Add Neighbors

One of the characteristic most important in Farmville is having many neighbouring and much better if everyone speak your language but to give you much more information about all the movements that have the game I mean crop very fresh news and updates, you planting if you’re slow on the game and everything else that happens in the juego.aqui will find a spectacular Guide to everything need you for Farmville best guide for farmville The best guide for Farmville, these are some of the secrets that you will discover when you have in your hands the Guide cheats Farmville 1 – why 99% of players are using the worst methods to build their farm and how to avoid the same mistakes? 2 – How to work intelligently. This game is about being an efficient employee and you will learn to be more efficient. 3 – How to generate large sums of money to buy things for you and your friends, without falling into bankruptcy. 4 – The secrets that are hidden behind the experience points. 5 – The secret tactic I use for make me never having to plough the land to grow new crops. 6 – A trick little known to the domain at all levels, at an incredible speed and no matter at what level is today. 7 – The fastest way to grow the list of its neighbours, without ask them or ask your friends with annoying invitations.

8 – An extremely effective way for those players from low levels, to acquire experience points, even if it is just beginning 9-How to make to acquire the highest speed possible (something that has never imagined), to be able to work, cultivate, and harvest as quickly as possible. 10 – How to get that dozens of the best farmers become their neighbors. In just 2 hours, using some secret tactics. (You won’t believe how easy that is). 11 – And be assured that their crops are not cast to lose, even if they are ready to harvest. While you are sleeping! 12-How to duplicate the experience points overnight completely on autopilot.

A slap will be given when Discover how easy that was. If you are still not convinced, with this super guide also you can achieve this be the owner of all vehicles. You can have tractors, combine harvesters, seeders, and will have at its disposal all the fuel you want. You’ll get your wind and a beautiful greenhouse mill. Never again will feel ashamed of his farm will have his own Villa. My House is currently a huge Villa. Are you where you live? You can buy all the animals you want and see how they feed. It will increase your level and expand his farm as much as you want! and not takes more from the following link check it yourself.