Clothing Styles

Required colors – white, blue, red. Denim style in the 1980's denim style attracts many artists and designers. Denim began to sew tops, bustiers, decorating bows, Lurex and lace. The tissue was colored. In the early 1990's jeans again become classics – with five pockets and jacket just below the waist on a belt. Clothes in the style of jeans is not always sew denim.

It has a precise cut, edge stitching on seams and detail, patch pockets, metal buttons, rivets, etc. City, or business-like style, this style – the opposite of folklore and romantic style. All kits are sewn usually from a modest melkouzorchatoy wool or heavy cotton. Use strict, almost athletic details. Firefox is also very discreet, emphasized the business.

Typical subjects of urban style – jumper with a turtleneck, blouse-shirt, a capacious bag, durable, sturdy shoes or boots, a small beret for women and classic hats for men. Walking style Mikrostil combining clothes not just for rest, namely, for walks. Model, not fetter movements, business. Jackets volume, protecting against wind and rain. Pants and skirts worn with thick knitted stockings. Comfortable shoes on his feet on a low or medium heel. Cloak are complete with a man's hat. Plaid shirt or with a small floral pattern, spacious, flannel, they wear most often without a tie – with a jacket or even a jacket. Suites are complemented by scarves, soft knit caps. The main technique – layering. Romantic style style creates a sublime, sophisticated image. Therefore, the elegantly dressed lady, clothing and a hat with exquisite detail (a frill, lace collars and cuffs, ruffles, veil).