Common Interviee Errors

Avoid these five common mistakes in interviews that can make you eliminate within potential candidates for the vacancy: 1. not researching the company. This is one of the most common complaints of the interviewers today.Not to carry out an investigation upon you empres it, you lack basic knowledge about the company and the job opportunity.It is likely that you’re rejected since you’ve given the strong message that don’t mind enough company or employment opportunity. Please answers to these questions before the interview: how big is the company? what products / services offered? who are its competitors? what is their financial situation? Know the best possible information puts you in a position of power when the interview time is reached.You’ll be prepared to talk intelligently about the company, the job opportunity and the products of the company. Uses this information paraque participate in smart conversation your interviewer. 2.

The apparently very needed needed apparently could be the cause number one that you not win the job.Even no matter what you have your car payment or rent payable, you shine not needed before the interviewer.Employers may feel despair and it is a big disadvantage. Remind yourself before entering the interview: you need food, air and water to live.It is not particularly necessary to have this job.So you can keep things in perspective. 3 Feel very emotional at times the interviewer can hit a nerve.He or she can even consciously try to cause you to bring you an outburst.Do not fall into the trap.Before entering the interview room, empty your mind of fears, anger, resentment, and other negative feelings.Perhaps finished having a disagreement with your partner, your dog may have died, or a close relative have just been diagnosed with cancer.Put everything aside during the next hour of the interview so you can maintain a calm presence, of mind open with your interviewer. 4 Do not make questions remember always this: are here to interview them.Your goal is to discover if this organization is a good fit for you. Many candidates treat the interview as an interrogation when in truth should be a conversation.Don’t limit yourself to only answer the questions of the interviewer.You want to know more about this job and if it really fit with your personality. They arrive with a list of questions prepared about the company, the position, and the people who work there.Ask questions that begin with what, how, and why. Avoid simple Yes and no.Get your interviewer to talk what more you can, and then take notes.Most of the interviewers are unimpressed by candidates who have no questions, since they show a lack of interest or initiative.

5 Do not close with a flourish there is an important question which most candidates never ask.This is the question that is ago at the close of the interview.You need to know the steps to take after this interview.Many books advise asking the job here, but suddenly you can feel a bit intimidated.What most insurance is that the interviewer is in a position to get not a job offer yet, because suddenly it makes other interviews to be done. To let them know that you are interested in working, always ends with this question, what is the next step to follow?. Remember to ask the interviewer your number phone and/or email address and the best time to call to make follow-up. A successful performance in an interview can make all the difference for you win you the job offer.You can get much faster, avoiding these five common mistakes in job interviews.