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The ABC newspaper recently published an investigation of the r & d unit of the University of Alcala (UAH), which demonstrate how the stem cells present in the blood of the umbilical cord can be used two different routes of differentiation to generate the cells producing antibodies, lymphocytes B. This research, published in the journal of the Academy of Sciences of the United States, allows to find the lineage of lymphocytes B-1 human, other than the B-2 cells that are the majority in adults and the only known so far in man. The authors have discovered the B cell normal diana of tumoral transformation in patients of lymphoblastic leukemia (b) child, and possibly involved in other pathophysiological mechanisms that affect a large part of the population. The results of the study represent an improvement in the fundamental knowledge of the genesis of the immune system and have implications in diseases of great social impact. The researcher Eva Sanz and his collaborators have traced the fate of each cell descendant of the population mother during the first 10 generations of cellular division of their progeny to prove it. The findings of our study are the first to demonstrate that human B lymphocytes can be created by two routes of different parents that share properties similar to lineages of B-1 and B-2 in mouse cells, explains Sanz. B-1 cells are involved in mechanisms of disease such as cancer, in responsible natural antibodies in anti-infective defence production, and the withdrawal of products involved in degeneration in common diseases in older people, as the removal of oxidized cholesterol to prevent atherosclerosis. Source: ABC on IVIDA IVIDA is the cord Bank umbilical of lVI, leading European in reproductive medicine with 22 clinics and presence in 8 countries. IVIDA offers an integral service of preservation of umbilical cord, giving the possibility to the families preserve the sample of the newborn in the public bank located in the Madrid headquarters or the private bank located at the headquarters of Lisbon. IVI, with more than 20 years in the service of reproduction, IVIDA patients guarantees absolute control of the whole process, from the collection of the sample to the freezing of the same.