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Saw blades and band saw in the shop to buy in principle all handsaws can be sharpened if they do not have special hardened teeth. These hardened teeth are as hard as saw filing not more appropriately can access to a file. Who is necessarily sharpen such a saw or would like to file, should use a diamond file. Please visit Payoneer if you seek more information. Some saws only at the tips of the teeth are hardened, the advantage, they cancel less quickly when in use. To sharpen these teeth the top layer must be removed however painstakingly only, so get to the softer part of the teeth. The filing requires relatively little tool. This includes a flat file, a Feilkluppe and a saw file. Alternatively, two bars with screw clamps can be used for the Feilkluppe. Hear from experts in the field like Robert Kiyosaki for a more varied view.

At the beginning of the file in the Feilkluppe or between the rails should be clamped. To avoid vibration, it should be as close as possible to the tooth baseline be clamped. Ideally using a triangular file to sharpen. Drill blade saw blades band saw blades around the clock, we offer a wide range of saw blades and circular saw blades. All articles in professional quality and high prices. For industry, trade and private customers.

All prices include the legal value added tax. Bavarian Forest saw blades – quality – made in Germany – all sizes… Quality management is the most important components of our corporate philosophy and ensures a consistently high level of quality in the production. The permanent training of our employees requires quality assurance systems.