Brazilian Media

In the cinema, 90% of the Brazilian screens are busy for the American cinema. With regard to the Internet, the access of the population not yet exceeds 20%. (BLACKSMITH, 2009) He is complicated to speak in inclusion, in citizenship when in truth, we know that the massificao is a constant trend of the media and that, each time more, in the distance increases between the people and the reading, the knowledge, the reflection, and the critical thought. All these elements would be the form more insurance to changed the society, becoming it more humanizada, more democratic joust and. The media selects what to pautar, thinking if that it goes or not to vender. This is its task and its objective.

It does not have as to wait comprometimento of the great senders in the direction of educational quality or campaigns of stimulaton the reading, or still programs directed to this subject. Its interests entirely are come back what of the profit, what he is salable. Thus being, it is very difficult for any project in the educative area or of reading to every day concur with what it is propagated in the great media, therefore the programming that invades our houses is loaded of stimulatons to the wild consumption, creating necessities that we finish believing that they are real. Without counting that when the senders they invest in more serious projects and with more interesting contents, they are propagated in schedules that hardly a worker who wakes up early every day will be able to have access. Although the access to the information to be today ampler and in question of seconds to be able to know of facts of the entire world and to also be able communicating in them with who wants that it is and where wants that it is, still thus, we effectively do not have the guaranteed knowledge.