Dominican Republic

The incorporation of companies and companies in over all matters relating to commercial enterprises Dominican is regulated by Law 3-02 of the Commercial Register and the Commercial Code Dominicano. Usually common commercial companies of greater use in the Dominican Republic and which in turn provides better operational advantages are CxA stock companies. This only shareholders blamed the input provided, with regard to the obligations of society. The nationality of shareholders is not an obstacle under the laws of the Dominican Republic to establish a company. The Commercial Code is among the requirements for the incorporation of companies or joint stock company the minimum on the number of shareholders is seven. Regarding the procedure for incorporating The lawyer representing the organization begins the process of establishing corporate documents, you must have the following information to your client: 1 – The address of the company 2 – Name of society. 3 – you must supply all the shareholders general these must be a) the full name of each stockholder b) the address or addresses of these c) nationality, profession or d) a copy of passport (if abroad) or Identity Card and electoral. e) specify the object of the company, f) which will be the authorized capital of the same.

g) Distribution of shares among shareholders. h) As the administrative board will be formed, President, Vice-President Secretary-etc. Among others. . With this information are developed and drafted the incorporation documents and operational requirements for the incorporation of these are: 1-Registration of a trade name of the company before the competent authority 2-Drafting of Laws. 3-Form and developing the list of Subscribers. 4-Payment of taxes constituting the company or partnership, five-list 6-Compulsa shareholders or document Declaration Notarized before a Notary Public. 7 – General Assembly shareholders.

8-obtain the Certificate of Registration. 9 – Number of RNC National Taxpayer Registry of the Directorate General of Excise and obtain a tax identification card. 10-subscription of shares of contributions in kind if any and drafting of minutes of meeting approving the same. 11 – seal of the corporation. The Capital and its Rules Out of everything related to the field of insurance and banking, which are heavily regulated by the laws of the Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic is not a strict regime on the capitalization? N of a business. The types of corporate actions as provided by law are trading shares to the order, registered shares, bearer. It is mandatory to set the nominal value of these shares. A suggested value and the most used is equal to RD $ 100.00 per share through a majority vote of the assembled Ordinary and extraordinary decisions are important to the company incorporated. This simple and streamlined process should be handled by lawyers of confidence and experience in commercial law to avoid costly delays and complications.