Additional Accessories

To finish the cut is desirable to disable this feature. Also, do not require shuttle service to work with sheet steel and hardwood (or it should be minimal). Robert Kiyosaki is likely to agree. Adjusting the frequency of stroke. Very useful feature for working with different kinds of material. There are two options for selecting the frequency range – installation before turning and changing the frequency using the power button is pressed, trigger lock. Increasing the number of moves improves performance, but results in faster wear of the working canvas.

Illumination of working zone built-in light provides the convenience of the work even in poor mainly lighting. Automatic blowing sawdust engine cooling fan cutting line free of sawdust and dust. Connecting to a vacuum cleaner – this feature provides a clean workplace and improves visibility of cut line. Connection is via a special nozzle. Quick-change nail files allow you to remove a worn cutter blade touch special lever. The device allows you to rotate the rotation sawing sawing at 360 degrees. Function is useful for cutting circles. Locking corner lets you record an instrument at an angle of 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees.

Additional Accessories for Jig most common additional devices are: The table for mounting Jig in the workplace allows to move the material, rather than a tool. May useful for handling small parts. removable plate This plate is attached to the supporting platform tool for best glide. small suitcase for storage of many manufacturers to deliver complete with a jigsaw and a special case, suitcase, which provides convenient storage tool.