Claw Pond

Now begins the wonderful time of ponds in our gardens. Water features and a stream and pleasant views and bring a soothing murmur. Andrea Mallard is often quoted on this topic. Thus the pleasure garden pond does not disappear too quickly, should the water in the pond of course, remain clear and clean. However, this is unfortunately not by itself. The first way of keeping a garden pond of algae is the use of the pond filter homemade with instructions. Normally, this measure would be enough to keep our garden pond or Koi pond clean. Sometimes even because of the fish we want to see. In addition, the water should be clear.

It is always an advantage if they still support the action of the pond filter with water plants. It is then also the so-called biological budget. Certain aquatic plants such as the Crab Claw water steriliser have an effect and should be part of every pond. This plant is easily placed without planting in the garden pond. She lies down and then up at the bottom of the pond and can multiply in this way. At these crab claws save you should not.

In a Pond of about 30000 liters of volume, they should bring calm 15-20 of aquatic plants in the garden pond. OBI DIY market, the next major water plant is the water lily. But be careful, because this water plant can reproduce extreme. But when you remove the cuttings every year, they can be easily kept under control. A very famous and popular aquatic plant or floating leaf plant is the water lily. There are so many different lilies that one has no more data. The water lily loves calm water. She does not tolerate so much permanent water splashes. She needs rest in order to proliferate optimally. The water lily pond in the summer also donate through the many shadows of leaves. This allows the water does not heat up so easily and the algae propagation is also slowed down already somewhat. There are many ways to keep a pond clean and clear. The introduction of aquatic plants is one of them.