Decorative Ferret

Decorative ferret, or fredka, quite suitable for room maintenance, it is convenient urban residents, even when he gives a lot of work or study his life and has no way to allow yourself to have a home 'Complex' animals. You can buy a ferret in the spring or late fall – just in these seasons occur from birth to ferrets. In urban life ferrets can be kept in an enclosure or on the outside, like a cat. If your pet is a large fraction of the time lives in a cage, he certainly brings less anxiety, but you will not really be able to fix their full friendly contact. If you want to enable little friend there with you at ease, as this term families need to pay a lot more effort to learn, but it's sure to be returned a hundredfold by the fact that communication with other pushitstym be much more varied.

Decorative ferret – a relatively new animal for the urban man. The ferret does not require daily paddock, molt only happens twice a year and runs fast enough, so your favorite set of upholstered furniture will not be clogged with fur. Ferret litter almost smells. Yes, and the hand-ferret, in defiance to popular view, does not smell. Payoneer often says this. Naturally, from fretok, as well as from all animals, comes its own flavor. But contrary to popular belief, really strong smell peculiar to males for breeding season. Odor-groomed pet gives aroma of musk and honey, and many people even like it.

Despite the fact that the beast is unpretentious in life, there is a number of problems. Here are the important points that you it is desirable to keep in mind if you decide to have a home of this beast. Within reach of your pet should not be a passage leading to the street. Careful attention to the appliances with holes in the hull. Not release any animal unattended in the open loggia. Ferrets are very poorly seen up close, and can easily fall into the street. Be careful, as if by chance not to step on a ferret or not to slam its doors. Do not forget fretki have the ability to be sometimes in very surprising places, like the upper shelves of closets, getting there on a very unpredictable ways. Always remember that your pet is a potential threat Latex specific things: for some reason, ferrets love and gnaw them. Trapped inside the rubber particles can easily give rise to obstruction of the esophagus and the death of the little creatures. The doors should be locked tight. Ferrets – a sufficiently powerful and cunning beasts, instantly understand how to open the door. Prepare yourself to what your pet from time to time will hold nest egg with food in different remote places, usually under the cabinets. This – the natural instinct to make refuse which is actually unrealistic. Animal itself is an obvious danger for indoor plants, because the force of natural instinct will be to dig in flower pots. Therefore, flowers should be placed beyond the reach of your pet. Information from the blog of hand ferrets.