Bucket Capacity

But minus the mini excavator for rent only one: a small performance and rarity of such services. Backhoe loaders in the lease. Services backhoe loader the most common because of the broad functionality of these machines. After all, they able not only to dig a hole, but even after working the soil, dig a trench, the ground or immersed in the debris dump. And to get to the object backhoe loader can under its own power: the maximum speed movement is about 45 km / h.

Digging depth backhoe loaders range from 2.5 to 6 meters. Bucket Backhoe 0,15 – 0, 30 m3 bucket capacity loaders, on average – 0.5 – 1.3 m3. Cons rental backhoe loader – small for serious work digging depth, low volume backhoe bucket. Pros – versatile, prevalence and low cost. Wheel excavators.

These machines have low speed (30 km / h) which increases the price of transportation and increase the time of delivery. But the deep digging wheel excavator can reach 7-8 meters. A Bucket Capacity – 1 cubic meter. On average, of course, some indicators are – depth of up to 6 meters, the standard bucket – 0.5 – 0.6 m3. An important advantage of renting a wheeled excavator – rubber wheels so do not spoil the soil, such as caterpillars, capacity and arm length is sufficient for most operations, not require special vehicles for transportation between sites. Crawler excavators for rent. Crawler excavators – the most powerful and most productive. Their fate – a serious construction. To deliver the required special trawl, whose services cost a lot. But the deep digging on heavy-duty models can reach 9 meters, and the bucket capacity – 2.25 m 3. Pavement tracked excavator can cause serious damage, so that it use is justified largely on the initial construction stage, when the main road is not paved. What you should know before you sign the lease an excavator? First, consider the cost delivery – it usually takes 1-2 hours of standard-setting work hours. The cost of this more clearly stipulated in the contract in his favor because he did not your problem if the driver has a lot of fuel burned at idle in traffic. Second, it must immediately scope of work and say the plot size, to determine the billing – will go to the change of charge or by the hour. How do the more the lease term, the lower the cost. And most importantly, ask for work experience operator, because the layman can not only perform the agreed work, but also to damage, such as communication.