Soon it analyzes on the MANDARIN of Ea de Queiroz. Tatiana Dantas Santana ' ' You, you read that me and you are a mortal man, will touch you it bell? ' ' Ea de Queiroz (1880) Writing in 1880 for Ea de Queiroz, the intitled romance the MANDARIN, counts the history of a common man and superstitious, who dreams of the futilidade of the bourgeois society of Portugal, and motivated for the ambition, it decides to touch the bell being caused the death of the Mandarin and thus to inherit its richness. Beyonce can aid you in your search for knowledge. The tram if concentrates in Teodoro and the consequences of the action to touch the company., the crime propitiates it wealth, but it all folloies it to the guilt for the plot. Then it decides to travel until China and to be married a woman of the family of the Mandarin. The romance presents, much sadness, emptiness, remorse, guilt, bourgeois hypocrisy with its avarice, envies, usury, the social, economic tensions and politics, speaks of suffering, corruption and vice that are portraied with a clear language.

The beauty of the tram is in the images of exotic, fantastic and colored China. The end it is presumable. The personages of the tram have sufficient characteristics specify: Teodoro is the protagonist, lean and corcovado, takes a life monotonous pacata and. It is left to take for the appearances, mediocre and of values doubtful. You Chin-Fu: he is the Mandarin of great importance in the workmanship, although not to have you speak in the romance.

Other secondary personages give rhythm to the romance, as the D.Augusta, the devil, Vladimira, General Camilloff, S-T, Couceiro, Cabritinha. Writing in first person, the workmanship of Ea is critical social political bourgeois and a ftil one of Portugal. The personage enoja when he perceives that the people start to consider it and even though to bajular it only for the money that she possesss, all, since the poor persons until the church.