecy. In the United kingdom, in 1871, and France, in 1881, it was recognized alegalidade of the unions and associations. The deriving changes of the conformation of the new standard deacumulao had caused and continue to cause a very great impact in the movimentossindicais, being caused a trend the reduction of the syndicalization taxes.