Blogging and Business

In one of the most popular platforms for blogging – – the blog owner can, without making absolutely no effort to optimize and promote your blog to get huge traffic (tens of thousands of hits per month) and hundreds of regular readers. The whole secret lies in the fact that the blog should catch the eye of someone of the leading blog service Blogger Buzz Blogger, and like him enough to be mentioned in the daily review of Blogs of Note. It is clear that the chance of being seen too little. But if you know how to be a blog, so he stood out from the thousands of others, and you can work hard – painfully so the results are impressive. Reviewing blogs, trapped in Blogs of Note in the last two months, I brought a set of signs, possessing which you will significantly increase the chances of getting into the coveted top.

The main thing is that they want guglovtsy of Blogger – it's your blog at first sight can be uniquely identified as a blog platform Blogger (or Blogspot). In this position lies 70% of success. Or more. What does this mean practically? 1. Using the standard template.

Without it – anywhere. 2. The presence of the top navigation bar (NavBar). It is also – must have (necessarily). 3. The absence or minimal possible number of third-party gadgets and, consequently, the use of 'their', 'blogging' gadgets If these three points are met – consider that you are on the right track. If not – can not continue. What else do you like Blogger-in? 4. Daily (Or at least every 2-3 days) updated blog (recent postings). 5. The original (in the sense of authorship) photos. Moreover, the quality of photos is not critical, most importantly – their number. 6. Topic blog – 'something personal'. And in any If no earnings in the network, not marketing, not SEO, nothing like that! Traveling, cooking, biographies, hobbies – that's it please your heart's content. 7. A large number of posts per page – up to 20 spins and more. 8. Light-face on dark background (30 per cent of cases). Do not try to improve what you give. Deals exclusively with the content. Write often and generously Illustrate your word creation. 'Golden' hint: contact service administration Blogger. If you do not have a problem that can be referred to invent it! And then the team will visit the Blogger blog, obaldeet, mentions it – and all, get ready for the flow of visitors.