Daria Nikitina

Trust in the professionals If an owner wants out of the basement to create a comfortable environment of their habitat, without the services of professional interior designers can not do it. With the help of visual effects and ceilings can "raise", and the walls of "push." These problems can be solved in several ways. The first of these, and, incidentally, the most common – to use when you make as many mirrors, and the second – do falshokna. As a result, a person who is within basement, creating the illusion that the street outside. Not bad this function is performed by stained-glass windows, equipped with appropriate lighting, figure that reflects the theme of "the basement of the kingdom." Daria Nikitina, a member of Moscow Artists' Union, said that the stained glass artist, working in the basement, first of all solve the problem of artificial light and the "lighting" of the role of stained glass in the room: whether it will be the primary or additional light source, what is its functional role of many faces basement? Most often it is a light roof, ceiling or niche. The integrity of the stained-glass panel is optional. This may be a diptych, triptych or even complex composition of five decorative niches.

For example, the image of a flowering plum tree with a parrot sitting on it as if seen through a colonnade. This technique creates an impression of integrity and dynamism image. Differently is stained with and without illumination. Stained glass is completely transformed. There are two different color schemes and two different moods.

Stained glass is often used for decorative partitions, since they enhance and transform the space. This is especially important in the basement, cellar, dark, and disproportionately low areas. This stained glass enhances the space of the basement, making its sunny and nice. For this reason, customers and artists to stained glass, most often, choose a warm and light range opalistsentnyh glasses.