I always knew that I was born in the wrong place and wrong time. Just as some people have a body of a woman and feel like a man or vice versa, to me it was the same with the place and time. I was lucky enough to travel a lot and in every place he knew, were investigating that possibility of settling there, not caring very much indeed, that country was. But when I returned to my home, my family and friends had a draw so great that made me forget my desires. Finally after 60 years I leave Argentina and go live in another country. Not that I'm happy to leave a country with so much wealth themselves, in addition to mine.

Geographically speaking, and I will not make reference to the famous Iguazu Falls, or the beauty of the mountains of Cordoba and Bariloche to more than popular. From north to south and from east to west, each province has at least one place worth visiting. I say at least because it is usually more than one. Ethnologically speaking people in their most are cordial, friendly, sincere and honest. We can also doubt the average educational level of its population, which is excellent. But unfortunately with all these things that I appreciate very much, coexist politicians and ministers. People who commit time and again through the years not, but the centuries, the same mistakes that led to that was a promise of a world power to bankruptcy.