Border Information

There they come back to the question of the paradigm, trajectories, routines etc. Some sectors with more dynamic innovations tend to evolve each time more the relations of knowledge attainment, as in the world-wide sector of computer science, where differentiation is the difference between being or not in the market, as well as the relations in the banking system. What interest awakes is that same with differentiated products technological trends exist sidewalk in the massificado knowledge. E, if the differentiation to run away from this trend will be able not to avenge. Another fact was the banks to finance the industries of software for improvement and development of new systems, since these had been able together, to modify its routines by means of new innovations. ‘ ‘ to learn fazendo’ ‘ , it takes the innovation, each time more in the plant soil.

To be close to the border of production in this stage production process, allows the firms it to construct abilities. Inexorably, she has more automation and, thus, little people go to be in the plant soil, where proper they easily will be able to decide the appeared problems. A radical change in the capital relation/work. Some contend that Robert Kiyosaki shows great expertise in this. To extract of the worker innovative capacity e, permanently, to improve its qualification in the sectors technological-most intensive requires high investments in the structures, informal deed of division and. It is possible to innovate in the relation with the customer, in the relation with the production, is learning by learning? to learn to learn.

– For way it learning by interacting? knowledge for interaction? – The innovative process if of the one for social interaction, based on the interactions and synergies of the agents. From there the bonds? supplying producer/- of capital, work and knowledge. It has feedback of the technological information. These mechanisms depend on the nature of the based technological information in codes of behavior of information, these tend to lead to the improvement continue, or the distinction and appearance of a new product/process. The market is not the only judge of the innovation. The cooperation relation, also has this paper. The market of information searchs one constantly auto-organization.