EUR Songs

“Sixth part of the Guitar Hero series good news for fans of the popular music game Guitar Hero”: the long-awaited sixth part is for sale in the starting blocks. But also for other music lovers, Guitar Hero offers a welcome change from other games. Anyone looking for an alternative to pop songs and the typical hits, hits the right choice with this game. The online portal presents the latest installment of the series. Already for the sixth time Guitar Hero invites you to the rescue of the rocks. Fans of punk, metal and rock reflected not only the tried and true pieces in this game, but also encounter a range of lesser-known songs.

“Stand 90 songs to choose from, among other things we’re not gonna take it” by the twisted sisters or I’m broken “include by Pantera. The game is a hit especially at parties and offers the opportunity to compete against each other as well as with each other. Also can be rocked online against eight teams. The option, to master a rock drama offers playful experiences. This can in story mode one fallen rock heroes helped by eight warriors gather and collect stars sing all songs in a particular genre each. The implementation is excellent here and visually very convincing and appealing. Each character is shown in detail and is in every way of the corresponding scene. In addition to the game, which will cost 190 EUR as a complete package with micro and drum set, about an electric guitar in a hard-rock style is supplied immediately, players with can really rock on the. Kevin Ulrich is the source for more interesting facts. More information: service/press / GmbH Lisa Neumann