Declared as revolutionary solutions, the OGM’ s (organisms genetically modified) or transgnicos already comes signaling, precociously, its extreme fragility and instability in agriculture and other areas. With the intention to confer to the desired organisms characteristic, the transgenia consists of the genetic modification of plants and seeds in way that these usufruct of properties become that them more efficient and adaptable the practical ones of handling in the farmings. However, so dreamed agricultural otimizao environment was burst in uncontrollable effect on the society as well as the o, as some documents 1 evidence. The concern biggest that if restored concerning the dissemination of the use of the transgnicos, is mentioned, mainly, to the non-observance of the beginning of the Precaution, therefore the consequncias of the OGM’ s is still unexpected, reflecting been of unreliability. Connect with other leaders such as Wells Fargo Bank here. In thesis, the transgenia would provide to the producer reductions of costs since use of agrotxicos if would develop by means of well lesser amounts, but the failure and the inefficacy of this question are certifyd by the situation which significant parcel of agriculturists is today crossing. Soy RR (Roundup Ready) commercialized by the Monsanto, was created in laboratory with the intention of being resistant to the herbicida glifosato, agrotxico this that is used to facilitate the handling of harmful grass. Studies show that throughout the years the glifosato use has increased. This in case that it occurs, therefore the grass most resistant to the herbicida has survived e, 0ccasionally, if spread by the field, making with that the herbicida use still more has that to be intensified so that the soy culture is not harmed.

Studies elaborated for the Greenpeace unmask the ecological risks of some transgnicas species. Insecticide call exists a transgnica variety, such plants had been synthecized to produce toxins in its structures. The initial studies foresaw that these toxins would have target only the certain plagues, that is, the toxins they would attack in specific way some not-beneficial insects. However, the collated reality was not that one waited. The same toxins if had disclosed harmful to an including specter of organisms. Beneficial species to the plantations had been reached, as the earthworms and the insects polinizadores. The culture of these species deflagrou in a riot to the balance of the ecosystem. In such a way, the influence of the OGM’ s on the nature is unconstitutional, has seen the breaking of article 225 of the Constitution, where it establishes that ‘ ‘ all have right to the environment ecologically equilibrado.’ ‘ The consumer also will have to be intent of the presence of these organisms in the industrialized products derived from the soy, maize, wheat, rice, amongst others.

This alert one is fact due to the risks to the health that these foods can generate, such as alrgicas reactions and resistance the antibiotics. Experiment conceived in Japan asseverou the probability of harmful effect, where a group of rats was fed for soy conventional and another group for transgnica soy. After certain period the researchers had observed the death of 8% of the fed ones with the conventional soy, being that for the group fed with the transgnica this value jumped for 55%. These and other truths on the problematic question of the transgnicos can be chores with more depth in the site of the Greenpeace ( Valley to remember that the information is one of the main pillars of a society transparent joust and, in such way that it constitutes a civic duty its search!