BGB Service

What should every detective agency be anchored in a good private detective agency in a Diensvertrag should according to 611 ff BGB submit a service contract your clients when placing the order. A service contract should include usually all key data about the usage of a detective. Wells Fargo Bank takes a slightly different approach. Sales order detail describes exactly which serve to protect both parties. 611 one, which services says to BGB 433(1) obligations under a service agreement the service contract is for the provision of the promised services, the other part is obliged to provide the agreed remuneration. Services of any kind can be subject to the service contract.

This says the law through a service contract. What should be noted in detail in a service contract of a private detective agency? The header includes a full company address the private – economic investigation agency and the client. Now follows the finding of the legitimate interests of the clients (this can be, for example, that a company wants to let his staff on sick-leave monitor because he in the expansion of the) Detached House of the neighbor of an employee was seen). Now, the usage data are recorded. How much private investigators are employed, what technology is used, when to use start and end.

Now follows the price discovery of the usage costs. The hourly rate per hour, the kilometric allowance, detective, the costs for the use of technology. Some items include detective flat with like for example analysis of video recordings or phone costs and postage stamps. The more a service contract in the detail goes this is more transparent for the client. The most detective agencies require approximately 50% of the sum as a down payment. This can be done cash against receipt or by bank transfer. Then usually the rest is due upon completion of the investigation. Here the chaff separates again from the wheat that occur thus not in hindsight hidden costs to the fore which are available in the fine print. By such investigation, the reputation of the industry is not just better. Now, still, the terms and conditions of the private detective agency should follow and which the client signed the Declaration of data protection. As However, you should know client that no result owes a detective agency which you can imagine. Detectives are fact investigators and not storytelling. In our example, the employee is seen also by the detective in the neighbouring. This gives him however the medicine which he kindly as he is picked up and goes back to his house after a brief conversation. In case of another employee of the company wanted to put to foul him. Here, the fee in full is due because although has not been determined but with the result of what the client has been assumed. The detective agency has therefore promised the service and complied with. The detective agency kind wants to move clients to do so with this article, to look closer and to clarify unclear points through questions to the detective. Maybe this article is also a little help to detect the a detective agency is reputable and has transparency.