Companies Must Plan For All Of The Factors Affecting Its Industry

Current management must take into account current scenarios,including all those changes, transformations, challenges companies face in order to assess the scope and impact caused by the current features. Venezuelan companies can not escape our interest in this reality if you really want to reach an operation that will ensure market participation conquered or to conquer. The emerging global trends, coupled with the economic globalization of countries have defined a new approach on how companies are acting in the first nine years of this century XXI. FEATURES a A way to get into their importance, what it represents, involves, as explained below these characteristics: Technology as a catalyst for change within organizations: S a yaa technologies perceived as playing a key role for businesses. It proffers imagine the magnitude of change that this implies that even our daily experience a impressive technological change.

Elements such as robotics, computer intelligence, space travel and biotechnology, are themes of daily flows, and that companies will have to adapt their processes to compete at a level equal to or higher than other companies. a Of course, as discussed, all this power will come from research centers in industrialized countries as the United States, Japan and Western Europe, thus strengthening its technological leadership. Countries like Venezuela and many with this type of economy, must make great efforts to adapt to these new technological trends, and despite this, take several years to implement them in domestic industries, especially when their business sectors are unfortunately Venezuela noa technology has developed, it is simply dependent on imports of advanced countries in this field.