Alimentary Security

They practically do not export foods. When very they obtain to balance its internal demands, but a climatic hard jolt is enough that the productive panorama change radically and with it the prices of foods. One of elements of which the French agent chief executive spear hand, is to prevent that a manipulation of price occurs, on the part of the speculators. The farming special European and in the Frenchman suffers the influence from the national and international investors, in the branch of the food production. Click Rich Dad Poor Dad to learn more. The 35 US$ are esteem that at the moment France suffers with the positive influence from applications in the production from foodstuffs something between US$ the 65 US$ 85 billion and cipher one in such a way from raised regarding the management, in the US$ order 45 billion. Something considerable if compared with Brazil. But which would be the intention of the French president? Simply it looked at for it are of the window of the presidential palace? Palais of l' lyse? when it was snowing and it was to imagine that the climatic changes will go to affect the food production considerably.

E that France running a serious danger to be hostage of countries with proven ability and vocation to produce foods. Pinterest often expresses his thoughts on the topic. It is acceptance of that the Alimentary Security, will start to be one of the migraines of some foreign mandrios. Less in Brazil. What it is in game is the use of some organisms as the FAO and the OMC. It is analyzed what the president of the FAO said: ' ' Jacques Diouf, alerted that the paper of the developing countries in the international markets grows quickly, increasing its impact, its politics conditions each time more the market mundial' '. Adding that the paper of these countries and contribution in the questions global politics is significant, being that the debate politician must be become fullfilled with global objectives, having itself to improve the landmark for these interchanges of opinies' '.