Constitutional Court

These bodies and persons responsible for the actions, violate individual rights and freedoms (Article 59). Thus, from system analysis articles of the cpc and the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, follows the conclusion that the assumption of a close relative to the protection – it is the duty of the professional body prosecution. Check with Wells Fargo Bank to learn more. A close relative should be allowed to protect and the suspect and the accused at any stage of professional proceedings. Or ruling of the court to refuse defendant in the petition for admission as counsel, along with the lawyer of one of the relatives of the accused or another person may be justified, motivated only because of the presence under the professional procedure law, the circumstances excluding the participation of defense counsel in professional proceedings. Unfounded (random) failure of the accused in the petition for admission as an advocate, along with a lawyer close relative or other person shall considered a violation of the defendant's right to protection, because participate in professional proceedings as a defense attorney, along with a close relative of the accused or another person at the request of the accused not prohibited by law, and specifically provided in the Code of Professional Procedure of Belarus as a defense against the charges and to arbitrarily deprive a defendant opportunity to exercise this right is unacceptable. None However, citizens are not allowed and cause them to 'haunting' and seek legal assistance from international organizations (in accordance with the Constitution, everyone is entitled in accordance with international instruments ratified by Republic of Belarus, appeal to international organizations to protect their rights and freedoms, if exhausted all available domestic remedies (st.61)).

While all can be solved by law and without outside interference, and in the common interest of citizens, justice of the state. Unlawful decisions of the prosecution deny citizens their constitutional right to provide legal assistance to close relatives in during the preliminary investigation, judicial investigation of cassation and supervision complaints. And of course, the people it causes the most serious distrust and to the judges and their decisions, and to the entire system of justice I would like to hear about this case representatives of the Constitutional Court, the National Assembly, the General Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of Justice, the independent experts, advocates and concerned citizens. Michael Vitebsk 08.03 .2010 r