Density Fiberboard

Batten – a thin cladding boards (no more than 0.2 cm), widely used in the manufacture of huts and the block-container timber. It is made of square-edged boards with a side selection (for folding or shpuntovki). Fiberboard (hardboard) – fibreboard, obtained by pressing a hot wet mixture of cellulose fibers, water and synthetic additives. For the manufacture of MDF mainly use waste wood production. Through its low cost fiber-boards are often used for the flooring, walls and ceiling hut in their manufacture. However, only suitable as a topcoat because slabs are quite thin MDF. CPD – chipboard plates are pressing a mixture of dry wood shavings and formaldehyde resin.

Perhaps the most popular material used in the manufacture of huts and block-containers for the walls, as well holds the screws, it is easy amenable to machining (planing, cutting, sawing), glued and painted. In the manufacture of huts for accommodation is recommended to use DSP labeled E1 – these plates are more environmentally friendly. MDF – wood fiber medium density board (with English. Medium Density Fiberboard / Russian version of "Mikrodrevesnaya fiber"). MDF is made by dry pressing small chips at high pressure and temperature. MDF is used for making huts and block-containers for interior walls. Mineral wool – a fibrous material made of mineral raw materials used for heat and sound isolation huts and block-containers during their manufacture.

Among the benefits of mineral vat: preservation temperature balance (in the office container warm in winter and cool in summer), noise reduction, environmental protection and minimum exposure to combustion, which is especially important when making huts for shelter. Vellum – material based on roofing paper, impregnated with bitumen. Much more environmentally friendly than roofing felt, asphalt is widely used in the manufacture of huts and block-containers for the protection of thermal insulating material from moisture and condensation. Plastic film – a universal packing and insulating material used in the manufacture of huts and the block-container for waterproofing. Environmentally friendly, durable and waterproof material that provides effective protection from moisture, drafts and heat loss. Channel – the metal beams in the shape of U-shaped cross section. Channel used in the manufacture of load-bearing frame huts (as metal and wooden huts), block-containers and modular buildings (block-modules). Produce different sizes of channel bars (the height from 5 to 40 cm, wall thickness from 0.4 to 1.5 cm).