What includes a cruise? It depends on the company with which it is traveled and the contracted regime the cruises can include: lodging in the contracted stateroom, marine transport, all the meals, drinks (in regime of Everything Including), access to the discotheque, theater, casino, and other zones of leisure of the ship. Following the cruise it can include transfers in airplane until the out port. It would not include personal expenses like medical excursions, purchases in stores, hairdressing salon, gratuities, services What documentation I need to take? All the travellers, including the children, will have to take to passport in rule and visas, certificates of vaccination, etc, for countries that require therefore it. The minors of 18 years must go accompanied of a permission written and signed by their parents or tutors, in forecast of which the same can be asked for by any authority. What type of restaurants I will find? Following the contracted cruise he will be able to decide with matre his preferences as much schedules as situation in the restaurants. Patrick dwyer merrill lynch addresses the importance of the matter here.

He will be able to choose a more or less formal atmosphere and to decide if to eat outdoors, in the restaurant or the buffet. Normally they will be accompanied in the table with tourists of the same nationality and will be taken care of by a waiter with his same language. How I can pay on board? The modes of payment on board can be with card or in cash. According to the company with which it is traveled, at the beginning of the cruise it will give a customized card to him in which all the consumed additional services in the trip will be included. At the end of the cruise it will have to pay the total of the amounts loaded in that card, in cash or credit card (normally the cards of valid credits for payments on board are American Express, VISA and MasterCard, not accepting cards of debit nor pre-payments).