American Airlines

American Airlines, Iberia and British Airways (BA) will start operating together from this month of October, as it was reflected in the agreement of joint venture that the big three signed a few months ago, and that will generate a close commercial cooperation between them to operate flights to destinations in the European Union such as flights to London, or flights to Paristo cities in the United States, Mexico, Norway and Canada. The benefits of the agreement signed between the three companies are calculated in lathe to the $ 7 billion, which is equivalent to 5.150 billion euros, thanks to the generation of a wider range of discounted fares, more accessible and a greater number of connections. In addition, these benefits, according to noted British Airways, will be distributed equally between Iberia, American Airlines and the British company, which last April signed a pre-acuerdo’s merger with Iberia that, in the absence of the last fringes, will provide an exchange of shares of 56 percent for British and 44 percent for the Spanish company. This agreement will allow members of the Oneworld Alliance airlines to compete on equal terms with other global alliances that already operate jointly in the transatlantic space.. .