American Psychological Association

As a result of the publication of this work, the American Psychological Association in 1973 organized a working group on research in health, which was coordinated by him own Schofield. The conclusions reached by the group after the analysis of the Psichological Abstracts between 1966 and 1973, were: up to the present, American psychologists have not felt very attracted by the problems of health and disease as fertile areas for the research activity, both basic and applied; These psychologists have not perceived the benefits that entails for their work in securing improvements in the maintenance of health, prevention of disease and caregiving system. In the summer of 1978, and after a series of meetings coordinated primarily by Stephen M. Weiss, Joseph D. Matarrazzo and Gorge C. Stone, the members of the section of the Network and others, raised a request to reach the status of Division at the meeting that the APA held this year in Toronto, then approving the establishment of the Division of Health Psychology (Division 38), whose fundamental objectives are as follows: promote the contributions of psychology as a discipline interested in understanding health and disease through research basic and clinical; Encourage the integration of the information Biomedical about health and disease with current psychological knowledge; Inform the scientific and professional community, as well as to the general public, of the main results of research and activities and services in this area. Facilitate and promote the training of professionals and the creation of specialized services in health psychology. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out andrew dwyer. In September 1979, Joseph Matarazzo is responsible for delivering the presidential speech of the Division of Psychology health in the meeting of the American Psychological Association in New York. And, when the number of psychologists who appear dedicated to the application of psychology to the field of the physical health/disease begins to increase gradually thereafter. Thus, increasingly, health psychologists are required by health services.