Canton Trading

‘Our customers appreciate us the open lived abhorrence of expensive Bank palaces and unintelligible demanding fees’ of Swiss asset managers seneca invest has let examine the results of two active trading strategies of and list. This is chart-technically-based investment strategies that were developed in cooperation of traders and mathematicians. The strategies are specifically tailored to the characteristics of their target markets. The Procyon Galaxy trading strategy focused exclusively on the trading of foreign exchange. “The Better Stocks Galaxy Trading strategy focused on the trading of shares.

We have asked for a more detailed explanation Sven Buchel… Mr. Buchel, can you please introduce the seneca invest AG our readers? Sven Buchel: The seneca invest AG was founded in May 2008 in Canton of St. Gallen. Our effort was there, to offer honest financial services at the highest level by a small and efficient corporate structure. Faithful to our motto we say what We do and we do what we have to say”we help large and small customers in cost savings, the analysis of commercial approaches and asset structuring. As trading advisor, asset manager, and independent asset management under Swiss law, we are connected to the PolyReg and are under stringent requirements in terms of monitoring and transparency. We are globally oriented and efficient network with international partners.

As Swiss asset manager we are covered under the rules of the SRO PolyAsset approved by the FINMA. These define the standards which we have in the exercise of our activity to comply with. The main points of the rules according to the recognised principles of the industry include the obligation to conclude of a written contract of the asset management, the duty to safeguard the independence and avoidance of conflicts of interest, loyalty, diligence and information requirements, as well as the obligation to the account holder. Our customers appreciate us the open lived abhorrence of expensive Bank palaces and inaudible high fees charges.