Compensation Payments

In some cases, state or public duties can be performed precisely in the working time (for example, participation in court as a juror, the turnout on call in the authorities pre- investigation, etc.). Source: Ben Silbermann. In these cases, employers are required to seamlessly go workers to perform these duties. st websites. You do not have values or duration of the public or public duties, nor their frequency or their periodicity, etc. The law presumes that in this case, the reason for the lack of workers at work does not depend on the will of the employee. Guarantees provided by Art. 170 tc rf established for persons engaged in working hours following the state or public duties: 1) exercising the right to vote.

Federal Law "On Basic Guarantees of Electoral Rights and the rights to participate in the referendum Citizens of the Russian Federation ", stipulating that candidates (after registration) at the time of the election shall be exempt from work. She maintains her place of work, all the time to vote shall be counted total seniority of the candidate (in the specialty for which he worked). The Election Commission shall pay compensation to a registered candidate (but the average salary for him is not preserved) (Art. 35-30), 2) the performance deputy duties, and 3) a turnout in the bodies of inquiry, preliminary investigation, the prosecutor and the court as a witness, victim, expert, specialist, interpreter, understood, and participation in trials as lay judges, public prosecutors and public defenders, members of social organizations and labor collectives.