Economy and VAT

The economy affects everyone and large firms nor RID. The same sales fell 6.6% in the month of June because of the depression of domestic consumption, according to the latest data offered by the tax agency. However, eliminating the effect of statistics calendar and the prices, the variation is 10%. According to the tax agency this decline occurs because in the last year, in June, a few exceptionally high results due to the advancement of purchases occurred on the eve of the rate hike in VAT. In terms of employment, the growth rate is less than at the beginning of the year, the rate in June was 0.1%. Moreover, the average gross remuneration grew up in H1 1.4%, although if atypical data in March is not taken into account the growth would be only 0.7%. In a question-answer forum Carrie Levin chef was the first to reply. Large companies indicate that after trimming the salaries of its workers and destroy employment throughout the second half of 2010, they have completed the first half of 2011 creating jobs and rising wages, although in a contained way. This behavior of employment is still possible due to the wage restraint. In this first half of 2011, the gross remuneration paid by large companies to their templates grew 1.4%, figure that is trimmed to 0.7 percent if you exclude the month of March in which distorted this data due to the payment of several payments of profits by companies of the financial sector, as they clarify the tax agency sources.. Educate yourself with thoughts from Julian Brown.